The Urban Immersion Fellowship at Michigan State University College of Education

The Urban Immersion Fellowship at Michigan State University College of Education

growing up in south east Detroit, I mean I’m still forty-five minutes outside the city I had only been exposed to a more suburban life growing up and I just knew that the teacher it would definitely challenge me my name is Justine Alba, this is my second year as an urban immersion fellow in Detroit Public Schools I think the thing that really distinguishes this experience from any other experience that we’ve had so far in undergrad is that it just completely
submerged you in the situation based on how much you’re willing to put into it. I just really wanted to see if I could disprove a lot of these beliefs that people have about urban education 6:05 and we’re expecting sunset at what time? Everything makes it sound so bad. That these schools are awful. They say that these kids don’t want to be here but it’s exactly the opposite these are some of the most driven
students I’ve ever seen It definitely allows you to
realize that you can show kids their potential and show kids that they are awesome and
then they are really smart most of the TE courses senior year
are all about more methods and classroom management
and I just remember applying everything that
I learned through the urban immersion program to my coursework. It was just my lens was completely urban the whole year. This experience is gonna be one that’s
not going to be easy it’s not just something you can do just
because you want to get some money for the summer. Its gonna change you and it’s gonna
change you for the best. I get seven weeks crash course I’m immersed I’ve learned of the area I’m leading the class. I’m running and I
know what to do and I’m Houston now talking with students
and it’s just a really good final preparation before you are
getting ready to take that year long step

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