The Sequence of Acceleration – Consortium of Infinite Intelligence

Hello everyone.This is Brad Johnson here.
And I’m going to go ahead and bring forward the consortium of infinite intelligence. I
haven’t been able to do a relay with this intelligence for quite some time. So it’ll
just take me a few moments just to connect with their energy, and the feeling of what
they’re going to be discussing will relate to this sequence of acceleration. So I’ll
just be a few moments while I now calibrate myself bringing forward the relay of the consortium
of infinite intelligence.One moment please… In consortium, we speak now. In consortium,
we ally with the intervals of the strands contained within this continuum, to share
a dialogue pertaining to the queries that represent the nature of your synchronization
to acceleration. That which holds the sequence to personalize evolutionary acceleration. That the incubation pertaining to your own physical body holds the mass unscaleable, unfathomable,
unintelligible to the points of acceleration that exceeds human capacity gathered in thought.
Thought gathered in patterns recognized through your own spectrum streams.And that through
the sequences of universal clockwork to the dynamics held within the container of what
you understand as dynamic relationship of universal principles, insinuate the aspects
of the elevation of your consciousness. Together in streams of compatibility.For intention
truly plays little game in this understanding. The intention but sets the path. It is those
that walk the footprints of the path that sustain the acceleration birthed by sequence.
Sequence contains dynamic calculations unfathomable, incomprehensible pertaining to tracking, pertaining
to ponderances and recognition. Resolution of intelligence seen through the mind. Dynamically
calibrated beyond that which is self to understand the motion, to understand the sequence is
a product of dynamic. Your acceleration lie not within you journeying the path, but with
you being the path. The steps in the sand. The feet on the ground. The journey beheld
through intent.For intent is the prop to acceleration. The illusion of your free will holds a dynamic
that this is constrained within time. Like a sieve that pours water. Timed to the idea
where there is no sieve and the water is whole. Looking at it from this purity represents
acceleration in all bonds harmonious to the degree beyond inception. For inception is
the sieve response. Your acceleration is the sequence to what is compatible from a drop
from the sieve. It can only be drops from the sieve. In accordance to the alignment
of your current state of acceleration that is not primed to fulfillment to sustain the
purity of the water. The water can only be drops. The amount can only be minuscule. Let
the acceleration pertaining to perception is vast through what is perceived through
the norm. The tides of change that represent a certain trickle of water compared to a vast
tidal wave. It is the trickle of water to which you are attained, calibrated to. To
which you understand acceleration to be. Yet, the trickle of water is minuscule compared
to the tidal wave. Yet it is the drops of these waters that will allow you to understand
a greater participation of the fraction which represents dynamic stilled together with the
idea of elementary learning with elementary process to what has been learned by the fraction.
The dynamic holds value containing to the significance of linear dynamic. You are all
in sequence for acceleration. Yet this acceleration will only come to the times to where you know
you are not ready for it then to be ready. It is that which you know as the unexpected.
It is that to which you would know as the unknown. The unconscious holds the hands on
the clock to where it strikes 12. To where the bell rings. Yet, you can never see the
clock. Yet you can never see the hands. Yet you can never see the stroke to midnight.
Yet it occurs. Yet it is the clockwork that exists all around you beyond the ponderances
of your own understandings. Beyond the idea of what you would understand motion. Beyond
the idea of what you would understand as alignment. As phases. They hold the degree to pertaining
the aspect level learning of understanding what you are capable of through these fractions
of drops. It is through that to which you will learn.It is through that to which you
will understand. For when you unthink, you understand the most. For when you perceive,
it only invites in an accomplishment. The perceiving holds no value other than the interfacial
qualities that it is designed to perceive as a dynamic through the viewer–through the
continuum. But as continuum, you hold so much more. When you fly through a tunnel, are you
only entranced by the light? Or are you curious as to where this tunnel will take you? That
is the connection to grasp. That the acceleration through the tunnel is the acceleration to
your expansiveness, and that the sequence of acceleration holds the degree not to destination,
not to journey, but to the moment. For the moment holds all knowledge. For the moment
holds all being. For the moment holds all stillness. It is balanced, accomplished,
achieved, awaited, embraced. For that is the nature of understanding the sequence of acceleration. We will now conclude with this dialogue. We
thank you for this interaction. We are the consortium of infinite intelligence. We are
the matrix. We are all of you as you are all of us. We will now conclude. We will now conclude
within this moment… Thank you very much. Take care. Namaste.

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