The whistleblower did not think this through: Former CIA whistleblower

The whistleblower did not think this through: Former CIA whistleblower

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  1. Honestly, what We're witnessing, imo, is nothing less than the chaos and inevitable outcome created by RANK AMATEURS, Obama and his inner circle, who scrapped the long-term, well laid Bush NWO Plan for Obama's OWN "Cult of Personality", aka raking in the dough and trying to pull strings from the shadows!

    Little did he know, he should've stuck with the Bush Plan if they wanted Globalist domination. Instead, We're now being entertained by the unraveling of Obama's Cult, thus exposure of the Bush cadre, and the subsequent ripples of dissent as more of the Public are exposed to the Truth of what's been happening behind closed doors for decades, all to Our detriment and others benefit.

    As an aside, I believe that's most likely the underlying animus between the Clinton's and Obama's, as WJC was noted as "the son I never had" by H.W. Bush, so Obama's break with the NWO path would have created an unholy mess all around, which if you recall, something did create some kind of split within the Democrat Party around the time Obama got settled in good. Just a speculative observation.

  2. Real whistleblowers have real reason to fear push back from the establishment on which they are reporting. THIS "whistleblower" has had every protection he could possibly wish for foisted upon him BY the very establishment he is working for. Didn't work that way for Manning.
    Real whistleblowers seek to reach out to the public in order to gain protection through public exposure, THIS "whistleblower" has reached out to the establishment on which he is reporting in order to gain protection FROM public exposure. Didn't work that way for Snowden.
    Real whistleblowers seek protections from the establishments on which they are reporting from fear of imprisonment or "disappearing". THIS "whistleblower" is hiding in the basement of the very establishment on which he is reporting, and no fear of capture. Didn't work that way for Assange.

    Everything about this "whistleblower" is upside down, just like everything else about this whole impeachment process. This is NOT a "whistleblower", this is an establishment political hit man.
    But let's be honest about it, this is just another step in the Dems mantra of "whatever it takes", a mantra they've been pushing from day one.

  3. Adolf Schiff commits the crime of SEDITION. While he has immunity within the wall of the Capitol he does not when he steps out. He has committed SEDITION which is conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state, which in this case is the President of the United States.

  4. Adolf Schiff commits the crime of SEDITION. While he has immunity within the wall of the Capitol he does not when he steps out. He has committed SEDITION which is conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state, which in this case is the President of the United States.

  5. What bothers me most is how rarely anyone mentions the "Whistlblower Form" was changed in August of this year to "allow second hand info". Whoever set that up represents a clear deepstate channel that needs be closed.

  6. Obama fgt prosecuted whistleblowers who had true first hand info on abuse & corruption of a branch of govt. Democrats brings in a Biden associate who has 3rd hand info and calls that PoS a "whistleblower" that he has never met.

  7. If he cant be cross examined then he cant even be. Period. Sorry Schiff. You are screwed again. Luckily your base is stupid enough to be fooled over and over. They dont need results. Just hope of destroying some opponents life.

  8. There was no whistleblower, because there was no whistle. The story was about an old purple thistle.
    Wow!! It took a special genius to push this along. 😳😜

  9. Schitt is blowing his whole stack on this fake crap and Skeletor is supporting him?… Lol, come on Trump 2020… Tired of winning 😎

  10. Leave it to Faux Noise and those dumb enough to watch it, to come up with the lamest excuses possible for the Trump Crime Family. Keep whining, Cornflakes – it amuses those of us in the majority. HAHAHAHA

  11. I am (was)a big time Democrat, even voted for Obama (the first time) and he opened my eyes ears and now my mouth, never ever in a million years vote for one again. That's the only thing I can thank him for. Voted for president Trump in 2016 and will again in 2020. I owe president Trump much more thanks in six months than that crooked lying Kenyan berry in his corrupt eight. And to all the Democrats I guess you could say I've upped my standards,so up yours!

  12. There is no systemic racism in the USA. We live in the most inclusive, most divers nation ever … and all the barely sentient Left can see is racism. The democrats are dangerously stupid and hateful, and we should all remember that when we vote.

  13. He is part of a coo against Trump and should be prosecuted along with Schiff and Pelosi and a couple more of these socialist traders. Take them out back and do what the sentence is for treason. This sham has gone on long enough.

  14. cant mess with Trump, he is the best , just let him do his thing he is the best, I just don't understand it , and arguing with a Democrat is like pulling teeth, they believe the lies , 2020 is going to go down in history for the good or bad , I believe this is biblical, the Lord is ready to come back God bless everybody, i am for trump but i am for my Bible first, if you don't believe puck up your Bible , it is all coming true

  15. As a Greek origin myself , I 'm proud of you …..John Kiriakou , your Honesty , Ethics , Patriotism and Integrity, inspire many people to do the RIGHT CHOICE when time is come and is needed !!!………………….God Bless You !!!….And THANKS FOR SUPPORTING THE TRUTH FOR OUR PRESIDENT …DONALD TRUMP !!!……………………..THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER !!!

