THREE DARK CROWNS RECAP! | Team Epic Reads Explains Everything You Need to Know

THREE DARK CROWNS RECAP! | Team Epic Reads Explains Everything You Need to Know

I don’t know what else,
I don’t care about Mirabella [LAUGH].>>I hear you.>>Hey, I’m Michael from team Epic Reads.>>Hey guys, I’m Tyler.>>Hey, I’m Jane.>>And today we’re recapping
the first three books of The Three Dark Crowns series. It’s a series about betrayal, bloodshed,
and too many twists to count.>>So if you need a refresher before
starting Five Dark Fates, the epic finale, we’ve got your back.>>Here’s everything you need
to know about Three Dark Crowns. [MUSIC] If you haven’t read the first three books,
please turn off this video now.>>No, seriously.>>Go away if you have not read the series
yet, or if you like being spoiled, some people are in to that. [MUSIC]>>The story takes place on
Fennbirn Island, where every generation, triplet queens are born,
but only one can rule, and on their 16th birthday
the battle’s supposed to begin.>>Mirabella is an elemental,
meaning she can control earth, air, fire, water, or the weather. She’s the most powerful
of the three queens, the most powerful elemental
in generations, in fact. She has a strong sense of morals, and is the island’s favorite to
win of the reigning Poisoners.>>Arsinoe’s a Naturalist, but it’s seriously struggling
to develop her powers.>>She can’t summon a familiar,
or even get flower to bloom, but she’s definitely a ride-or-die. And even though she’s an underdog, she and her best friend Jules refuse
to go down without a fight.>>Katharine, the Poisoner,
is the best of both worlds, she’s a favorite to win because she
comes from the ruling class, but she’s an underdog too, since she also
hasn’t shown any abilities herself yet. The family who’s raised her is very
different from Arsinoe’s Naturalists, so she’s grown up meek, abused, and a little more willing to bend
the rules to get things done.>>And what’s Y-fantasy without
a little morally ambiguous murder?>>The story starts right
before their 16th birthday.>>When they’ll face each other down for
the first time, and the war will begin.>>We meet Billy,
a suitor from the Mainland, and Joseph, one of Arsinoe’s best friends.>>Joseph was banished to the Mainland for
trying to help Arsinoe escape the island years before, and
has lived with Billy’s family ever since.>>Billy is meant to win over the queens,
and eventually be chosen as the winner’s king.>>We also meet Pietyr, a gift of a Poisoner who schemes his
way into sticking around the capital. He offers to teach Katharine
to behave more regally, and has his eyes on the queen’s council.>>Let’s just say some
sparks fly between them.>>Meanwhile, Arsinoe has literally
no interest in courting suitors.>>But she kinda starts to
win Billy over regardless, even though his dad knows the political
strength lies with the Poisoners.>>So you have Arsinoe, Jules and Billy
teaming up against Pietyr and Katharine.>>And as these two camps gear up for the fight they kwow is coming,
Mirabella is still nowhere to be found.>>Because she still has memories
of growing up with her sisters, so she doesn’t wanna harm them.>>This concerns the Temple, especially
who want the Poisoners out of power. So they decide they’ll
kill her sisters for her.>>The Poisoners find out,
and claim Pietyr, but make him swear not to tell Katharine. He doesn’t, but they make an escape plan.>>On the night of their birthday
festivities, if anything goes wrong, they’ll run and
meet up at the Breccia Domain, a giant chasm at the heart of the island.>>It’s where all the corpses of
the past dead queens are thrown.>>Cute, right?>>It’s not not romantic?>>Back with the Naturalist,
we find out that Jules’ mother, Madrigal, dabbles in Low Magic, a witchcraft that
isn’t connected to the queen’s gifts.>>Jules loves Joseph, so Madrigal wants
to cast the spell that will help her lock him down, and queen’s blood is the
strongest ingredient she has access to.>>Madrigal tries to enlist Arsinoe for
the spell, but Arsinoe feels really uncomfortable
taking away her friend’s free will. And she trusts that Joseph will
fall in love with Jules on his own.>>So
she throws the spell’s charm in a fire.>>This definitely doesn’t send
good vibes to the couple’s way, and Joseph just happens to run
to Mirabella after that.>>The two fall for each other,
suspiciously instantly, and get busted by Jules, Arsinoe,
and a temple priestess.>>For some reason Madrigal thinks
this was a huge success and decides to do more Low Magic. She thinks she can summon
Arsinoe’s familiar.>>It doesn’t work too
well the first time.>>They get attacked by an undead bear.>>But with some help,
they eventually manage to bind one to her. Jules is basically commanding it,
keeping it calm on the sidelines, until Arsinoe is ready for
the grand reveal.>>At their birthday festival each
sister has to show off their abilities. Mirabella goes first performing a dance
with fire, her favorite element, and demonstrating how strong and
graceful she is.>>The islanders are impressed, and so is Joseph,
who can’t take his eyes off of her.>>Jules notices.>>Jules’ focus slips and
