Thought-Provoking Sci-Fi Short Films | Sunday Night DUST

Thought-Provoking Sci-Fi Short Films | Sunday Night DUST

What you got a hat we have classes do we have No-no-no, so it was just Do I No you my name is Irish Williams I am your parole technician We’ve been but you don’t remember it. You were Alice Lina Alice Luna you have failed me the requirements your parole this year 956 parole cycle Your next parole test will commence at the end of this meeting What Alice you’re currently serving a five-year sentence in simulation the crime of armed robbery Despite numerous rehabilitation simulations. He continued to exhibit sociopathic antisocial behavior never simulation Am I still in prison actually it’s a Correctional Center Now your memory of the simulation and this interview will be purged and a new simulation will begin three years of ethics and morality Education followed by one year parole testing you will be observed in situations where you have no reason to think you’re being observed to see if you behave nothing If you fail to meet the conditions of parole I’ll purge your memory start over Why are you having this conversation with me miss Lina, this is your 956 Rehabilitation cycle 955 times you’ve been through this we’ve had the same conversation Despite a thousand cycles never shown if given the opportunity You won’t lie. You don’t steal. You kill someone you will kill someone If you think it will benefit you and you won’t be called It deploying me they serve their sentence in six calendar days six She-bear it was for here So we’re having this conversation because maybe I want to help you We have a special treatment for people who exhibit sociopathic tendencies Sociopathic You keep saying that it’s Called personality reconditioning. No, it is more invasive than morality education, but has been shown to increase empathy in subjects And Most people people search yourself But it can cause problems with memory and permantly alter the subjects personalities that we cannot administer without your approval Blimey the same person No, you can put me back in with your bothers like She’s six years old Can you get me out I’ll going to initiate your next rehabilitation sessions I Have a lot of fun today you’ll be to actually close your eyes. Come on Open them What the hell sorry, sorry Filthy No, you can put my back in That’s your daughter miss long that was all six years old What elastomers are They gave birth to her Sheíll exactly Can you get me out You know I say that can’t get me out You couldn’t get me how come you Only the simulation in the terminal whether or not you’re sufficiently rehabilitated for release I can’t anything else for you. If I do it was a simulation I’d be able to feed it And you know Helping me you’d like that wouldn’t you You want to have any memory of this conversation we we manually purchase your simulated memories Dreams we’re gonna go back into the simulation You’d like that This is what you I told you everything I don’t Not something you can’t remember not my dream No You always say No you if I knew it was a simulation I’ve been wondering this Like that Yeah, get me out Do I know you if I remember you Helping me Do I get to you Syrus Williams you have failed to meet the requirements of parole. This is your 820 3rd parole cycle Your next parole test will commence at the end of this meeting Mr. Williams To understand You Give Beautiful scene from a distance with some all-night In the green What why don’t you not judge me right now Hey Well What are you doing What they’re just practical Electricity right? Yeah, I don’t I don’t have any so There’s a lot of light coming in through the window. I know buddy gets drunk here really early. So You don’t think you’ll have enough warning to light the candles Oh Why didn’t you take one of the mansions in bel-air I Don’t know. I just I like it here and it’s safe and I couldn’t live in somebody else’s house. So Yeah When’s the last time you went to the ocean? It’s been a while actually Want me There pepper balls, they taste like shit. I don’t know. No put them all in your mouth Give water why you only have wine I’m saving that actually you still believe in special occasions. Of course I do – meeting at the end What? Um where we met there’s a sign that says the end that’s just I thought it was kind of poetic to the end And full life And meaningless series of days All right, no, I don’t think I don’t think I Don’t think you’re reading the signals here Wait, are you serious? Are you serious? You finally need another human and you just take over oh fuck it no You guys thought we would shake hands and then Shake genitals No, I I don’t think it’s that crazy. I think maybe you know we Kiss or have sex or something? I Should probably go Wait, really? No don’t go. I just found you I’m a stranger. You just sexually accosted me. I’m not a rapist you’re not was I wearing something provocative No, look I’m a virgin, okay Trust me. You don’t want any part of this What were you doing up there anyway are we gonna jump You were literally my last shot that’s it I Can’t believe it’s never gonna happen I’m married Which is She’s dead, but I it’s not like I sleep next to her at night or anything creepy. I just I Guess my parents instigated. I mean they had thrown me a graduation party and And they thought it’d be really cool if Everybody signed. Oh the places you’ll go and wrote a little inscription in it And she signed the book and she wrote dear Frank my boyfriend and I just broke up Too bad. We never got to have sex Wow And that did it Yeah, hmm, what was your name You lie And after we got married, I’m sure that’s when the good sex was happening you married the same person you lost your virginity to It’s very sweet I Look for people for a long time. I Searched a lot of houses Whose all just reminders to me that I didn’t have shit We don’t have shit left I gotta say you really have done a good job Buying into the fantasy Thank You manatees gonna make it come back This is real for me this is my life It’s not a fantasy Your family is dead Your friends are dead anyone you ever cared about is it dead I Think that makes us really lucky that we’re still here We’re not lucky They’re the lucky ones I forgot to take the one guy that doesn’t want to fucking be here Yep You’re so stuck on this whole sex thing What’s the fucking deal you know what you just told me this whole story about Something wonderful that you experienced aren’t they allowed to want to experience something? She’s gone it’s over and you have terrible timing Hey You want to go on a walk Near the end of October Business was better The war scare was over More men were back at work Sales were picking up On this particular evening, October 