The Youth Employment Crisis: a Call for Action

The Youth Employment Crisis: a Call for Action

Young people are the promise
of positive change in society. But there is not enough work for them. The current young generation
is worse off than 20 years ago. According to the International Labour Organization
– the ILO – there are in the world 74.5 million
unemployed young persons. In advanced economies, youth unemployment
and discouragement remain persistent. The youth unemployment rate is 13.1%, nearly 3 times the rate of adult unemployment,
which stands at 4.7% Young people with higher levels of education
are increasingly taking up jobs for which they are overqualified.. In developing countries, the challenge
is not only creating jobs, but also finding decent jobs for those young people who are underemployed
and working in the informal economy. More than 220 million are working poor. The economy will have to create 600 million
productive jobs over the next decade. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. In 2012, the International Labour Conference
made a call for action identifying five key policy areas
that require everyone to act together targeting all young people alike, including: Economic policies that increase and
creation of employment. Labour market policies for vulnerable youth. Education and training. Entrepreneurship and self-employment. Labour rights for youth. Investing in youth is an investment
in the present and in the future of our societies. We need to urgently address
the youth employment crisis. This is a call for action!

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