The Secrets of Games Workshop’s Pricing Model

The Secrets of Games Workshop’s Pricing Model

In this episode I’m going to discuss the strange secrets of Games Workshop’s price structure. [Intro plays] Alright. This is a video that I’ve not really wanted to make but I’ve been thinking about it for some time now and Then something happens just recently and it made me start thinking about it again And I thought I’m gonna bring it up to you guys. Maybe you guys have got better ideas than I do. So recently I decided to start getting into Age of Sigmar because I always was interested in Warhammer Fantasy but I didn’t want to have to make a zillion-ty different units and put all that- you know, I just wanted to play something a little- (trails off) I wanted to be able to play kind of the way I wanted to play. And from what I can tell Age of Sigmar works well that way. My current force is predominantly Warriors of Chaos guys but also a bunch of Nurgle dudes and even some Beastmen because they’re all technically under Chaos keyword so they can all play together in the same force, which is really cool and a new unit just came out (which you’ve probably seen) called the Varanguard. It’s three big huge knight dudes on big huge scary steeds, and they’re great looking models I’m not going to lie. They’re awesome looking models. They really are. And when I ordered them from my local friendly independent shop when they came in I looked at the box and I went “Huh, I thought this would be bigger” because it’s $100 for three guys. Granted they’re on horses. You know the whole deal, but was $100 I looked at it, and I took the sprues out and I started looking at him and I’m like I don’t know where’s the cost coming from and it reminded me of the unit’s I’m going to show you right now down here. Games Workshop has a nearly random, but I don’t think it’s really random, but a nearly random pricing structure and This is what I want to talk about. Okay, so here in front of me. I’ve got two boxes. So I’ve got Militarum Tempestus Scions. There’s five guys in there, and they’ve got- If you look on the back of the box here, they’ve got multiple different ways you can build them with heads or with helmets You know you got a big honking flag over here, you’ve got all that kind of stuff going on And they’re interesting models. Okay, and in here we’ve got a box of Veteran Stern Guard. Okay, so you’ve got five space Marines in all the Fancy Stern Guard regalia plus they’ve got – you know – heavy weapons and all kinds of stuff that come in the box. So, we’ve got these two boxes right here. Okay. They’re roughly the same size. They both have five guys inside. I even weighed them. I have a digital scale at home that I use for ebay stuff. This box weighs 5.8 ounces This box weighs 5.4 I think. It’s just shy of a half an ounce difference between these two boxes. This box retails for 50 US dollars. This box is 35 US dollars. It’s five guys. Weighs nearly the same. Nearly the same amount of plastic But these five guys are 15 dollars less than these guys. This is a 43% Increase in price over this. Why? Why is that? So we’re going to find out. I’m going to get my knife out of my pocket so I can open these packages right in front of you. There has been no Chicanery You will see that these are sealed packages. So we’re going to find out what’s going on here. All right, so Doesn’t really smell like anything. So there. You’ve got that going, okay? All right. So we have an instruction booklet which is quite thick. We have some of these things the water decals. We’ve got five of the 25 millimeter bases because this is relatively older packed so they haven’t switch everything to the 32s yet. Okay. And then there are two sprues. Two sprues. $50. So let’s take a look and see what these sprues are doing for us alright. So right here. We’ve got five sets of legs, and they have the drapery kind of going down in between their legs. It’s modesty I’m assuming. You’ve got five backpacks. You’ve got a bunch of guns, bunch of torsos. All the stuff you need to properly build your figures.And over here.,we’ve got some other stuff. Okay, so we’ve got… There’s a heavy bolter. Let’s see there’s a power weapon, and there’s a flamer in there. There’s more shoulder pads than you will need which is sort of nice because it gives you the ability to kind of go through and do a lot of that stuff and use those shoulder pads possibly in other situations. [Quietly] Try to not put all this stuff right in front of the microphone for once. Alright. Second package here. Alright. Try to not cut my hands off. Alright, so Military Tempestus Scions. And again we have: A good thick instruction manual, five 25 millimeter bases and two sprues. So let’s take a look at these sprues, shall we? (I’ll move this stuff out of the way.) So in this we have a set of legs for each guy. You’ve got backpacks, torsos, grenades, more heads than you’re going to need because some of them are faces and some of them are helmets. And you