This New INSTAGRAM CHECKOUT FEATURE Changes The Algorithm!

This New INSTAGRAM CHECKOUT FEATURE Changes The Algorithm!

hi would you actually purchase something else through the Instagram app? well recently Instagram launched a new feature called Checkout yeah basically you have to check out within the Instagram app you see the drawing behind me you know what it’s going on is Draw With Mike welcome back to Mike The Dope Toast what does it really mean about this checkout feature what it’s going to bring into the future? let’s check it out right now I think you’re listening to me right now and of course you’re checking out my drawing that I’m actually start to sketch something else with the pencil line and get into the markers and color pencils as soon as possible well we’re in the springtime so that’s why I’m taking some old photos and trying to sketch a few things for you guys in today’s Draw With Mike well now I’m actually going to speak about the Instagram Checkout well what is that? okay Instagram is basically opening a whole new revenue stream now this 130 million people that actually tapped the Instagram product tags on the shopping post will be able to buy those items without leaving the app! okay you listen well? the checkout is basically built in an Instagram well and you basically can store your payment information which we’re gonna get into that later Checkout with Instagram launches in the United States already so if you’re from the state well done you can actually buy something else but if you’re not, just like me you basically have to wait! and there is about 20 top brands which including Adidas Nike Kylie Cosmetics and a couple of them which will no longer have to direct the customers to the website you can straight forward purchase something else within the Instagram Checkout whoa! how convenient right? Instagram tells you know the public they will introduce a selling fee to help fund programs and products to help make checkout possible as well as the offset transaction related expenses well it sounds okay and reasonable for that Instagram didn’t tell that how much they would charge the merchants they’re not sharing and disclosed this information right now to the public well they might actually do it in the future so basically they’re testing a lot of things which including a selling fee with businesses during the closed beta it would not change the price of the items for the consumers though so don’t worry about that guys that actually indicates Instagram wants the merchants to cough up the fee in exchange for the higher purchase conversion rate rather than forcing the users to pay a convenience fee or buying through the app Instagram ads business could also get a boost as Checkout would actually convince the brands that the social network produces a better return on investment ROI because there are fewer steps before the purchase so you listening right? Fewer steps, it’s true! for now only organic posts from partner merchants will actually have the checkout buttons the ads are not eligible yet but believe me or not or you actually probably get it well Instagram will absolutely have it in the ads very soon after well… they just successfully launching it okay so now speak about Checkout the checkout tag will actually appear on three different sections the first one is your feed post the second is the stories and last but not least the explore page well you’re listening right? so basically only the 20 something brands that working with Instagram closely will eventually have this feature well they’re actually going to open to more businesses so don’t worry about that when the users tap the post to review the product tags and open one they will see the Checkout with Instagram button instead of well the old view on website button well it makes sense for you guys right? well next one is that their first time through they will enter their payment information which is store for future purchases well that’s very convenient well basically you can do it and they protected payment information in one place well they or basically you can shop your favorite brand without needing to log in and enter the information for like multiple times it kind of reminds me of the time they actually you know trying to link your main account to the alternative account I don’t know you guys get that feature or not but it’s pretty much they’re just trying to make everything in one! so one of the best thing is that after users buy something within the Instagram using the check out feature now you guys are actually able to track it from a new orders section of your profile they actually show the status of an order plus the options to cancel it if you want to cancel it you can initiate a return or contact the merchants well you basically get a notification from Instagram when the order ships to you (with exaggerated voice) well during the progress just like Amazon right? so interestingly Instagram is not mixing receipts into the messaging product like Facebook does with Messenger merchants will only get the details necessarily to fulfill an order which is your contact info and address but personally I think that is that really safe to use so? users will see an opt-in option to share their email address with the seller for marketing purposes will you actually share your email address? personally maybe I would not okay Checkout with Instagram could leave merchants with a little less data than if the purchase happen on their website however for Instagram well it seems that well they’ll provide the information of which sales generate for a merchant okay you have to pay right? so how you can pay by buying something else on Instagram? you get basically pay with PayPal Visa MasterCard American Express or Discover so Instagram plans to allow merchants to integrate the Shopify BigCommerce and so on to the checkout feature in the future alright so Instagram also confirms that interacting with checkout will be used as a signal for ranking which content you might see! this played a huge part in the algorithm if you actually interact with checkout before there is a high chances that you might actually see more posts about the shopping they are basically encourage you to shop more! payments are basically processed by PayPal and PayPal fees will likely be covered by Instagram selling fee this is what they said, by the CEO that we started using product tags to make shopping more convenient for all customers and now checkout just takes this experience one step further making it even more initiative and seamless for people who have discovered products they want to purchase instantaneously alright so there is like a full list of the launch partner brands which I mentioned it just now like Addidas Nike Kylie Cosmetics Oscar de la Renta and a couple of them you can basically check out the full list which I will link in the description for the Instagram Press well there is no sign of Instagram standalone shopping app that was reportedly by TechCrunch which is my biggest source for today’s topic okay so instead that actually Instagram launched a dedicated shopping channel in the explore page pop a screenshot for you guys and the tagging for the product for stories for about six months ago so basically you can shop through the story and also the normal feed posts but now checkout is just a complete surprise! and recently I actually told you guys about the prototyping of the Pinterest style feature which is the public collection of your saved post so instead of making it private you can now make it public and ask people to basically save whatever they like in the collection that will be the great way for commerce influencers to recommend checkout equipped
products Facebook has spent five years experimenting with different buy buttons well personally I never used that before but now it finally has them in a place they feel natural which is Instagram Checkout Instagram has fiercely protected the right to link out of its app in order to keep you steadily consuming its content well isn’t this the strategy from Facebook or YouTube or any platforms right now? they just want to keep you in the platform right? now with more than 1 billion users congratulations by the way Instagram has trapped people’s attention inside which is true! and it’s finally ready to sell the right to sell there thank you for listening now we are almost finishing the drawing by the time you listen to me rant about the shopping feature are you going to shop with Instagram um are you going to do it? because it actually involves algorithm it actually involves you’re probably trying to save something else and encourages you to join a community I think the drawing is now almost there and now let’s check out the drawing in full details well now you can basically see how different the drawing and the actual photo was I mean especially the trees the color is just so different yeah it’s very different it does not look like that at all well… it seems to be like my quotes right now and a little Tweety I mean Tweety Bird yeah whatever it’s a bird yeah? and the fountain the three layers fountain which I was almost drawing the wrong proportion anyway this is the drawing of the Regent’s Park that I visited two years ago during springtime hopefully you enjoyed today’s episode of Draw With Mike and I will see you guys very soon with another Draw With Mike and the latest information about Instagram so don’t forget to subscribe! like this video goodbye

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm curious will you shop with Instagram Checkout when it is available in your region? The risk of getting your payment details stored, changes in post ranking, etc.

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