30th, but Crossley service estimated that 32 million people Were listening in on radio Ladies and gentlemen We interrupt our program of dance music to bring you a special bulletin from the Intercontinental radio news at 20 minutes before 8:00 Central Time professor Farrell of the mountainous Observatory, Chicago Illinois reports observing several explosions of incandescent gas occurring at regular intervals on the planet Mars Someone Something I see Hanging out of that black hole to luminous discs or the eyes might be a face might be on the way Heavens something breaking out of the shadow like a gray snaky now. It’s another one another one another one. They look like tentacles community Yeah, I can see things party now. It’s large and large affair Good year boys. Stay home for the night Violence Thank You. The Catalan lado here. I am factors overall. The judges will decide from here I get a sweep of the hostname. I’ll give you every teeth there. As long as I can talking long as I could see Once they flee from arriving and throwing up a carton in front of the pit No need to push the cart back now there hey detail they Strava me He said it is now now they’ve parted and the professor moves around one side Studying the object while its captain and two policemen advance with something in their hands. I can say it now It’s a white hex is tied to a pole Right of Troost those preachers know what that means but anything Happening Beam of light against a mirror Get the plane swinging American buddy fancy men head on Come on now I Have been requested by the governor of New Jersey to place the counties of Mercer and middle sexes As far west as Princeton and let east to Jamesburg under martial law No one will be permitted to enter this area except by a special pass issued by state or military authorities for companies of state militia are proceeding from Trenton to Grover’s mill and Will aid in the evacuation of homes within the range of military operation Thank you Dad Yeah gene You ever think about the stars? I’m serious about Come out when it’s time to sleep gene I guess no one’s ever asked me that question before One like how come? The only thing everyone granddaddy’s mind was how to keep the farm going Now I worry about that if someone’s gonna come and take it from us About you you ever think of the Stars? Yes, sir. I I do I Imagine magic. Yeah like Miss Leslie teaches us to do at school. Okay, I Imagine other places up there like here with the things that live up there shine like the stars and and they’re bigger than us, but friendlier than us – Yes, it’s all silly stuff that I was working for him one day – right there You go ahead think of the stars, huh Nation I shall not try to feel the gravity of the situation that confronts Nor the concern of your government in protecting the lives and property of Italy However, I will impress upon you private citizens and public officials all of you the urgent need of calm and resourceful action This is Orson Welles, ladies and gentlemen Out of character to assure you that the War of the world has no further significance Than as the holiday offering it was intended to be We annihilated the world before your very ears and utterly destroyed the CBS You will be relieved. I hope to learn that we didn’t mean it and that Both institutions are still open for business so goodbye everybody and remember please for the next day or so the terrible lesson you learned tonight that Grinning Glowing globular invaders your living room is an inhabitant of the pumpkin patch and it’s your doorbell rings and nobody’s there That was no Martian. It’s Halloween Well, as you can see the high-explosive rounds are tremendously effective against soft shell targets as well as armored What you fellas? What’s gonna be fellas Everything So that’s 25 automatic rifles 1000 rounds ammunition It’s 10 gp-25 with 30 rounds each at the c4 and the seafoam All right boys start unloading let’s go Captain are you sure about all this? Sure about what handing over all these guns to the scoids. Yeah Give me the creeps, too But it’s company policy good business at that, yeah Yeah this way not only do we get a prime piece of real estate But we set it up. So the current residents kill each other off at no extra cost What are you little fuckers up there I Don’t know sir It seems like a hell of a way to settle a world You don’t get it do you come right? We are at war with these things already? They just don’t know it yet Computer run welcome Benjamin walking on for something Next case file Down Down Down reduce liability exposure down select top and open That’ll save your neck yes, sir Now you do know how to get out of this And the straps Why your chatty one, aren’t you Okay picture this vid See the respiration temperature pulse because she first dropped something. Yes That’s all right. Just remember to breathe Here’s your old – you’ll be on ship air until you launch then this will get you down, hoggin On your first rough The others are gonna give you a lot of stick don’t listen to them. Well shit took you all day, huh? Just remember when you’re planetside and in a real fire fight, they’re gonna be there. All right, right Just remember your training and keep your head down you go on to make a pretty penny See one’s round Trouble in logging on acknowledged Now I caught up the best yesterday was transferred to the Excelsior copy Morning boys and girls tucked in nice and tight Capcom says go for insertion. I got it searching for you right here. They Like I haven’t heard that a million times from you pumped up Monday’s Over the South Pole on our way in Out there Sir perfect lengths are calling it So hard There’s all these maggots it’s just a trick They’re all gone no they’re just screwing with the nobody just unplug good calm I’m looking at the vitals right now. Don’t worry. They rattle all the new fish. No now you’ll be doing it on your next row Relax Jason. Yeah, make sure you don’t call me. You’ll get in front of the squad Okay, sorry We got you hey Tractor but now your name is soldier do well on this mission maybe afterwards. He’ll get a real one He’s gotta prove to us. You’re a bad boy The drop zone brace yourself petite out to the truck Firing Listen you can I mean lieutenant jude are what is it? But look, I’ve got a no I mean last night Was our last night was last night soldier today. You’ve got to focus on the mission launch seven and eight Picked a hell of a time to bring this up It’s just about after the mission. Can I see you? I mean check your timing shop Insurance, I’m sorry Just come back Good Oh Sure Holy shit compiled Notes Possible penalty for pilot distraction withhold severance payment next of kin for the research required Log plays next file

