The Sinaloa Cartel Is Alive And Thriving Without El Chapo

The Sinaloa Cartel Is Alive And Thriving Without El Chapo

last Thursday night the world’s most notorious drug lord Joaquin el chapo guzman was extradited to the United States he was arraigned in New York on Friday and faces six separate indictments across the country for his role as the head of the Sinaloa drug cartel it’s the largest cartel in the world and it’s estimated to rake in three billion dollars a year vice news visited Mexico’s Golden Triangle the cartels stronghold just days before El Chapo’s extradition deep in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Mountains signs of cartel control are everywhere here young men sport caps with the number 701 a reference to El Chapo’s ranking on the Forbes list of billionaires clandestine air strips are cut out of the forest in crosses marked the spot of cartel killings in this small village whose name we agreed not to disclose we are met by men carrying walkie-talkies and guns [Music] the local boss carries an ar-15 and a custom gold-plated handgun his personal bodyguard is by his side at all times this is the heart of the Golden Triangle a region notorious for its marijuana and poppy production like a woman like a little wiener just a rock on the pasion navaja you put a castle arrow inna Lord hello road closed in today Mexico is growing more poppy than ever by the US government’s estimate poppy cultivation in Mexico is more than doubled in the last five years and the boss here says over the last decade the price of a kilo of opium gum is surged – from about 500 dollars a kilo – three or four times that amount Amanda the viajar para car until the time Brahman the poor kid oh no no no sir Indian over having the other odd he like the young teen in retirement [Music] even with such high prices the boss says they have a hard time growing enough to keep up with soaring demand for heroin in the United States according to the UN’s World Drug Report the number of heroin users in the u.s. reached around 1 million in 2014 almost three times as many as a decade before the cartels ability to respond to the biggest drug epidemic in US history is revealing a decade ago Mexico declared war on the country’s drug cartels deploying the military to dismantle them part of that effort our operations like this one destroying drug crops release Allah destruction yes a poor mono yo bruh incluso tamanna support few big asean hablando de una vez de la fuerza aérea say concentrat oldest to edo is a procedure as soon as we see incineration these type of raids you supposed to cut into the cartels profits just as the arrest of kingpins like el chapo is supposed to cripple trafficking networks by removing their top commanders but even after his imprisonment and now extradition the organization el chapo built is very much intact see us you know that they must what they fate the event locals in the Golden Triangle say that the military has come to destroy some of their fields and they showed us a video of a helicopter spraying their crops but the mountains here are vast and the poppy fields are camouflaged and almost impossible to make out from the air the poppy raids are mostly symbolic the people here say much like the capture of El Chapo Fernando por aqui no can do and recover her on an Chaput yet out we are inácio 3 i altered to know people might not be any

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  1. To tell the final chapter in the legend of El Chapo, VICE News is launching a new podcast, “Chapo: Kingpin on Trial,” with versions in both English and Spanish. Over the course of eight episodes, starting November 1, we will take a journey across Mexico and the U.S. to meet people affected by El Chapo and the drug war.
    Check out the trailer here –

  2. There will be always someone or the other doing this trade…n no one..n nothing can stop this…as Humans need easy fix….

  3. I still dont understand how the F they sweep those intire fields and havest and scrape up every ounce-ito or. lb'dito ounce or pound of the herion?

  4. Good thing America grows far better cannabis, nobody wants that shit weed. Even in illegal states there are far better indoor grows. Sad to see the poppy get besmirched like this as well, when used correctly it's a great medicinal plant.

  5. So I overheard they need 12 billion from el chapo wow well don't ask the attorney for help he couldn't do it for 100 million ask the 14 million baller who gave it too his ex beauty queen if you really want too help him ask the person who put money on his books

  6. Really? Cocaine is doing okay without one man?? The US government is a joke Trump is a joke the ATF is a joke

  7. This girl from Guanajuato, Mexico told me that the cartels run like a Fortune 500 business. So, by El Chapo being locked up, it stops nothing. Business as usual!


  9. Can you smoke the gum or do'se it need to be processed into opium? I thought the gum was what they use to smoke back in the day ? 🤔🤔🤔

  10. Afghanistan is where 90% of all opiates come from and they are guarded by US soldiers. So the 1% can live a life of paradise while we all suffer the consequences.

  11. The sinoala Cartel isn’t even a thing. They are just foot soldiers for the “elites”. A small piece to a significantly larger plot. Without these drugs in our country the private prison industry would crumble and some powerful people would lose a lot of money. Mass incarceration people‼️

  12. All that happens when a top dog like El chapo gets caught is if nobody takes his place straight away they will kill each other till someone is top dog then the trade that probably fell 1 percent wile all that was happening will be back to normal and if you think it will stop the drug trade or even put a dent in it you my friend are a fool all the connections are still the the buyers the takers all still there business as usual. Leagalise drugs cause it's not going to end ever there's more drugs in the world now than ever. There's to much money in drugs for it to stop

  13. So you guys basically captured A lottery ticket with the wrong numbers on it.USA will never out smart the Mexicans because all the druggies are in the USA. DA

  14. Why can't there be an end? Deploy secret assassins and kill them… if this continues… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… let 10 drug lords be killed in a year… the govt. has Intel but it fools the public and shows that it is too hard to catch them… actually the govt. has connections with this too! If such an operation was ever introduced, drug trade would cease and besides these those who intake drugs need to beheaded on the streets, then only people could understand! And finally, there will be peace but Gov. and people those who've power in their hands willingly contribute to the mafia and that's why so much problem!
    Let's behead the drug addicts on the streets!

  15. Wonder if he had a passport to be brought over. Now we get to pay for a trial and his time in prison. Yay!!

  16. 90 percent of people in jail is due to drugs, its called job security, why would you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? cops dea judges jails lawyers all need drugs to keep their jobs

  17. Marijuana, is one of the most healing, miracle, internal herb for, all mental illnesses, all Cancers, n all inflammations, that's the Major causes of all, terminal illnesses.

  18. The United States has the most drug addicts in the world. That's why these guys send drugs to the states and they make billions. The govt of the U. S. Is ignorant. Stopping Chapo does nothing. The cartels are making billions by the minute.

  19. For you people that won’t get it Think of it this way imagine of the CEO of McDonald’s got locked up.. is all of the McDonald’s gonna shut down? No their going to continue to open up shop like any day someone else just took his position

  20. Allow the citizens of Mexico to arm themselves, they are the only ones who can take back the country and fix the government.

  21. It’s like you Americans are the dumbest arseholes alive you think getting rid of one man will stop the international drug trade nothing will stop it but legalisation you dumb hick fucks.

  22. omg thanky you thank you for the enlightment. we really thought everything just went down for them after Chapo. i guess we were all wrong. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  23. I see a bunch of small timers! The big timers are here in the U.S and it’s our government ‼️💯

  24. Because the dark empire still funds and arms them like they do isis and the ethnostate of Israel

  25. people think because my uncle Chapo is apprehended that the drugs and war is over….atucally it made things worst

  26. Dont be fooled el chapo can say " run me bath water " and them mfs gone spray everything down lmaooooo

  27. Thank the CIA for that. The CIA is a terrorist organization and goes against everything our founders in the USA envisioned.

  28. This isn't News? What was supposed to happen? You can't shut down an Organization like The Cartel or anything else when it comes to Organized Crime in Mexico.

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