This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

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  1. One day she will have a really bad mood and snap, tell him to get out and he will. She will get everything except if there's some prenub.

  2. indigenous studies? now thats a red flag right there.
    He seems like a hands-on, hardworking perfectionist kinda guy, she seems spoiled chaotic and lazy, he should get out of this rel. asap.
    Love the house though..

  3. Why are people taking jabs a Matt for looking unhappy? I did not feel that at all. BTW…Lisa is very beautiful and Matt compliments Lisa. This home is absolutely "stunning". I truly love this home and would really like one myself…not to mention the property it sits on. Again…"stunning"…inside and out. Congrats on finding your "Happy Place" Matt and Lisa.

  4. Come on people! Can't you just see the beautiful house and be happy for the couple? They look very polite and do not need to be showing affection to prove that they love eachother, just look and appreciate that some people are just fine being togueter, what an awesome house 🙂

  5. I thought the same thing that the house cost millions, and by the way I would like to live in one like this one. Very unique and modern.

  6. I hate, Hate, HATE tiny houses… …but I don't hate this one. Nice job on making a small space feel BIG… and that bathroom… day-yam! Yeah, nice job!

  7. You were right…….MIND BLOWN!!! The thought, labor & craftsmanship that went into making this happen is staggering. Superb job & loved every minute of this, thank you guys for the post! ☆☆☆☆☆

  8. "A dream come true for you. An achievement for me." NOW that's a match made in heaven. Incredible tiny house. The 2 lofts were so spacious!

  9. Dude look at the HUSBAND"S face at 3:00 lol… he's like WTF, it was MY DESIGN ya craZy lady… I'm in Construction lol. Then she takes credit for the light hanging and he's like… I hung it myself ya nutcase 6:14

  10. I appreciate that the guest loft is, relatively speaking, easily accessible. That's a thoughtful, inclusive feature for their older or less mobile guests. (I mean it's not "accessible" accessible, but that would be a potentially insurmountable challenge in such a tight space!)

  11. The white ppl feel like so down to earth after building a small house. Houses in asia are far more smaller and a family of 8+ occupys it.

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