The Yellow Fellows [FOREVER SERIES] Power Rangers | Super Sentai

The Yellow Fellows [FOREVER SERIES] Power Rangers | Super Sentai

(Deep Exhale) Excuse me miss, are you okay? I will be
when people stop calling me miss all the time! Sorry, I assumed you were a girl because… Oh because I’m in yellow? That’s the
trouble with people today they think yellow is a girl’s color! But I love
yellow, I can’t help it! My bad, I’m really sorry.
Why can’t guys like yellow huh? And there are a lot of Yellow Ranger dudes! And the
yellow dude in ZyuRanger is named BOI, duh! You’re totally right! But everyone I
know is afraid to show their love for yellow. I’m all alone here and forever
will be. Look first of all it is sort of a stereotype that people always think
yellow’s for girls. It’s definitely not. And secondly, you’re not alone. Guys, you
ready? “Yellow Lion” “Cross changer” “Yellow Aquitar Ranger Power!” “Ninja Storm, Ranger Form” “Magical source, Mystic Force” “Go Go Samurai” “Ninja Spin” “Say the change” Oh wow that’s a lot of yellow! I told you!
But now that we got the boys in, let’s not exclude the strong women who love to wear yellow as well. “It’s Morphin Time, Sabertooth Tiger” “It’s Morphin Time” “Sabertooth Tiger” “Sentry Yellow” “Sabertooth Tiger” “Let’s Rocket” “Go Galactic” “Time for TIME FORCE” “Jungle Beast Spirit Unleashed” “Super Mega Mode” “Kaito Change” The Black Ranger Tribe will not
challenge today. What he said. What?! Where did you guys come from? Do you have
anything to do with this? Huh? What are you talking about I’m just here minding my
own business. Uh, can you flip the page there? Thank you very much.

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  3. Minding his own business……… Rriiiiiiiiiiigghhtt……..

    He's so totally to blame for it. (Reaches around my belt…) Uh…. who took my SPD Licences Morpher?

  4. Yellow Ranger from ninja storm will always be my favorite. Dustin was his name? The way he took charge and morphed first was epic

  5. Missing Yellow Zeo Ranger, Yellow Turbo Ranger, Lightspeed Yellow Ranger, Wild Force Yellow Ranger Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger SPD Yellow Ranger.

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