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  1. I purchased a photo of the Andromeda galaxy its actual size (1 lightyear = 1 lightyear) 🚀🛰️🔭
    P.S. It says "DO NOT FOLD"

  2. This is stupid!!!
    Bad story line.
    I love dust shorts.
    Out of all there movies I have seen ,like 85%, maybe more, just an aweful aweful short.
    Little stupid aliens that can hold an ak-47?
    Just stupid over all.
    I wouldn't feed this short to my dog or your's!

  3. that was good. I recall seeing YOYO previously as a stand alone presentation, but it seems parts had been added, or i just noticed them for the first time.

  4. 0:27 Corrections
    17:27 Yoyo
    32:36 Embers & Dust
    42:16 Good Business
    46:29 Mis-Drop

    Happy DUST night everyone. See you all next week

  5. the guy was choking in the halo suit. prolly wanna get a different one since that's exactly the purpose of the thing. lol, poor acting there but most was very good.

  6. The only thought that gets provoked out of me is why DUST is gathering up and re-posting all this old crap…

  7. In Corrections they should have made his charges “aiding a prisoners escape” not “restraining order violation.

  8. Another disappointing Sunday anthology. Dust is rehashing videos into an anthology just to make sure we watch them. Holy crap, could you put together something with original content? Yes, I realize that all the videos are "original"; however, I am talking about some stories that you have not released yet..then I will even set the reminder button.

  9. In the very first one imagine the same thing except you don't have a body and your brain is sitting in a container with a nutrient solution keeping it alive and you are plugged in to a virtual reality world that engulfs all of your senses and you cannot tell the difference between illusion and reality. That is what these Tech scientist claim they are attempting to achieve ultimately

  10. The schedule only gave me one hour sleep – 5-6 a.m.
    I know, I can just wait and watch the video but it's so much more fun watching the stream! Thanks.

  11. Unsubscribing because I'm sick of watching commercials meant to attract funding, instead of REAL SHORT FILMS. Shame on you for your rank dishonesty!

  12. To the makers of Corrections: if you are going to have your actors mumble, then you need a) better quality mics, and b) no background sounds. Conversely, if you want ethereal background and poor quality mics, at least teach your actors to speak clearly.


  14. If this channel recycles content again without creator enumeration [ cf. mis-drop] we will call you out on all online media and let the guild know! Challenge accepted???

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