also, on this other screw over here, you have see you’ve got a big honkin flag you’ve got a bunch of guns, backpacks, flamers, a heavy las cannon? I don’t know what the heck that thing is. Bunch of different stuff. Fancy, you know, if you want to give this guy a special coat. So here we are. We have two kits that both make five guys. They weigh nearly the same. In the grand scheme of things everything’s kind of the same. They’re newer models. They’re just as detailed as the other set. I can’t really look at either one and go “well this one’s got so much more detail than this one.” They’re all computer cad designed. They’re all done this way. So why are these two kits so widely different in prices? I believe it’s because Games Workshop thinks you’re going to buy fewer Stern Guard then you are going to buy Scions. If you are a player for Imperial Guard which is Astra Militarum, whatever the hell they call it these days. You’re going to probably]need more Scions, so they’ll sell them to you at a cheaper price because they know you’ll buy more but if you’re buying Stern Guard… They’re veterans. You don’t usually run an entire army of Stern Guard. If I remember correctly I think that they might be elites so you can’t run a ton of them, but don’t quote me on that I haven’t looked at the new book actually to be honest. So they will just decide “Hey You know you aren’t going to buy as many of these so we’ll charge more for them whereas these you’re going to buy a bunch more so we’re going to charge less for them because we know you’ll buy more. If we charge too much form then we know that you won’t buy as many as we want you to buy.” Look at Ork Boyz. You get ten Ork boys in a box for $29. They’re even cheaper than these guys. Ten guys, $29. Five guys, $35. And with the stern guard five guys $50. If you made all of them the same price at all times and it was the stern guard price people wouldn’t play the game. Does that make sense? Do other companies do that? Well one of the companies that I know about is a company called Battlefront And they make a game called Flames of War. In Flames of War, with few exceptions, if you are buying a platoon of five tanks, they will be $62.50 whether they’re Germans, whether they’re light tanks, whether they’re heavy tanks, whether they’re Americans, whether they’re Belgians. Generally most of the tanks in the game are $62.50 when you buy five. When you buy four they are $47 I believe. This [company] is all American [made]. Again if you buy a box of three M26 pershings, they’re a much bigger tank. They only charge you $30 for three tanks because it’s less stuff. Generally (and those of you who don’t know this) Generally when you’re buying stuff from Battlefront the tank hull is resin. Big chunk or resin. The turret is resin. The gun is either plastic or metal and the tank treads are usually either plastic or metal. They’re older kits, they were designed by a smaller company who had kind of limited resources. But now they’re getting big and they’ve started making plastic kits, completely plastic kits. So everything snaps together really nice. There’s no resin, everything’s lighter, it takes less stuff. It’s great. So what did they do to their prices? Well Games Workshop when they came along and tried to shove fine cast crap down our throats they said “It’s going to be a better detail It’s going to be great, and it’s a cheaper material” And then they jacked up the prices. I was buying Plague Marine boxes seven for like $35 and then when they decided to make them fine cast there were $45. That’s very strange. Battlefront, the new 5 tank platoon in plastic, every one of them that I’ve seen $45. So they got cheaper they went from 60 to 50 down to $45 because they’re easier for them to package. They’re easier for them to ship. I think that Games Workshop wouldn’t have done the same thing. I don’t think they would have lowered the price. Just because they made them better and made them easier and made them lighter to ship. so Have I just, you know, discovered something here? I don’t know. Can tell me in the comments below why you think these 3 GW things that I’ve mentioned, the Stern Guard, the Scions and the Ork Boyz in that situation are so widely different in price. The Ork boys admittedly are an older kit, So I’ll kind of give you that one. But the fact that you get [10] guys for $29, five guys for $35, or five guys for $50 when, especially when the 35 and the 50 have almost exactly the same amount of plastic. We’re talking about two sprues mostly the same amount of plastic. These are both new kits. I’d love to know what you guys think about why they do this. And I got to admit. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t buy as much stuff from them as I used to. So let me know in the comments below what you think and if you buy as much stuff as you used to and if you think that this is totally cool or if you think you’ve got a different idea as to why they change their prices like this. [ Ending music ]

