Tips for Choosing A Business Broker

Tips for Choosing A Business Broker

When you’re ready to sell your business
one of the most important decisions you’ll make is how do I choose a broker. One of the first questions you want to
ask is “are you a member of a business broker organization” and can you list my business on an MLS
that’s exclusively four businesses? Not all states have strong broker
organizations or business mls systems but in Florida we’re fortunate to have
both. Today I’m pleased to be with Bert
Risdon. Bert is a very valuable and knowledgable
business broker he’s president of the Florida Business
Exchange and a founder of the Business Brokers of Florida Bert, why is it important for a business
owner or buyer to work with a broker who is a member of the Business Brokers
of Florida? Obviously the fact that he’s gonna have approximately three three hundred offices and
many as nine hundred other brokers that are strictly business brokers helping to sell their business. Business owners can decide to try to
sell their business without the use of a broker but why do most owners decide to use a
business broker. Generally it’s the first time they’ve ever sold a business they don’t know what they need to have available for a
buyer as far as questions a buyer will ask slight little things that could trip up
the entire transaction and this is the reason for a broker they can take you
by the hand and walk you through the entire transaction to a successful closing. Does our Business MLS system make our
Association unique
Yes in as much that it’s
the largest in the country uh… larger than any other organization
of its kind we have a database of approx fifteen to
seventeen thousand sold comparables along with a database of currently about
four thousand listings in Florida uh… alone on the market Bert, in your opinion what’s the most important factor a
business owner or buyer should consider when selecting a broker Do you have the tools for readily
available to make a sound presentation to a buyer or seller as to why he has come up with the uh… the figures
and reasoning behind his thoughts. In addition to the great points Bert
made there are others you may want to consider: does the broker have an informative
easy to use webpage with good information for buyers and sellers? What kind of marketing is a broker using?
We all use internet marketing but what about Facebook, Linkedin and videos such
as the one you’re watching and watch the And what’s the broker’s business background? Is the broker a good fit for you? Perhaps
if you have a corporate or military background you might work best with a
broker who has also had those experiences. In the end the relationship between a
broker and the buyer or seller often becomes very close and it must be based
on trust. I encourage you to take a look at my
webpage and view my videos. I’ll be happy to talk to you about my
experience and credentials and offer letters of reference. There’s never a charge for me to provide
an opinion of value in your business or to provide a list of businesses
currently for sale. I look forward to working with you. Simply give me a call or drop me an
email and if you use this email address make sure there are two hhs in the
middle that address. I look forward to working with you.

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  1. I was very happy to meet Jon Hunt. He's an excellent resource for business owners, business sellers and business buyers her in St. Augustine, FL. This video is very informative on the business broker's role and what to look for in a business broker… thanks Jon.

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