Thinking about the Bush Fellowship? Things to consider before you apply!

Thinking about the Bush Fellowship? Things to consider before you apply!

– [Narrator] For over half a
century the Bush Fellowship has been investing in
individuals in order to make our region better for everyone. – [Announcer] Any person
over 24 years old living in Minnesota, North
Dakota, South Dakota or one of the 23 Native nations
sharing the same geography is eligible to apply. – [Narrator] Fellows come
from all job sectors, ages, backgrounds and communities. You may be asking yourself, how do I know if the Bush
Fellowship is for me? – [Announcer] Are you
able to showcase your extraordinary track record of success? In what ways have you made
an impact in your career or in your community that soars past what your job
description asked you to do. How has your leadership
made a difference inside or outside of your work? For example, if you are a researcher, are you solely focused on the research or are you thinking creatively
about how you can ensure your research has the greatest impact? – [Narrator] We know that for each person and each community, terms like leadership and success can mean
very different things. Leadership doesn’t
always come with a title. And success is not always
measured with an award. – [Announcer] Can you point
to the ways in which you have consistently
challenged yourself to grow? How have you made the most of the
opportunities in your life? Or searched out new ideas
to bring to your world? What action have you taken
to shape your growth? – [Narrator] When you look to the future, are you able to describe the bold vision you have for your community? And most importantly,
the role you will play in making that vision a reality? What does the future you’re
working to create look like? And what are you doing
to help make it happen? – [Announcer] If you can
answer these questions. – [Narrator] And are ready
to grow even further. – [Announcer] Than this
fellowship might be right for you. (gentle music) – [Narrator] It’s
important to ask yourself, do I have enough experience with the issue and connection to the people
I’m hoping to work with? And do I have the time and space to focus on my growth
in service to that issue? – [Announcer] Effective
leaders are those with the direct connection to the issue they’re choosing to confront. Do you already have a solid
foundation of both knowledge and relationships to
build upon the Fellowship? Maximizing a Fellowship requires a
serious time commitment. Fellows who have the most
transformative experience, – [Narrator] and create a largest impact, make the time they need
to take full advantage of all the Fellowship has to offer. This means time for
forming new connections. – [Announcer] Time for absorbing new ideas and reflecting on them. And time for new experiences. – [Narrator] That time has
to come from somewhere, what are you prepared
to say no to in order to say yes to a Fellowship? – [Announcer] If you have
the space in you life to grow and the connections to make
the most of that growth, it’s time to think a little more about how the Bush Fellowship could
be transformational for you. – [Narrator] Each Bush
Fellow’s journey is unique. And defined entirely by the
limits of their ambition. The Bush Fellowship funds your
personal leadership growth. It does not fund a project. – [Announcer] Ask yourself, in all the time I’ve spent connecting to
the issues I care about and communities I’m part of, what is the wildest dream
we’ve ever had for our selves? And what role am I playing in that dream? – [Narrator] We invite all
Bush Fellows to think bigger, so that those selected can
use this once-in-a-lifetime experience to make a once-in-a-lifetime impact. – [Announcer] For example,
instead of imagining the people experiencing
homelessness in your town have a bed to sleep in for the night, envision that they all have
a permanent place to live. – [Narrator] Maybe you
thought that far ahead before but dismissed it as unrealistic. Now what happens if you take that vision even one step further? – [Announcer] Imagine working with people from organizations and
sectors to guarantee safe, affordable housing for everyone
throughout our entire region. – [Narrator] Now you are thinking big. In order to make this vision
a reality, you might need to: – [Announcer] Speak in large
forums to change the minds of policy makers and the public; Create a regional business
alliance to develop solutions to the housing crisis; Wade through complex
budgets to get large scale, truly affordable housing
projects off the ground. – [Narrator] As you
describe your vision and think big about what is possible, ask yourself what you will need to learn and how you will need to grow in order to make your vision a reality. This is the kind of
personal leadership growth that the Bush Fellowship can support. – [Announcer] How will you
build the skills, connections and experiences you need
to accomplish your vision? – [Narrator] What kind of training and education will you need? – [Announcer] How will you strengthen and create new relationships? – [Narrator] How will you
build your own resilience to tackle large-scale change? – [Announcer] How will you
connect to your culture in order to lead in an authentic way? It might feel uncomfortable
to focus so much on yourself. The Fellowship funds your personal growth so that you can make a big
impact with your community. – [Narrator] Because what
each Bush Fellow needs to transform into the leader they wish to become is different, the journey of a Fellow
is theirs to define. – [Announcer] Whether or not you apply for the Bush Fellowship, thinking
big about your vision and your personal growth will
help you make it a reality. (gentle music)

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