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  1. I used to play back in the eighties and everything was metal,then space Hulk came out with space crusade ,which had the first plastic peices. After 20 years out I have returned to 40k and wonderd why the hell plastic is selling more then metal? if i took my old army from the eighties and scrapped it id get some pennys back,if i took me army of plastic down,id get a pat on the back. So why we ask are they more in cost ? The reason is GW is a Huge company now and can basicaly charge you more. and they will probably say it all goes up because of todays market etc. When Brexit happens,im sure they will go up even more!!!

  2. I would love to see another company create Models for their games, sell the originals with high quality and sell digital versions people can use to 3D print their own army with.

  3. This is old news, GW at it again folks, after the millennial their price has skyrocketed. A CEO there didn’t even care for different factions, all he was space marines and space marines. It’s bad market practice and it’s intended. The whole based on point thing is their excuse to hike their prices now. It’s been going on for many years. I love the models, but I can’t touch them.

  4. Complains about games workshop, immediately throws money at them the very minute they come out with over priced garbage

  5. I think that this is basically because of being a playable game with many customers. The old guy playing for years buys something expensive of 100€ plus all his long time army and is overwhelming his new opponent with just cheap units, because you don't start a game expending 400$ just to see if you liked.
    With this prices first the earn money and ensure a kind of pay to win

  6. i Find it really annoying and I get pissed off by the pricing. But I still buy because who else am I gonna buy it from?

  7. Cost of employment and materials is drastically rising. Point values seem to be the measure of cost so you can field any army you want.

  8. Given the fact that I collect chaos space marines and tyranids, I can say that quite honestly they base there pricing of the in game points cost, as you say if you will need alot more they will generally be alot cheaper if you need less you will pay alot more. Its an unfair way to price there products but for those of us that love the hobby we have no choice and games workshop know that and take advantage of it.

  9. The secret is to own the tournaments are just declare everything from old than X months disqualified from the tournament so people have to continually buy new stuff. Suckers.

  10. This has sort of been common knowledge amongst all the wargamers I know, it's why GW's special characters or commanders cost so much for a single model. You generally onl;y need 1 or 2 so they jack the price right up, even though they're not that much more detailed than any other model.

  11. I don't know if this is true or not, but someone told me that they'd had a tour of Games Workshop facility in Memphis when it first opened and that in their customer service area there was a big post of the said it's okay to lie. At the time I going to game store in Ringgold Georgia Rogue Trader store which I would never ever encourage anyone to do nowadays. The structure of the box in the system is such that no game comic book store should have everything that is Games Workshop. I say that because things are changing too fast. Rogue Traders if there were any still or if I'd still had my store three years ago I would be completely screwed and out of business today. I had a gun ho Games Workshop rap as long as I was spending money as soon as I had a problem though he would first couple of times he worked hard to fix it the next couple of times he knew it was coming he knew that product was happening in a bad way he knew that things weren't shipping to smaller stores like they should and he made a lot of excuses and I had to fight to get things done. Case in point. New Space Marines codex no chaos codex had just come out this is in the early 2000s. I open up my box that we can always had to go chase the UPS guy down cuz he would always leave a notice on my door 15 minutes before anybody was there. So I had to go chase out and take chase down mister UPS get my box take it back to the store my customers are waiting and I'm unboxing the box and what they were waiting for this time was the Codex. I get into my box no codex look on my invoice so they are. Codexis did not ship their there is if they did so I'm calling my rapping and saying I didn't get my car taxes and he saying well we can get another shipment out to you and I said if they're not here tomorrow I can't use them well it said well you paid for it we will fulfill the order that was that they sent me the order but they sent me the order a whole month later. When I got them I opened it saw what it was didn't even take him out of the box and I called my rap I said you going to take these back he said why I said because every single one of my customers a month ago went to Atlanta or other places or have sent mail ordered and gotten their codexes that they wanted. Everybody that I could have sold this too has bought it elsewhere include mail order from Games Workshop. And he said well there's a there's was a restock fee and that I would only get a third of a refund for what I had paid for them. And I said the hell you will. I said it's games workshop's fault I didn't have these on time. It's games workshop's fault that my customers can go an hour and a half away and buy what they want or even get there as their stuff mail ordered when there's a brick-and-mortar sitting here when they don't start they don't send the stuff that I ordered in a timely manner they will not only take this back they will pay for the shipping to return it and they will give me a full refund or the next the next codex that comes out I get it before anybody else does and we're even. So that's how that went talk to my guy a few years ago and it's been years since I closed my store but actually talk to him when I called to place an order with gale-force nine he said he got away from Games Workshop and I was happy for him. But at the time I had to demand that he go to bat for me. Because gamesworkshop wasn't really eager to hear customer game store owner complaints. So when the prices skyrocketed in the way that they did for product that it was cheaper to make and easier to ship I was I was astounded. This is five at five years after I closed my store I'm saying $30 tanks at 75 $90. It was just I was just like Games Workshop doesn't want to be in the game business anymore. They got a lot of competition. They are the big dog. They are the Mack Daddy. They are the GW. But, there are a surprising number of really great miniature WarGames peppered all over the world and you just have to go to Historic on or to battle of Route 66 is it in North Carolina or Clash for a cure and Waco Texas to see this big spectrum of miniature war games that are available not just war machine or malifaux or frostgrave or flames of War there's lots and lots of them out there. If anybody doesn't want to play Games Workshop there are alternatives. Listen thanks for your comments I have sent this on to several of my gamer friends