  16. a whistleblower reports something done wrong or a crime! so they need to quit calling the snitch a "whistleblower" because NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED!! it's all a smoke screen!! to take your focus of the true crime! which is Joe Biden and son!! Biden used his political influence to make his dim witted son rich!! that's the real crime! but as you know Democrats constantly like to mislead. TRUMP in 2020 is the only crystal clear choice!!! NO SOCIALISTS NEED APPLY!!!


  18. Julian Assange is another real whistleblower and his life is being destroyed for telling the American people want the government aka Hillary Clinton and Obama administration were really doing

  19. So let's all start blowing our whistle and make up lies and start an go fund me account in order to profit . These kind of people need to be, go funded in prison .

  20. it's quite funny this guy says he wouldn't call him a whistleblower and yet when he refer to the anonymous source. He kept calling him…."The whistleblower"

  21. Think about it. There was NO COLLUSION! NO STRIPPERS! There isn't a WHISTLEBLOWER either. Only the Dems know who the WB is? Come on! Since when could they keep a secret from leaking?!!!

  22. this has nothing to do with this but that Schiff is one dirty rotten S.O.B. Period without a doubt, the worst i have ever seen in government, even worse than McCarthy in the old days with the communist thing he had going, accusing everybody off being a communist, if they thought that was something this Trump thing has it beat 1000 times over

  23. None the less, facts mean nothing to the Democrats and their sycophants. The rank and file on the left are so corrupt that they are owned by the DemocRat party. When you have disgusting objectionable habits, on the government dole collecting your handouts or a government union employee planning to retire at 55 with a pension and a boatload of benefits, you can't vote for anyone else. Our side? We just don't have enough fire in our bellies to stand up to these people. They are going to win and we will lose control of this country forever unless we wake up. When your neighbor says, "it doesn't matter who you vote for, they're all the same" He's either an idiot or a Democrat or both. Vote in 2020 for Trump or pay for your laziness for the rest of your life.

  24. WOW!! after days and days of "News" watching,
    sifting shifting and compiling to come to my own conclusions and you wrapped
    them all up neatly and came up with one I hadn't thought of and with just one
    guest who has been there done that in real, speaking with eloquence, dignity,
    calm, clearly spoken easy to understand gold of law and "principles"
    they are founded upon "That to secure these rights governments are
    instituted among men, " obviously not over men as socialists and other
    "ist's" and "ism's" would want you to believe.

    For future reference please know that you know the
    difference between "Capitalism" and "Free Enterprise". As
    noted before if it is an "ism" then it is a "Dis-ease" and
    for the other brain cell Capitalism is where those with the Capital rule, the
    same as "he who has the Gold Rules", which inherently is "profit
    driven" and "power driven" even if it is competing for the
    "market share" instead of "Purpose Driven".

    Hale v Henkel @ p. 74 last P and beginning of P 75 has the
    best way of expressing it "On the other hand a corporation is s creature
    of the state and presumed to be for the benefit of the public." (HvH P75).

        WE must get our
    judicial system back to "principles" upon which the laws are founded
    and stop them being used as weapons against the rights, freedoms, liberties,
    protections of life and property, owing nothing to anyone for anything that
    would deprive him of his rights. Those that serve "to secure these
    rights" and "to effect their Safety and Happiness" do and are
    required "to swear an oath or affirmation to support this
    Constitution," become servants with full allegiance to the purpose for
    which the office was created.

         To "effect
    this" we the people must "alter or abolish it and institutes new
    government laying is foundation upon such principles and organizing its powers
    in such form as to them shall seem most likely ot effect their Safety and
    Happiness" we need to institute legislation that requires them to be
    periodically tested as to their "Knowledge, Understanding, and Accurate
    Use of the "principles" upon which the position they hold by oath and
    paid obligation to perform. It is my belief that those who are the goalongers to
    getalongers do so out of ignorance and will remain ignorant unless compelled to
    be knowledgeable. Once knowing the law they will stand upon that law knowing
    the law also allows one to know how to prosecute and what actions or lack of
    action can be prosecuted under the law. As stated in your interview so well.

        Thank you!!

    If you would put in your vocabulary, the necessity to have periodic testing of all
    those holding an office of public trust to insure they are at the very least
    qualified to hold such office and conceive what that office requires and the
    ability and willingness to perform in accord with it.

         I can "protect you and not believe in you, I can "defend" you and not
    believe in you but I am unable to "support" you without believing in
    you. Thus the term "support" was purposely used in the "oath of
    office". And there it is "Heart" "Soul"
    "Creator" fully expressing the elements of a Trust from which
    "any Form of Government" is subject to.      

         We truly are
    "One Nation under God". This is Creators doing and we are the only
    country which has this "Perpetual", "Irrevocable",
    "Express" "Trust" in written form for all the world to see
    and is without being rebutted, as the truth, "self evident"
    "truths" are the "foundation" upon which every "Form
    of Government" is founded upon.

