Three European Capitals 2012 (Tennessee Consortium for International Studies)

Three European Capitals 2012 (Tennessee Consortium for International Studies)

I am with the trip that goes to the three great European capitals. and currently we are in the city of Brugge. which is east of Brussels, which is our second stop on our trip. We first went to Paris and it was so beautiful and Brussels is so different from Paris. They have signs that say this is not Paris. and we took a side trip to come to Brugge and its a medieval town that has been unchanged sign the midieval times. people here at the compound cortez the side say that anybody with that in about a week indeed very few when they leave
beginning read a here day at that meeting yeah out there that artemis and when i was on system on stephen also
manageable state responsible for mcclatchy was unique about state capable partner
immense and it’s really in the city center friends that and situated near the formal bach which
is as statements as to central park in new york solstice is just common sense and
staying in power hostile can enjoying everybody and be part of
people from amsterdam what is difference is staying in hostel
or staying in hotel when you go to a hotel we go for more
privacy and you go to and hostile you can meet
other people and that’s the biggest difference so you’d share your room his share
breakfast and big stables paper share experiences from traveling abroad for strip of your comments about a lot of things i unique about answer
them but at the convention one it’s canals of
course they are throughout the city center canales who use the transportation from
goods from the sea towards the city center to the big house that’s a very opened my lips because we
have to make make trades to other countries so we always very open-minded for different cultures most of all the dutch people speak
english pickles relative every small country and so speaking different languages like english french spanish first every
important for us for trades and also to know a lot of people like to
know other cultures so we’re coming to the
middle inst you can’t speak english to almost every
person who was walking the street i am i see people and he’s thinking
about going on a study abroad trip with the skin-tight eating opportunities that
comes your way take advantage of the scholarship even if you have to borrow
money going on in this study abroad to address broaden my horizons out the got to see
other quarters it’s been its been amazing it’s a people speaking dress
instead of worrying about the safety anything like that you need to take this opportunity is
doesn’t have a lot often delegate down last night with his spain there i agree at least right now there right now by cannot live them direct knowledge that that’s all i
really am and i just wanted to read heidi’s here began to take it accidents accidents but anyway came reasons and and and students non-stick instead and they would rather go to his company
and the fact that they speak to this but we did see reference and approval
speaking listening to you defense concerns their interests and we are very nice people so it’s okay to calm him down you’re
welcome the if he’s not depends on you and use there

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