The Tailor from Torzhok (1925) movie

Production Co: Mezhrabpom-Rus The Tailor from Torzhok written by Valentin Turkin Directed by Yakov Protazanov Cinematography by Pyotr Yermolov
Art direction by Vladimir Yegorov Cast Petya Petelkin, tailor – I. Ilyinsky
Shirinkina, a widow – L. Deikun Katya – V. Maretskaya A young lady – O.Zhiznyeva
A young man – A. Ktorov Semizhilov, shop-keeper – I. Tolchanov Shirinkina’s neighbours –
S. Birman, Yeva Milyutina Grocery and colonial produce
I. I. Semizhilov Tailor’s workshop,
uniforms and civilian clothes The widow Shirinkina & Co. Our pig has run into Melania Ivanovna’s yard. There’s gonna be trouble. Almost one metre.WitchYou’re my partner,
but only on the shop sign, as yet. In front of the Trade Union Bureau Pay special attention
to the exploitation of domestic servants
passed off as filiation. Wipe your feet
when entering the house!… This damned cooperative will by my ruin!“Flour” “Cereals”
Let’s gorge ourselves with tea. Why is she crying?
Is she your servant? A relative… I bring her up
like my own daughter… He’s always beating me. He hasn’t the right to beat you. If this happens again, complain to
the trade union. We’ll take measures. Melania Ivanovna was always
agitated in spring. Why are you torturing youself
in your widowhood? You’re young and beautiful.
You live plenty. Petya is a suitable bachelor,
he’s young and affable. You’ll make him work for you with no worries about
trade unions or social insurance. “Witch!” The neighbours’ words
brought about a result. Do you want me to tell your fortune? it turns out… there’s love…
and money for you. …and a marriage… Congratulations, Petya,
you’ve made your fortune! Take care of her, Petya,
she’s a treasure!… Congratulations, you cheeky fellow!
You’re a happy man. “Voskresnik” for making a sport field.
[voluntary work on a Sunday] well guys…
let’s launch a flying propaganda.entry hereBend forward, I’ll whisper
a secret in your ear.Religion is opium for the masses.The devil is gonna eat all the greenery!
What will my uncle say! It’s been a pleasure to do you a favour. Thank you for your help! Now we’ve
made each other’s acquaintance! Melania Ivanovna has
cast out the net, too. Melania Ivanovna feels again
like the happy bride she once was. There was no day
when Petelkin and Katya didn’t meet. Look what you’ve done! I’ll teach you, you shameless hussy,
not to steal somebody else’s fiancé! Next SundayI.I. Semizhilov. Meat, game,
vegetables, flour, salt,
sugar, millet, soap,
kerosene & others
Watch the house till I come back. He doesn’t have the right
to keep you here. It’s a holiday. Liar! You’re going to marry Melania. Me? No… She made it all up. I’ll show her
what kind of a fiancé I am! My uncle has left the keys
with me, he’ll be angry. Don’t swear at me!..
There’s no serfdom anymore… The bridesmaids were not
expecting the coming storm. How dare you! I’m not your fiancé! They are the witnesses,
they heard it “with their own eyes”! We’ll start a lawsuit against him, my brother-in-law is
a clerk at the law courts. It’s no longer the Tsar’s times, when
a man could offend a helpless woman! Not being willing to shelve the deal, Melania Ivanovna
has set the marriage date. Here is the money you’ve earned,
buy me a present, as a fiancé should. Melania Ivanovna is a good woman,
so she’s found herself a fiancé. Hey, Melania Ivanovna! You’re
longing for the young, not the aged! Katya! Little Katya! Katyusha!!! I don’t want to marry her,
I may as well go hang myself…Leningrad, poste restante. To the bearer
of the golden lottery loan bond N906102
N906102. State lottery loan.
Bond for 5 gold roubles
Would you mind buying a bond? I’m a native of this town.
Maybe I can help you? I have no money. Only this bond.
I can’t even send a telegram. If you happen to be in Leningrad,
I’ll try and pay you back.Don’t lose your right to win!Drawing of the state loan lottery.
First prize 100.000 roubles.
You Herod!… You wore me out,
dishonoured me before the guests! I have been looking for a present
for you all this time. Petelkin was up all night.
And finally, he made a heroic decision. Catch the thief!!!To Alexander III.Where are we located, citizen? I am in Leningrad. As for you, I wouldn’t know.Torzhok, Semizhilov’s shop.
Katerina Ivanona Ryabova.
Leningrad, poste restante. To the bearer
of the golden lottery loan bond N906102
MailboxExcuse me, citizen,
you forgot your handkerchief.N906102. State lottery loan.
Bond for 5 gold roubles
You’re getting too greedy,
you bony old man. You don’t even want
to take a single bond. Don’t litter in a public place!
You must pay a fine. It’s me! How do you do!
Remember I bought your bond? I don’t recognize you,
you must have changed a lot. Yes, really hard to recognize. So that’s you, strumpet,
who stole Melania Ivanovna’s fiancé?I’m in Leningrad. I’m not a liar.
I’ll be back soon.
If you stop loving me, little Katya,
then I shall have no “variety” in life.
Get yourself another maid!
I’m not your slave! Without a bond,
I can’t give out the letters.Don’t write me anymore
“To the bearer of the bond N906102”
The day after tomorrow is
the last day of the lottery drawing, if you want to see me, join me there.State lottery loan. N906102. Coupons.You stupid girl, don’t bristle up. Can’t you see,
here’s written: 5 roubles. To collect money for
his return trip home, Petelkin decides
to engage in commerce.Haircutting, shaving, hairdressing.
Ladies’ saloon. Gentlemen’s saloon.
I’ve told you already, I don’t know you!
I’m going to call the police. And now the first prize –
100.000 roubles. Attention! The winner of 100.000 roubles
is bond N906102. Why didn’t you tell me that it’s you? I would have remembered.
You look so manly now. Tolya, take the tray. Do you have a trade permit? I’m always sweating after tea. And you? It’s a big secret… don’t tell anyone. This blockhead has my bond
which wins 100.000 roubles. He won 100.000 roubles,
didn’t you know? You’re so sensitive,
please understand… This is my only memory
of a person I loved. I was going to tear it
to pieces… and then…Railroads, train scheduleNot wasting a minute, an enterprising young man
sets out in search of the bond.Pyotr Petelkin, tailor from Leningrad.Don’t wake him.
Let him sleep as long as possible. The bond you were talking about
has won 100.000, and they want to steal it from you. Passing himself off as
“MainCentreTextile” representative… I don’t have a workshop anymore, my workman has escaped, leaving me
only with a bond and the fishing rods. So did you send these rods
and the bond to him? No way! I kept them. At least
“a tuft of wool from a black sheep”. The sure way to the precious bond. Well… it’s no ? Farewell, cruel one! Where is my bond? A mail delivery at the factory,
where Katya works now. They hurried to
the marriage registry office and were shocked when they heard
that the license costs 1 rouble. We have no money,
but maybe we can use this?State lottery loan bond N.906102Why, this is the very bond
which wins 100.000! So the dreams became reality. The end

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