There’s ‘no good faith basis’ for impeachment trial: Tom Fitton

There’s ‘no good faith basis’ for impeachment trial: Tom Fitton

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  1. Wierd. I couldn't understand these guys with Trumps tiny mushroom tip in their mouths. Fox news is a fuckin embarrassment.

  2. I don't care about political parties. I'm an independent. What I care about is that some rich prick (Trump Dump) is getting away with criminal activity. I will not stand for it. Give a true trial or admit guilt. Unlike all Trump's 'settlement' cases… This cannot be 'settled' without fair impartial judgement. If the Senate denies full testimony and evidence, then we truly know they're corrupt.

  3. More people confuse and more people confused are watching Fox News because this is not Fox News this is Fox Business and I just don't get it really that they should have say something about it but I don't know what's going on does anyone getting confused something about it because once the impeachment is already have for the Republic and Democrats already signed a both sides okay everyone but it wanted to call out the window says it is the Republic they had to be very seriously to be responsible because the public one the witness that's a choice

  4. Let's bring in anyone who has little to no knowledge of the issues at hand. Then we can keep saying nada to see here–(imagine accompanying circus music). FOX is so biased.

  5. 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020!!!🇺🇸 President Trump will be re-elected. Keep crying and stomping you communists, jihadis, and white supremis. Won't change anything.

  6. Schiff gets special treatment courtesy the closed secret meetings all in schiffs hands with no fairness to the Republican party. The parady against Trump, collusion in plain sight ( what a liar). This guy can't have any credibility after that crap. Accuse him of fabricating evidence and he will definitely not dodge the truth. No more double standard. God bless America in God we trust

  7. How can a real trial occur without witnesses.. real ones I mean.
    Biden and Eisenstein have no relevance to the charges. Secretary of State and the ambassador do

  8. Oh, Lou Dobbs, another Fox freakshow. Glad to see Tom is a good little white nationalist towing the line for the racist GOP party.

  9. Trump's on his way to Davos 👏 he will be the LAUGHING stock of the day! He will be trying to mingle with the ELITES😅😂😃🤣! HE'S BEING IMPEACHED IN USA😲👍🥂👏! ELITES DON'T GET IMPEACHED TRUMP! UR A DISGRACE! THEY WILL SHUN TRUMP!

  10. Heads up everyone you’re not supposed to let other countries get involved in our elections that’s what trump did. When you think something is unfair just think if it was the other side doing it would it be fair. And this is not fair for trump to try to get Ukraine to make an announcement of an investigation so he can use that to persuade voters. That was what the whole muller investigation was about and now he’s clearly done it. Nobody is impeaching him for nothing nobody can even do that

  11. news alert- in case you haven't heard- trumps lawyers have stated that trump DID what he's being accused of- their argument will be that it's not a high crime. our constitution says otherwise. trump is a low level thug and criminal.

  12. The radical dems are being scapegoated…it's the life time dems that have created this b.s.
    The radical dems weren't even settled in when this all began.

  13. As the stomach churns. He broke rules confident he could do what he wanted. He was caught. You know he tried to cover it up. Why? Broken Trust. He' s getting a perfect impeachment and a very stable impeachment Or Man up and step down.

  14. If everyone commenting here can not name your citys mayor or state senator with out googling it your opinion is invalid

  15. Since Trump is a convicted criminal, adulterer, thief and swindler who lies every day – "Good faith" is a stupid comment.

  16. Still believing the lies written in the spider's web for their favorite 'great, radiant, terrific' pig. Just like the children's story Charlotte's Web, which simply explains that people fall for what they believe in print even if it's lies. No wonder He doesn't want to testify He's known He was for the chopping block from the beginning, why do the people watch this contrived diatribe the formula isn't even original?


  18. This guy isn't even an attorney!! He has a frickin english degree. Why is he opinionating? Why is he on any news station?? Oh I forgot this is fox news!!

  19. It would be better for the country if Democrats and Republicans come together to make better decisions for the Americans people instead of having a different 0piom,let not paying politic in Washington we elect your guys not to play poker in the highest Nations of world

  20. Clinton lied about having an affair Underoath Trump withheld security aid from another country against our enemy in order to help him with his election that is way worse you people on Fox News are amazingly hypocritical

  21. There is no benefit of the doubt because the White House has refused to release documents, even the ones claimed under the Freedom of Information act.

  22. Release all the correspondence involving the take over of a Presidency. American People are waiting. Mueller’s testimony was obvious he knew and created the smoke screen. POTUS is our president 2016 & will be our president. 2020.

