The Top 10 Bad Business Handshakes

The Top 10 Bad Business Handshakes

If you’re in business, you shake a lot of
hands So what does your handshake say about you
and the people you’re doing business with Find out as we count down the top 10 bad business
handshakes Here we go with number 10 The sweaty palmer A potential deal breaker you can’t escape
this nervous sweaty grip fast enough Yes wipe that off Number 9, the lobster claw When this person shakes your hand, they pinch
your hand between their thumb and fingers It’s as if they are picking up a canapé Definitely no good if you’re allergic to
shellfish At number 8, we’ve got the fist bump Nothing says I’m business savvy like a fist
bump And exploding it, well that’s just not suitable
at all, ever Number 7, the wrestler Ding, Ding, Ding [Sound of bell] He flips his hand on top of yours to assert
his dominance Rumour has it, this is the guy who put the
I in team At number 6, it’s the phantom Wow, that was quick Let’s slow it down to see what happened
there A ha, clearly she’s got more important places
to be and more important people to see The lingerer drops in at number 5 There’s shaking hands and then there’s
holding hands Obviously the lingerer has no idea which is
which Awkward Number 4, the decliner Decliners are fastidious folk, they won’t
touch a door knob without sanitising it, let alone shake hands Number 3, the tickler Everything appears normal enough, and then
something feels a bit odd It’s their middle finger stroking the palm
of your hand In second place, it’s the vice Once you escape the crushing grip of the vice
you can’t help but feel sorry for him, he must feel terribly inadequate to shake hands like
that And here it is, the worst of the worst, the
bottom of the barrel The handshake only a mother could love The dead fish If handshakes say something about you, this
one has to say You’re a limp wristed pushover who’s easily
battered into submission has the tools and templates
to help plan, start and grow your business So you don’t get off to a shaky start

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