Thinking bigger through the Bush Fellowship

Thinking bigger through the Bush Fellowship

each bush fellows journey is unique and
defined entirely by the limits of their ambition the Bush fellowship funds your
personal leadership growth it does not fund a project ask yourself in all the
time I’ve spent connecting to the issues I care about and communities I’m part of
what is the wildest dream we’ve ever had for ourselves and what role am I playing
in that dream we invite all Bush fellows to think bigger so that those selected
can use these ones in a lifetime experience to make a once-in-a-lifetime
impact for example instead of imagining the people experiencing homelessness in
your town have a bed to sleep in for the night envision that they all have a
permanent place to live maybe you’ve thought that far ahead before but
dismissed it as unrealistic now what happens if you take that vision even one
step further imagine working with people from across organizations and sectors to
guarantee safe affordable housing for everyone throughout our entire region
now you are thinking big in order to make this vision a reality you might
need to speak in large forums to change the minds of policymakers and the public
create a regional Business Alliance to develop solutions to the housing crisis
wade through complex budgets to get large scale truly affordable housing
projects off the ground as you describe your vision and think big about what is
possible ask yourself what you will need to learn and how you will need to grow
in order to make your vision a reality this is the kind of personal leadership
growth that the Bush fellowship can support how will you
the skills connection and experiences you need to accomplish your vision what
kind of training and education will you need how you strengthen and create new
relationships how will you build your own resilience to tackle large-scale
changes how will you connect to your culture in order to lead in an authentic
way it might feel uncomfortable to focus so much on yourself the fellowship funds
your personal growth so that you can make a big impact with your community
because what each bush fellow needs to transform into the leader they wish to
become is different the journey of a fellow is theirs to define whether or
not you apply for the Bush fellowship thinking big about your vision and your
personal growth will help you make it a reality you

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