“The Snowball System” – Win More Business – Turn Clients into Fans” by Mo Bunnell – BOOK SUMMARY

“The Snowball System” – Win More Business – Turn Clients into  Fans” by Mo Bunnell – BOOK SUMMARY

in the snowball system how to win more business and turn clients into raving fans mo bunnell presents a step-by-step approach to help you grow your business without feeling like a sleazy salesman the good news is that there is a way to make sales more fulfilling it’s all about becoming strategically helpful you need to approach sales as business development developing your business by way of developing your clients business so what is the snowball system it all starts with figuring out your ideal clients the ones that you want to build a business around then you position your business in a way that differentiates you from all the competitors vying for their attention here focus is what wins the battle next you have to connect with your prospects and it’s important to get them to like you luckily there’s a science behind getting people to like you and finally you have to nurture these business relationships into clients and ideally into raving fans who will go on to refer you to their contacts let’s go back to focus is what wins the battle if you’re not focused or committed to your positioning you run the risk of becoming a commodity if you appeal to everyone then you will resonate with no one this is extremely difficult because it requires you to say no at times sure you can still say yes when a commodity client approaches you with a pile of cash but you need to make all your proactive efforts aimed toward your ideal clients as you start gaining traction with ideal clients you can start weaning off the less desirable work you have to be like The Hungry Bear fishing for salmon it picks a spot and lunch will present itself but if you’re going back and forth unwilling to commit then it’s much less likely that you’ll be at the right place at the right time and you’ll be watching some other bear eating your salmon create a business development habit seller experts have a unique challenge with business development their tasks to sell on top of servicing their clients which makes it very easy for business development to fall by the wayside the solution create a habit out of business development habits are tasks that our brain does almost on autopilot so they don’t drain our energy so block one hour at a time on your calendar and breakdown your business development tasks into actionable steps don’t task yourself with find out how to replicate my key clients instead set a goal to email a valuable asset like a recorded webinar or an in-depth guide to three clients you worked with in the past month the more specific the easier to execute and the more consistently you execute a task the more it becomes a habit and as you create habits you’ll keep working at your business development efforts which will soon start paying huge dividends and that’s how you create a snowball effect for your business [Music]

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  1. Brilliant absolute brilliant. Superb combo of animation/voice/script…. You guys are gonna be huge ….keep up the great work.

  2. As always, your summaries are great.

    Personal preference: the notebooks are more enjoyable to watch.

    The notebooks inspire me to create my own someday. These computerized summaries don’t offer me any creative inspiration.

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