The Vegan Economy Has Arrived

The Vegan Economy Has Arrived

Chances are you’re not a vegan. But you’ve probably had
an almond latte this week or at least tofu in your
ramen at some point. And even though a really
small number of people actually identify as fully vegan, vegan products are
filling up and flying off supermarket shelves. That’s because more of
us are now substituting meat and dairy products
with plant-based items. Yo I told my friends that
I might become a vegan and live that plant-based diet. Since I became a vegan. I’ve been vegan practically my whole life. I’m vegan. Is it a fad like so many other food trends or is it the start of
something much bigger? This is your Bloomberg QuickTake
on the “Vegan Economy.” The Vegan Society was founded in 1944 in a bid to discuss non-dairy, vegetarian diets and lifestyles. You say you gotta eat vegetables. Too much meat’s bad. It began and remained
a very small community for decades. But the animal alternative industry is now expected to grow to a $140 billion in the next decade. There’s something out there
for anyone who wants to replace any amount of animal
product in their diet, from cheese or yogurt replacements
to bloody veggie burgers. But since only 6% of Americans
describe themselves as vegan, this growth is coming from
outside that community. Our meat heavy diet
doesn’t just harm animals, it’s killing our planet too. Livestock farming produces about 14.5% of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions. Cows are the main offender. Rearing and feeding farm
animals leads to deforestation which in turn reduces
our ability to absorb CO2 in the atmosphere. Research from Oxford University
claims that a vegan diet is probably the single biggest
way to reduce your impact on planet Earth. Concern for the planet is one motivation but over half of U.S. adults
who eat plant-based proteins said the main reason was taste, beating concerns over
diet, animal protection, the environment and health. Hi guys, my name’s Assam. I’m eight and I’m vegan. Vegan products are no longer the weird, dusty packets hidden in the
back of the health food shop. They’re being delivered to the mainstream by huge brands like
McDonald’s and Burger King. There’s even vegan beer
because as it turns out, brewers use fish guts for filtration. And the obsession with oat milk has led to shortages
in the U.S. this year, causing hysteria across the country. Well, mainly Brooklyn. Investors are now
getting in on the action. Shares for Beyond Meat surged
600% three months after its IPO in May. Another plant-based burger
maker, Impossible Foods, raised $300 million in the same month. So what could hold this
burgeoning vegan economy back? Nutritionists are questioning
some of the health credentials of these processed meat alternatives. Burger King’s vegan burger,
the Impossible Whopper contains a whopping 35 grams of fat and 1,080 milligrams of sodium. That’s almost half of your
recommended daily allowance of sodium. Others warn that genetically
engineered ingredients need more research to
determine their safety. Despite the concerns,
there are bullish signs. Traditional meat and dairy companies like Tyson and Dean Foods have invested in plant-based products. With supposed benefits to our health, moving to a vegetarian and vegan diet could produce savings to up
to a trillion dollars a year on healthcare and lost working days. Like it or not, humans
are going to have to shift their diets to help stem
the tide of climate change. With our planet’s population growing, the vegan economy will need
to win over even more of us if it’s to have a substantial impact.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. People don't realize that they have been manipulated into believing that it is their idea to go vegan when in fact they have been steered in that direction by the media.

  2. Look I understand not wanting to eat meat ,but why are eggs or milk so bad?

    Eggs=/= killing chick,cows produce milk anytime even when they're don't have offsprings…

    Plus the whole holier than thou attitude surrounding veganism has is very off-putting.

  3. "a study indicated that over 50% of vegans converted for taste" no, no they did not – I've eaten enough meat, pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan dinners to know where limitations are, and in no world does a reduced availability of ingredients increase flavour variety unless you are an awful, awful cook.

    It honestly sounds like a loaded statement in response to precisely the criticism levied against those who provide the above critique

  4. Why can't we give up Oil/Coal/Gas/Emissions/Bombs/War etc.? Why do regular ppl has to sacrifice? and not the Corporate Giants? Instead of playing with our mind and milking us again try to bring world peace and world will be a better place!

  5. Cows are obviously not bad for the environment: they create the pasture and their manure fertilises the soil. The soil that vegan monocrops deplete.

  6. People can be as vegan as they want, but humans are omnivores. Where is there anywhere in widespread history that humans have been vegan? It all seems like capitalism at work, because people will pay for it.

  7. People who drives 25000 km in a 5km/l truck in a year now preaching others to follow vegan diet to decrease green house gas emissions.


  8. Veganism is a fad that will go away having destroyed many unfortunate lives, mostly babies and children who are forced into it and dumb millennials looking for answers to the world’s problems. Its unnatural. Human diet has always been omnivore and our digestive evolved to consume animals as the basis of our diet not plants. Unhealthy. Its deficient in many nutrients including fatty acids (dha), b12, calcium, proteins and requires heavy supplementation. Its also high carb and emerging science is revealing sugar and carbs , and seed oils as the cause of the diabetes epidemic, heart disease and cancers that spread in the west following the increase in grain consumption. And its bad for the environment to grow monocrops, manufacture and then ship these fake foods and exotic fruits all over the world.