    "That whenever any Form of Government becomes
    destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter of abolish
    it, and institute new government, laying its foundation upon such principles
    and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to
    effect their Safety and Happiness."

        There it is, the
    mission statement, the purpose and the only thing "any Form of
    Government" is authorized to do; "to secure these rights" and
    "to effect their Safety and Happiness".

    Thus it only makes sense that any creation of government
    must also be created to perform some needed task which insure that it
    "secure these rights" of "Life, Liberty and Pursuit of
    Happiness" and "to effect their Safety and Happiness" in all
    that it does. Notice that the only thing that is "taxable" is
    "that which is in excess or profit", (IRS Code) Thus if it is not
    "profit or excess" then it is not taxable. That which is in
    "excess" of doing the job of being "for the benefit of the

           They do not
    know this and thus have no problem with "corrupt business as usual",
    because "that’s the way it has always been done" validation that it
    must be lawful somehow even to the point that they will deny what is clearly
    written in the law, constitutions, and rail against God to enslave the rest of

         Once they know
    the law they will not cross it for fear of loss of job… the same thing that
    has kept them doing corrupt activities all these years.

         Blessings, I will
    follow and see how well you do.. Both of you!!! Blessings

  25. We should ask ourselves "What's in it for him" about this "whistleblower wannabe": What was he given, offered, threatened or otherwise "obliged maybe" be put up a "whistleblowing performance: This needs investigation before it can be even considered valuable !

  26. I think Shitty Schiff is mad that the radio host didn't really have the naked pictures he wanted of the President so now he is really mad and taking it out on the President and the real Americans that voted him's time to put Nancy and her crime outfit to be looked into for the crimes they did and are still doing.And why is everything they are doing behind closed doors?? And Nancy met with her money backers (George Soros) and others Friday behind closed doors again.

  27. This "whistleblower" opened a GoFundMe account; raising several thousands of dollars. Who donated? We should find out. My guess; Democrats funded the whistleblower.

  28. It has been scientifically proven that men with tiny hands are pre-disposed to criminal behavior. Google it if you don't believe me.

  29. 1. Whistleblowers are NOT granted anonymity. They cannot be fired. They cannot be demoted. They cannot be harrassed. That's it. Nothing in the law providing for anonymity. This attempt to remain anonymous stinks far and wide as collusion and treason.
    2. The "whistleblower" was appointed to be the White House liaison for the CIA by Brennan – himself a key figure in all the treasonous activity going on.
    3. The "whistleblower" was fired from his White House job for leaking important and sensitive information to select reporters, after which he went back to the CIA.
    4. The lawyer he went to has been sounding off since the election results were in that President Trump should be impeached. Not a single day in office yet, and these people are trying to overthrow a duly and properly elected President.
    5. These hearings started right after AG Barr announced that the fact finding investigation into the Russian hoax had changed to a criminal investigation. Then BOOM! We have impeachment proceedings initiated.
    Regardless of the lies Schiff and company are spewing, anyone with their head on their shoulders KNOWS these proceedings are a sham.

  30. The R.N.C. does not need to change their initials. Russian National Committee is most appropriate for their following the Trump Plan in International Affairs. The R.N.C. Herd of Elephants will now have the banner on their Elephant proudly exhibiting The Hammer and Sickle. They don't need to change their Color Red, how convenient. Just wait until the hearings are over. Spin it all you want, the facts are coming out. You are not wearing blinders, you are blindfolding yourselves and your viewers.
    "Badges, We Don't Need No Stinking Badges!!!" "Laws, We Don't Need No Stinking Laws!!!" "Constitution, We Don't Need No Stinking Constitution!!!"
    Come on, don't hold back Trump, tell us what you really think. "Give Me The Stinking Whistle blower!!!"

  31. He got what he wanted… he’s a crazy leftist and they’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars as a reward for him all while he’s still working for the government.

  32. The title of this says whistleblower but it's not a whistleblower it's all the Democrat/socialist party trying to turn America into a socialist dictatorship. This guy nails it he's a anonymous informant for the Democrat party. (spy)

  33. So what if the President want Biden investigated? Now, the nation knows what the Biden boys been doing behind our backs, with blessings from Obama. Talk about boomerang. Ha ha ha ha ha!

  34. Yeah babe, you're way out on a limb. That's exactly what you, your Fox colleagues, the Republican Congress and 30 percent of the American people are doing: getting upset about this investigation when you really dont have first hand knowledge of what went on yourselves, yet you are so outraged.

  35. Hahahahaaaaa!!!….a "GoFundMe" account. How many times have we seen this?!?!? It seems like it's part of the deal to become a "witness" against this President or anyone that he appoints or is connected to…..take Kavanah for example….how much money did Blasey-Ford make of her "GoFundMe" ?!?!?

  36. Stop calling him a whistle blower. He’s a pawn and simply being used to feed the dems frenzy to find anything even slightly impeachable before their own criminal activities are made public.

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