she looses control of the bear, it charges Mirabella but Joseph saves her. Katharine flees like they planned, and she reunites with Pietyr
at the edge of the domain.>>Things go from bad to
worse when he pushes her in.>>I have honestly had worse
first dates than that.>>I was rooting for you. The festival breaks up, Arsinoe is hailed
as the bear Queen for her vicious attack on Mirabella, and has started to receive
support and gifts from the Islanders.>>One of the gifts has been poisoned and
causes Jules to collapse. While Arsinoe stands there completely
unaffected, in that moment of immunity, Arsinoe realizes she isn’t a failed
Naturalist, she’s a Poisoner.>>Love a good plot twist.>>She’s a Poisoner.>>No one knows what’s
happened to Katharine. Until she returns a week later, bloody,
broken, and completely terrifying.>>She issues one warning.>>I want revenge.>>And then I want my crown.>>And that’s the end of book one.>>I’m sweating.>>Can I get some water? [LAUGH]
>>Yeah, that was a lot.>>[SOUND] Here we go. [MUSIC]>>Book two picks up
right where we left off. Katharine’s creepy new personality,
and talent for knife throwing, impress Nicolas, the only suitor
to pursue her as his favorite.>>But she’s not the only one
growing stronger on the island.>>Jules is Legion Cursed,
which means she was born with two gifts, she’s a Naturalist but
she’s also War gifted.>>Madrigal bound the latter when she was
born to prevent her from going insane.>>Two gifts would take a huge
toll on her mind and body. But little hints of the War
gift have been slipping out.>>She’s doing her best to stay calm and keep it contained while
the island’s eyes are on Arsinoe.>>Arsinoe’s been secretly trying
to teach herself about poisons, she’s kind of sloppy with it,
she almost kills Billy, and does accidentally kill
two of her other suitors.>>And
isn’t sure now if she even wants to win. She gets worried that Mirabella is
still mad about the bar attack, and sets off to meet her.>>Arsinoe just wants to talk and
explain herself.>>But when Mirabella sees her,
she’s just like.>>Lightning.>>Aah!>>Yikes.>>Arsinoe manges to escape with
the help of her trusty bear.>>Billy’s dad, meanwhile, is still
trying to keep up his political ties, he sends Billy to attend to Mirabella.>>Joseph goes with Billy, and
breaks things off with Mirabella.>>He ends up explaining to her that
Arsinoe didn’t set the bear on her, and the whole thing was just
one big misunderstanding.>>He returns to Wolf Spring,
and reconciles with Jules. She realizes that neither of them
want to kill each other, so, yay.>>Katharine on the other hand has renewed
interest in taking them down, with Nicolas encouraging her, and Pietyr disapproving
from a distance, she issues a hunt.>>Arsinoe recruits Jules to help her,
but she just reunited with Joseph, and the couple oversleeps.>>Katharine goes into the woods and
takes Arsinoe down with a poisoned arrow. She believes she succeeded in killing her,
but Jules arrives in the nick of time and knocks Katharine away with her growing
War gift, she steals her horse and whisks Arsinoe away.>>Katharine is livid,
she returns to the crowd and tells everyone that Arsinoe is dead,
and that Jules stole the corpse.>>And has been secretly
War gifted this whole time. So, to take Katharine and Nicolas down,
Billy and Mirabella agree to wed>>Mirabella calls her to duel, Katharine accepts, invites her
sister to the capital, and plans for a grand gothic ball.>>Pietyr skips the festivities to
figure out what exactly happened when he sent the girl he loved to
the bottom of the Breccia Domain.>>And decides to climb down it himself.>>He actually thought he was gonna
make it all the way down, I mean, it’s super far.>>It’s not homeboy’s best plan.>>Pietyr, I’m rooting for you.>>He doesn’t make it to its non-existent
bottom, obviously, but it’s terrifying.>>He’s attacked by what seemed to be
the spirits of dead queens, and, yeah, he’s learned enough.>>Meanwhile, someone at the ball manages
to poison Mirabella, and she hasn’t fully recovered by morning, so when the duel
begins things are not looking good.>>Until Jules busts in and saves her.>>Arsinoe’s close behind, and
declares the duel is over, and it is.>>Kind of, because the royal guards swarm
in, capture them all plus Joseph, and declare Katharine as the rightful queen.>>The Council is cool with killing
Arsinoe in private, since she’s supposed to be dead anyway, but Mirabella is too
strong, she’ll need a public execution.>>Katharine visits her cell to
say goodbye and poisons Arsinoe.>>This breaks Mirabella
until Katharine leaves and Arsinoe reveals, syke, she was faking. They free themselves and rescue Joseph,
Jules, and Camden, her cougar familiar.>>Theres a huge fight as the prison
guards rally to try to stop them. Things start to look bad, but
the War gifted arrived, along with Billy, they’ve come to save Jules,
who they think is their own rebel queen.>>Arsinoe and Mirabella don’t really care
what the War gifted have to say, they, along with Jules, Joseph and Billy,
decide to flee the island for good.>>Joseph is in bad shape, and the mist around the island seems like
it’s fighting to keep them on Fennbirn. But Mirabella is the strongest
