The Technology Venture Fellowship at UVA Darden

The Technology Venture Fellowship at UVA Darden

Hello. My name is Sean Carr,
executive director of the Batten Institute for
Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UVA’s Darden
School of Business. This year, we introduced
an exciting new program aimed at placing our students at
dynamic high-growth technology startups around the
country with sponsorships from prominent
venture capitalists. In the next few
minutes, you’ll hear about this unique and
highly-selective program from some of the Fellows
in our 2017 cohort. The Technology Venture
Fellows Program is a new program introduced
by the Batten Institute that really allows students the
chance to work in a high-growth startup but have the
support and structure that traditional recruiting
options often offer at Darden. My summer was awesome. I worked for a company of
about 100 people, which was a lot smaller than
my previous company. And the vibe of it was just kind
of the quintessential startup scene that I was looking for. And I had such an amazing time. The people were awesome, and I
love coming to work everyday. I think my favorite part about
my summer internship experience was just the perspective that I
was able to glean that summer. I’m literally in the middle of
a startup that has traction. They were raising
their Series B. But they still were trying to
figure out their revenue model. They were going
through a big pivot. And I was able to
really understand what this day in
the life of the CEO was like, how he interacts
with his investors, how he interacts
with his customers, seeing the engineering team, and
how they develop the product. It was really just an
invaluable experience being able to
glean what it would be like to be an entrepreneur
in Silicon Valley. My experience this summer
totally transformed my strategy for second-year recruiting. So first of all, it
legitimized my interest in tech because I could
say they actually worked in tech at the hub of
innovation in Silicon Valley. Then second, while
I was out there, I spent a lot of
time networking. And so I met with
as many Darden alums as I could at other companies
throughout the summer, which has really helped me out
in recruiting this year. And then the third way I’d
say is just the relationship to the Venture Capital Fund. They have opened up
a lot of doors for me within their portfolio,
and made connections for me that I wouldn’t be able to get
just looking at job postings online or doing traditional
off-grounds recruiting. For me, the Tech
Venture Fellows program really is a very
clear commitment that Darden has to making sure
that every student’s career opportunities have a
support system around it. So if you’re interested
in something that’s beyond just consulting, or
banking, or general management, if you’re really interested in
a smaller unique opportunity, to me, the Tech Venture
Fellows is a clear sign that Darden is
committed to that. And the support that I
experienced through the program really backs that up. If you’re interested in learning
more about the Technology Venture Fellowship Program,
please visit our website site at the Batten Institute,
or write to us directly at [email protected] Thanks for watching. Darden, where you can
put your why to work. Let’s get started.

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