  12. It makes sense. It is like any industry. They must recoup the amount they payed in the production of the model. Let's say it costs $10k to put a model into production. Model A and Model B costs $10k. Model A is a common figure which everybody needs. Model A costs $100 and sells a hundred units, they now recouped the cost on of Model A. Now, Model B also costs $100 but it's an uncommon figure so the only sell 50, they now lost money on Model B. The Orcboys must be so cheap cause they already got their return on investment on the set.

  13. I'm glad I never got into GW minis. Only reason I have an Empire army is because I traded Magic cards for it. I wanted to play Squats, so they killed off Squats long ago. Fine. I'll make an Empire army. Empire, Dwarves, Halflings. FF to 2019, oh look they've killed off the Halflings. F GW.

  14. My guess is point/damage/health/strength and so on. More badass the model, more badass the price. There’s one model and the stats make him a killing machine. The price? $38 plus tax. ??‍♂️

  15. Necessity, desirability and exclusive = +$
    Your not buying plastic or the packaging, your buying "your" units.

  16. you can just say fuckem, theirs video guides on replicating mini's for other games and gunpla using resin molds

  17. As long as I have dealt with GW, greed has been their motivation for as long as they have been around, I have been truly sad when it comes to their games. Awesome ideas but they change stuff so significantly on a regular basis that nothing is as good as it could be. Instead of making the armies great and benefiting the long time collector, models are outmoded and rule changes make other models either unworkable or in need of significant changes to be playable, add to it the rising cost with every edition, codexs, additional rules ect. it makes for a very frustraing and why I believe so many people have left the game for good. Hey they got your money so what do they care.

  18. It’s kind of like a trading card game. Each little piece of cardboard costs the same to produce, but some are more useful than others in the context of the game, have smaller quantity printed, etc.
    I think the reason Warhammer figures cost varies so differently is really because they’re attached to a game which values the figures differently.

  19. There's an economic principle called: "let's charge as much money as people are willing to pay". Apple are masters of it. That's why I believe Apple will actually sell plenty $1000 stands, I believe they did the math and applied above principle.

  20. From GW: Thank you for bringing this seeming disparity to our attention. We will work diligently to rectify this situation.
    GW: Raises price on both boxes to $55.

  21. I'm a pricing analyst and you are 100% right. prices are based off the point system of units mostly. they sell less of higher end units because they are fielded in smaller qty. model collectors dont care about point value but will pay more because of the detail and artistic quality of the models. idk this other company you reference but likely they are much smaller company with much less overhead so they can charge cheaper prices and still bring home a profit. as they grow so to will their pricing. gw also has a dedicated and large fan base so they know they can price a little higher, plus their operation is more expensive to maintain. I'm sure they could drop a bit and still be profitable, but hey, if people will pay it why not.

  22. The reason they charge what the want is for the same reason that women's razors cost more than men's. Because you're going to pay anyway. The small group of people WILLING to allow GWS to walk all over them prove to he enough for them. They also know to never go cheaper because it may become an expectation for newer people.

    If you want them to sell them cheaper, you're going to need the WHOLE community to strike against them. Good luck with that…

  23. gw are cunts that want to maximize profits for the stakeholders. the cheaper units have just not been upgraded price wise yet. fuck 'em.

    there are enough wonderful independent companies / sculptors and also brilliant forgers where you can get everything you want for cheap.