elemental in generations, and fights right back, it is complete chaos.>>Joseph bleeds out before they
are able to make it through. And Jules, unsure of what her
own role in all this is now, decides to head back to the shore,
that’s where she believes her future is.>>And while all of this is happening,
Katharine is crowned Queen, and officially names Nicolas her King consort.>>They consummate their marriage,
and it kills him.>>She calls for Pietyr, who promises
to help her with the corpse, and everything he knows that’ll come after.>>Katharine learns that her
sisters have escaped, but she’s not worried about them coming back,
Fennbirn is hers to rule.>>[SOUND] And
that is the end of book two.>>I need an emotional break,
this has been a journey. My God, there’s still another book left.>>Yep, okay,
recap of book three, let’s go.>>All right, book three, here we go.>>I’m stressed, I’m not prepared,
but we’re starting book three. [MUSIC]>>The two queens are having a very
different experience adjusting to life on the Mainland. While Mirabella has an easy enough time,
things aren’t going as smoothly for Arsinoe, especially since Billy
is quite the hot commodity there.>>It doesn’t help that Arsinoe begins
having vivid dreams of a spirit, though she struggles to understand
what it’s trying to tell her.>>There’s one clear part to the message,
though, it wants her to return to the island.>>Meanwhile, back on Fennbirn, Katharine is finding out not everyone
is quick to accept her as queen.>>So
instead of letting her sisters get away, she sends a search party after them
>>Said search party never finds the sisters though, why? Because the mist tore them to shreds. After centuries of hiding the island from
the Mainland, something is changing, the mist is turning on them.>>But why now?>>Meanwhile, the War gifted are trying to
convince Jules that she is the true queen, the queen’s line has
been weakening after all.>>And as much as Jules wants to deny it,
she wouldn’t have such a strong gift for no reason.>>And so grows the rebellion.>>It doesn’t go unnoticed
by Queen Katharine. In a bid to stop the rebellion,
Jules’ mom Madrigal is captured. There’s to be a trade in order to
get her back, Jules for her mother.>>The rebellion has other plans for
this trade though, ambush-like plans.>>Pietyr takes advantage of
the situation, he promises to set Madrigal free if she shows him how to
cleanse Katharine of the ghosts, because Low Magic has been working so
well this entire series.>>Having spent enough time on the
Mainland, Arsinoe, guided by her visions, returns home.>>Mirabella and Billy refuse to let her
go alone, and so the trio head back to the island, and Fennburn will once
again have all three sisters.>>The visions guide Arsinoe
to the rebellion camp, where she’s finally reunited with Jules.>>They aren’t together for long though,
as Arsinoe and Billy head to the mountains in search of what her ghostly visitor
has been trying to tell her all along. They won’t be tagging along for
the impending trade.>>And already reluctant Mirabella
will have to join them alone.>>Following the guidance of her visions,
Arsinoe finally get some answers.>>So, centuries ago, a queen
actually gave birth to quadruplets. And when a fourth queen is born, she’s automatically declared
the sacred successor.>>A Blue Queen.>>Her sisters were sent to their deaths,
but one, the elemental, was found and raised on the Mainland,
completely unaware of her true identity.>>Years later, the queen returns to the
island because her best friend was chosen to be a suitor, she meets the Blue Queen,
her long-lost sister. The elemental sisters bond, but the refusal to bond to one cruel suitor
accidentally brings a war to their shores.>>In a tragic turn of events, the Blue
Queen falls from the cliffs of the island, and becomes the mist.>>Arsinoe realizes what the specter
was trying to tell her all along, one elemental queen died to make the mist,
and another almost died to unmake it.>>Elsewhere, Katharine and
Jules attempt their trade.>>And as Katharine walks Madrigal to her
opposition, the dead queens take over, and Katharine slits Madrigal’s throat. Jules Legion Curse reveals itself,
and her War gift explodes out of her.>>She loses complete control. Needless to say,
the ambush did not go as planned.>>Seeing Jules in such a state
has Mirabella feeling uneasy about the rebellion’s plans to
make her their queen. Arsinoe must keep her sedated to
prevent her from causing harm to literally everything around her.>>So our elemental queen decides
to take things into her own hands. She sets off to join Katharine.>>Pietyr finally gets the chance to try
the Low Magic spell on Katharine to rid her of the dead queens
inhabiting her body. No one is surprised when
it doesn’t go well. The dead queens take over and
ambush Pietyr.>>Our poor Poisoner boy is
left bleeding from the eyes.>>And that brings us to Five Dark Fates.>>I’m honestly not convinced that
any single character could possibly have a happy ending.>>I am overwhelmed, and
I am not ready for how this all ends. I just want these children to be happy.>>I’m just so worried for Pietyr. [MUSIC]

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