The Socium Consortium

The Socium Consortium

[Music] can you imagine being part of a network marketing company with connections to the energy and petroleum industry can you imagine sales organizations supported by a premier media and events company can you imagine the value of industry transforming energy innovation verified by advanced blockchain technology how is all this possible through the power of synergy so sium Holding Company Limited is the facilitator of a global consortium of companies that spans continents proving the concept that collaboration drives opportunity so see’em Holdings is spearheading the forging of shared resources into one powerful unit comprising independent companies moving towards the United goal [Music] presenting the so see’em consortium the so seeum consortium features a powerful relationship of strategic partners from around the globe that through pooling their resources are able to achieve heightened success and bring multiplied value to each individual entity and the marketplace as a whole the beauty of this concept is that each company in the consortium operates independently with an absolute autonomy while benefiting from the resources of the other companies this allows all member enterprises to leverage the strengths of synergy while avoiding excessive bureaucracy the founding companies of the so cm consortium are so cm Holding Company Limited a holdings an investment firm based in Thailand that pandals a number of attractive investment portfolios majoring on green energy industry real estate and hospitality [Music] cloud horizon limited an investment and direct sales company offering a unique global business opportunity through providing a diverse range of attractive products and services that can be purchased in bundled packages that combine benefits and incentives Sep goat industries company limited the creator of an innovative and eco-friendly industrial system for converting waste plastics into high-quality fuels this machinery is named the Pali Petron [Music] l-tron X LLC a fin tech company headquartered in – Glee C Georgia which is licensed to offer a variety of digital finance services including cryptocurrency exchanges and issuing digital tokens Digital distinct Enterprises Company Limited a creative agency specializing in the production of all forms of multimedia content branding marketing strategy and event organizing beyond the companies directly represented within the so seam consortium there are a number of affiliated businesses to which the consortium is able to access virtually boundless opportunities these include international tour operators real estate developers construction firms software companies and others this underscores a shared commitment to provide limitless value in as many areas as possible the enhanced benefit provided by the so CM consortium extends beyond its member companies to all of their business partners clients and affiliates bringing exponential opportunity to all and add to that the psychological edge of being part of something greater something grander a bond that transcends corporate boundaries and conventional borders a partnership that adds strength to strength value to value success to success a union that truly proves that when we harness the power of synergy value is not just added it is multiplied

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