The Spy – starring Sacha Baron Cohen | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Spy – starring Sacha Baron Cohen | Official Trailer | Netflix

Do you consider yourself a patriot? I love this country with all my might. Welcome to Syria. If your country needed you to lie
to your friends, your family, your wife, would you do it? I will be a buyer
working for the government. If your country asked you
to risk your life, would you do it? This is the opportunity for me to give you
the life that I promised you, Nadi. My name… My name is Kamel Amin Thaabeth. The sheikh is your only way in. Please join me. You’ve made a nice life for yourself here
in Damascus. When you walk into a room, everyone wants a piece of you. Come in, enjoy. You can trust me with your life. I hope I can do the same. We all have secrets. This is not a game, Kamel. You are either him, or you are dead. Nadia, I’m worried about you. When’s the last time you saw Eli? Eleven months ago. Don’t leave us. I don’t want to go back. You are saving lives, Eli. Remember that. When I first became Kamel,
it was just an act. You mumble in your sleep. You sometimes shout out names. Those nightmares
that she was talking about, they’re not even mine, they’re Kamel’s. Let’s have an open, honest conversation
on what my husband does. Taking off the clothes,
it doesn’t work anymore. I can’t put him away. Kamel isn’t real, that life isn’t real. You are Eli Cohen,
you need to remember that. It’s a bit late for that.

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  1. Sarah Baron Cohen, an incredible actor, stereotyped as a comedian, has a lot to offer… Thankfully after BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, he has a motive associated as well. Definitely down to this

  2. I definitely watch to get deeper knowledge of this spy as i know what he & mossad had done to damascus in syria from the book mossad.. he is one of the best spy mossad had ever created… before this he was spying in egypt… elie cohen reAl name was the boldest spies in the history of espionage… ??

  3. When I clicked on a video of a Sacha Baron Cohen movie called The Spy I was not expecting a heavy drama about an Israeli spy…yet here we are…..

  4. Cohen remains Cohen.
    Cohen Sasha plays Eli Cohen
    It is a 3300 year old surname
    Only those who serve can be called Cohen.
    Turns out he's a relative of the hero Eli Cohen.

  5. Of all the declassified missions of every intelligence agency in the world, none matches the story of Eli Cohen. The info that Israel got on regular basis changed the course of not only Israel and the Middle East but also the world.

  6. About Mossad and Israel? You can be assured it'll be an utter tissue of lies from beginning to end. mossad is evil and israel is the very definition of hypocrisy.

  7. This chap looks remarkably like Borat the self-confessed antisemite. I sense a plot by the Kazakh Foreign Intelligence Service, and just shaving the mustache off and putting on a(or should I say another) fake  accent just doesn't do it for me 😉

  8. Such a versatile actor, from The Dictator to a role like this is really challenging ( P.S : Never seen him in a serious mood )

  9. He has done so many comedies that everyone couldn't help but laugh during the beginning of this trailer thinking it would something like Johnny English. He looks Sarcastic though.

  10. This is some deep shit, in the movie he forgets who he is, almost like in real life cause people love him for Borat and his other iconic movies. Interesting connection.

  11. I thought this is another sasha comedy flick.. I was waiting for a funny moments but half way thru trailer i was like.. Oh damn! This some serious shidd!

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