  23. There should be no trial? There should be a boatload more charges. The rich get sprung while the poor get hung in America.

  24. This is the drama America asked for. What else could we expect. Our commander and chief it's a rich, privileged reality tv show star. The only military service he has ever experienced it running from his duty to serve. I'm not saying Hillary is any better in fact our options from the start sucked. Now this election I wont vote Bernie but I sure as hell wont vote trump. I hope someone else steps up. No more drama!!!!

  25. Now that interview contained a number of suggestions and comments that were outright "proposterous!"….I mean for God's sake…."Christopher Steele, Hillary Clinton, Peter Strok, Lisa Page and even IG Horowitz" as witnesses at the Senate Impeachment Trial, my God! Talking about right-wing extremist!

  26. There is no good faith reason for umpeachment unless you are content that a Democratic President will ask Britain's military intelligence service to look up incriminating information about the next Republican nominee in 2024. further, Democrats will promise to financually support Britiain's exports with American tax dollars, nomatter to whom the exports are sold, thereby making their exports cheaper than anyone else's if only their Prime Minister announces the inquiry to the media just before our election. Maybe the next Democratic President should also ask the Israeli Prime Minister to announce corrupt actions and information that may or may not be true about five Republican Senators in swing state. Perhaps they could accuse the five Senators in a corruption scandal at the U.N. In return we will support Israel in a nuclear attack on Iran with U.S. made missils delivered by U,S. Planes, with no discussion, and completely financed by our tax dollars. Why not use foreign countries to do anything that will assure Democratic administrations forever?

  27. Remember in November
    Terminate these Orange tainted GOP unamerican slime bags that are infesting Washington…Enough lowered expectations for the nation.

  28. 2:05 🤣🤣🤣 didn’t republicans just said they are going to argue that “abuse of power” isn’t impeachable and there’s nothing wrong with it? I mean
    A: it is impeachable and there is a lot wrong with it
    B: hypocrisy at its finest

  29. Trump is a dump. I am a woman. I didn't like his face in the 80's, and I don't like it even more now . Not just appeachment, why not sexual misconduct?

  30. I watched this only because undoubtedly Donald Trump also watched it & it will influence his tweets for the next few days.

  31. Wray should be fired and investigated. Charges need to be laid against comey, McCabe, strok and page immediately. This impeachment garbage is covering this up as well.


  33. Absolute Truth they have no desire to be honest about anything the Dems are BEYOND CORRUPT THEY ALL MUST GO TRIED SENTENCED TRUMP IS INNOCENT 😇 ITS SICKENING

  34. .Republican Judge, Republican Jury, Republican Senate majority. The acquittal papers were signed a week ago. They all just have to go through the motions to appear to be earning their salaries.And yell at each other a bit to prove how amazing they all are.
    But! An added bonus, Ken Starr, who Donald stated was "a lunatic, a disaster and terrible", is now on Donalds defence team. And Ken and Alan Dershowitz defended Jeff Epstein…What can go wrong? .

  35. Trump's innocent but we don't want any witnesses and we don't want to allow new evidence, and we don't want to admit the evidence already uncovered by the House, and we don't want the American people to see the trial. But he's innocent.

  36. The Senate must investigate the Spygate coup and the Pedogate cabal! It is their Constitutional duty to address attempts to overthrow the rule of law. This not a normal legal matter, it is a real and present Danger to Republic! We are awake!

  37. Barrack Obama is the Father of ISIS and Donald Trump is the God Father of ISIS and he assassinated the Worst Nightmare of ISIS, the Anti-ISIS General Qasem Soleimani.

  38. This circus is a fraud, a coup, crimminally outrageous & so morally wrong, but it is not entertaining. I don't see the humor in destroying a fellow human being just because you can't accept the fact that President Donald Trump won the election and your candidate lost. I see no entertainment in hating to the extent that you sell your soul to get back at the person who holds the position you wanted your candidate to have. God blessPresident Donald Trump who should be elevated to sainthood for carrying out the work of the people 24/7 & accomplishing extraordinary things despite the constant harassment & outright abuse. President Trump never forgets what he was elected to do. He keeps his eye on the ball & continues to hit home run after home run. What a truly extraordinary human being he is and we are so fortunate & blessed to have him. I'm in favor of giving him an extra term for the one that was stolen from him, keeping him in office until 2028. We'll never have another President like him again.

  39. Others can be liars but they are right to say that President TRUMP deserves not only a second election but many more to the happiness of the American people and the world in general, Glory be to GOD. THANK YOU.

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