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  1. A second into the video clip and you hear "One shark is out". The camera then focuses in on Barbara. No surprises there!

  2. I invented something very similar in the 1990s…. guess they got around my patent by changing a few small things… wow…

  3. Shark Tank US
    350k for 12% Equity, 2% interest rate with 1$ royalties up to 500k dropping back to 7% equity when paid off..
    Dragons Den
    Jenny : You want more than 20k and that's why I'm out.

  4. The one thing I miss from the earlier seasons is that there were crazier businesses that were more entertaining to watch lol

  5. Gotta love Kevin. He's probably the shark that proposes the most offers. Not only that, he allows the other sharks to make their offers while doing so (unlike Cuban, who always just gives his offer and makes them say 'yes' or 'no' right away). That's definitely something to respect about him.

  6. They need to kick mark out. With every new season, more investment seekers seem interested in mark only. I saw this episode where daymond was giving what the seeker asked for and Robert was providing even more yet the dude was only interested in having a deal with Mark even tho he was charging way more. Change the name from shark tank to mark tank lol.

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