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  1. Why are all these governments turning socialist globalist idiots what is wrong with these people I live in Canada and we’re almost like Venezuela already Franch all you see is protest Germany all you see is protest thank God for Donald Trump drain the swamp Mr. President

  2. Wow ! BOOM !
    It's no wonder the Democrats are very sad. Trump has MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – in just THREE years.
    Sorry Democrats. Your 2020 isn't going well so far!
    How's your savior Joe Biden doing in the polls?????????

  3. Remember not one Republican would accept the numbers of Obama.
    Trump even said the real unemployment was more like 40%.
    I suspect because the Republican believed the numbers were fake that they are faking the numbers today.
    Another tax cut?
    Isn't the debt going through the roof?
    Obama took over during 08 crisis and spending is seen as a way out of that.
    But Trumps spending is 2nd to Obama's way over Bush and really way over Clinton's.
    And you cut taxes.
    This will lead to the debt getting much worse

  4. Policies and Economical outcome still Resides in the Hands of our Jewish Conglomerate Corporate Masters. Nothing has changed.

  5. After corona virus,Dogs in china be like : Who let the bats out?! Who who who who?! Who let the bats out…….

  6. It's time not to spend money unnecessarily. You'll all need to have savings to weather through the economic slowdown and job losses to come.

  7. Why would any human with logical thinking remove a President like this? Trump is rocking!! God bless President Trump!!

  8. Labor market of a lifetime? Job growth has slowed up under Trump. In his 3 years Trump has created about one million fewer jobs than in the last 3 years of Obama. The unemployment rate fell from 10.2% to 4.7% under Obama. Trump has reduced it only 1.2%. We continue to make progress under Trump but at a much slower rate.

  9. One thing works. Make welfare so bad that work seems better. The Soviet Union collapsed because welfare became a better existence then work. Those still foolish enough to still work looked around at all the non workers cared for as well as the workers. All that was left was to cash in the chips and buy a bottle of vodka.

  10. There is a difference regarding blue collar workers in labor profession and pay, there's the low wage earner with no professional skills who lives on minimum wage from pay check to pay check just getting by and paying rent while the other, husband or wife covers most of the other expenses, in other words, their just bearly getting by without the luxury of saving for the future. And having even one credit card is a monumental luxury, but it can add to financial stress if you use it, but sometimes it's necessary to use it when you have no cash and have to buy the basic things to survive, and even having work health insurance is the same situation, is too expensive to even use because it puts you in debt, because you still have to pay your share, so what do you do, you go to the clinic or México for your medical needs and other necessities which is cheaper, meanwhile you're still paying for health insurance that you can't use because it's too expensive to use, so basically, you're giving free money away that you desperately need, but if you don't have health insurance, come tax time, you are penalized for not having it, either way you lose, on top of that, cost of living goes up every year, therefore you stay in the same situation, you never financially advance in any way shape or form, you're left with a second job option, and in my case, I'm too old for that, this is my delema and situation as a low labor no skills wage earner. Now we have the skilled educated blue collar higher wage earner who is a little more better off, and the list goes higher until you get to the real high high paying professionals who make the big bucks, and rightly so because they've earned it and worked hard to get there, I'm just drawing a mental picture of the differences between blue collar workers, there's those on top, and then there's those at the bottom of the todem pole. I'm not complaining about where I am in life, I made my mistakes with bad choices, but when the media mentions the blue collar worker doing better, I think they forget that there's different levels of the blue collar workers, and they lump us all together as all doing financially well economically, I just wanted to clear that up. And now we have the rich people, well,, their in a different class all together. If I had the knowledge and understanding that I have today back in my younger days, I believe my situation would of been different for me today, but, it's too late now, I just have to go on and make the best of what I have and pass this knowledge on to the kids of today, and pray they will listen and not waste their time with foolish unbridled wild living, God bless you all.

  11. We have a deeply corrupt, incompetent, and criminal president, who’s never been entirely on the rails, His crime family and his room full of fix-it lawyers can’t change his self-inflicting crisis. He can’t bully, lie, or bribe his way out of it. As the walls close in, the ship continues to list, the rats are scrambling, and the traffic down the ratlines is getting heavy. How long are the R's going to keep their dinghy's tethered to the Titanic.

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