Three iwi unite to form a consortium to tackle community housing shortage

A formal heads of agreement
was signed recently between two social housing interests
in Tauranga and Masterton to bring enhanced benefits
to the concept of communities taking responsibility
for social housing instead of the traditional
state housing model. Hinerangi Goodman with the story. Community housing is not a new issue
for Nga Potiki, Tapuika, and Ngati Ranginui as they have been
involved with housing in varying degrees. Now that they have formed
a consortium to work together, there are bound
to be challenges ahead. Available land is essential
to provide spaces for new housing stocks
to be established on. From Tauranga to Te Puke, the number
of state community housing stock proposed under the consortium
is around 1200. While there may be a lot
of processes to get through in the initial stages,
they are confident it can be done. This new incentive will also
be guided by Masterton Trust House Community
Enterprise in the Wairarapa. A new journey is about to begin of which the destination
will be reached in time. Hinerangi Goodman, Te Karere.

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