  9. 1:24 well vegans are killing our planet too. Because their lifestyles imply massive crop fields and as a result the destruction of the ecosystems (especially the insects) goes on…
    We can do what we want but at the end the problem is still the same: we are too many…

  10. 2:50 lmaooo are they really acting like people are expecting healthy and low-sodium food when they eat at Burger King?

  11. Vegan is more about health. Please do not connect everything with the climate. In your logic, maybe the best way to protect the environment is to kill yourself. We are all tired of hearing these nonsense.

  12. The plant based diet is nothing less then the fusion of nutrition. It took a long time(thousands of years based on religion and the agricultural development) to get just right but we now know most if not all we have to know about it is already known. The bacteria we call b12 is a very recent discovery and it unlocked the knowledge necessary to a thriving plant based diet. I now assume that the futur will only bring an optimal version of what we now see in terms of resources and land used.

  13. There's no scientific proof/ consensus that greenhouse gases affect world's climate negatively, there's solid ground that it might be actually the opposite. Other valid reasons indeed apply to go plant based with emphasis on fruits but stop spreading misinformation like a flock of sheeps.

  14. I am giving this a 10/10 for climate propaganda content. It was a nice mix of fake news and science, combined with a smooth-talking salesman approach.

  15. The agriculture industry developed over thousands of years for a reason, it basically stopped us hunting and scavenging like hyenas, it also gives a buffer when crops fail. We are naturally Omnivores for evolutionary reasons. Veganism is just a fad diet sponsored by climate radicals like Bloomberg.

  16. I would just like to take the time to thank our vegan citizens for their sacrifice

    Sacrificing their lives so we don’t have to kill them, hallelujah cunts

  17. I would not take these kind of "news" as anything else except propaganda. Vegan diets are not as magical as they seem to appear on videos like these.

  18. Should have said how much saturated fat and sodium a regular whopper has, but also done a heme iron, trans fat, and cholesterol comparison.

  19. Okay. Deforestation is a very suicidal idea, but the cows farting is not true… They fart, but it's not ruining our breathable atmosphere… I would start worrying more about seismic activity putting us all in darkness… We have no control or escape from it and the Cascadia subduction zone is going to slip under North America VERY SOON…Seattle and all coastal cities will be gone completely… Stock up on salt flower water and other supplies… It will be months before things will be back to normal… Many will die…

  20. HMM.."WITH SUPPOSED BENEFIT TO OUR HEALTH???" that's the understatement of the decade. Do you own research and you''ll find healthy eating Vegans live far longer and are far less prone to illness, and long term health problems.. This is a great piece and I'm so incredibly pleased it's hit mainstream.

  21. Why they are so exited about vegan although vegan has been on earth for longer than 4,000 years. Oh! Money, Ig, Youtube….
    Vegan is vegan, real vegans just don't care. Yet, vegan food now is too expensive abd you can't trust them because the businessmen always want money such as soda and vegan burgers.

  22. A future where we only eat rice and corn, with dairy and meat sustitutes; in a cubiculum sized flat, in overcrowded mega-blocks… A medieval peasant's life seems better, with real food, in a wood and thatch cabin, in a small village.

  23. You could also be a veterinarian. Vegan is just a fancy word. Don't get in trap…!! These social media giants are playing with people mind.

  24. Долбоебы… упаковка то делается из нефтепродуктов, а не из тыквы.. сука дебилы, чтоб вырастить овощи нужно затратить больше воды и топлива чем на то, чтоб вырастить сено для корма животных.. тупые… лате, тофу блять, ебланы

  25. I am a vegan, but it doesn't take much foresight to see that soon everyone will be living like peasants, eating peasant food while the ultra rich have the best of livestock, food, homes boats etc. While everyone else will be living in cramped, overpriced quarters, eating, powdered soy, corn, and rice….. Welcome to the best of brainwashing. The worst is yet to come folks.

  26. Some people cannot be vegan because they can't process non-haem iron.. Some can't be vegan because they can't process betacarotene into Vitamin A.. I've tried to be vegan, and even reduce animal products, but I always get sick.. It will be interesting to see the impact on health measures globally..

  27. Only 6% of people vegan so why are 50% of all sandwiches at my work vegan, which no one eats, and they get thrown away, because those vegans at my work convinced management they deserve a range of choice too?

    I'm not against vegan food, I just don't like the pushy sales, the criticism, and the religious movement that's also piled into my plate as well. Grow me a slab of protein with just the right mix of organic chemistry, that passes a blind test against smoking hot medium rare wagu steak, and I will be the most hardcore vegan you have ever seen, until then lay off me.

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