  24. Prices are so wildly different in price because at the end of the day, they make all of their models for tabletop gameplay first, and painting and hobbying second. Certain units are strictly better than other units, as you mentioned Orkboys, Orkboys die instantly, they are a trash unit, you field a lot of them, they are cheap. Guardsmen are also cheap, you can get a box of 5 guardsmen for like 15 bucks because they suck. Sure they can field special weapons, but they fold under any pressure at all. In terms of pricing, the stronger the unit is in the tabletop game, the more expensive the unit will generally be. If you look literally every single infantry core for all races are the cheapest price wise, and elites, and leaders, and heroes are more and more and more expensive. This is very similiar to Magic the Gathering third party marketing, where prices of cards go up and down based on how good they are and how represented they are at pro tour. The only difference is that GW speculates on how good a model is beforehand and then sets the price. They don't wait for the third party market to do it for them. Its pretty simple stuff man, I don't know why you made like 3 videos trying to figure this out.

  25. The rule of Value. Why does someone pay more money for "higher tiered" item when a cheaper demi-version exist? They feel the Value is there to pay the money. Luckily, most gatherings don't really care if you have awkward models and just say they're something else. As long as the point value is still the same. You might get some teasing but really.. to save quite a bit of money for a fun hobby is worth it.

  26. I know this is very old video but still going to comment here. Pricing tag is surely is generated by "Brand " polularity.
    For example 500pcs Lego of STAR WARS will cost 150$ and 500pcs Lego of "Lego City" will cost you 120$ or less. This is the reality.

  27. Supply & Demand.
    If space marines are selling well & orks aren't, then they will make space marines more expensive & orks cheaper.

  28. I thought that the strenth of the model would count. The box with 5 space marines are stronger then the other box i would say.

  29. They really are thiefs, and in my country, CUT the codexes without more than half of pages and very slightly downed price, because they dont wanna expend resources in translating history codex prose.

  30. It's simple as you pay for the strength of the unit. In modern words: GW implemented pay to win in "The-Real-world" very long time ago. If it happens today in virtual games, it immediately causes a shitstorm – probably because people do not hold physically products in their hands??

  31. GW pricing has always been shady as fuck, the reason I quit. Im coming back now but ill buy all I can from ebay and see if I an actually break into the secret cabal of Chinese knockoffs

  32. You hit the nail in the head. This is a global problem everyone contributes to the cost of life going up instead of lowering it by innovating new ways to make things cheaper, they all fall fro greed and try to make more profits instead…. No wonder these games suffer now days. I was in to GW Games more than 20 years ago with EPIC Space Marines 1st edition and have not played for 20 years. Recently my interest got rekindled and I was so surprised by the jump of prices of the games…it is simply ridiculous. I'll just continue with Computer Games thank you very much… unless things change.

  33. It's simple supply and demand. In addition to the points made here, it's also a niche market of highly dedicated players. They can get a lot out of those dedicated players, but if they lowered their prices to expand the market, it's still very unlikely that the more casual players would buy anywhere near as much even at the lower price.

    I'm somewhere in-between. I could see 40k being really fun to get into. I might buy a small army or two so I can play with my friends, but not at the current prices.

  34. GW would make so much more money if it wasn’t so expensive. They’ve got a shortsighted profit model now. $6-10 a mini is kinda ridiculous for resin. Selling 5 man for $20 would still net them huge profit and probably increase the impulse buys a few thousand times over.

  35. More directly comparable. Perry Miniatures medieval infantry, ranges from 36 to 42 figures for 20 GBP/~26USD flat. (Cavalry at 12 figures for the same price). And there are other broadly similar suppliers of kit figures at the same or cheaper price point.

    GW is ridiculously overpriced, even for the Orkbois. (or their equivalent WH figures).

  36. As a few people have already mentioned, the prices are based on the points they're worth in your army. Theoretically, every army should end up costing about the same. If it was based on the number of units then nobody would play armies that require a horde of figures to play.
    Personally, I think they've gone too far with some single pieces costing hundreds. Hell, some tanks are $70 and I'd be surprised if the plastic cost them more than $2 🙂

  37. Amazing, a box of plastic costs, retail, $50.00. Price to build $0.08 per piece. And i'm stupid enough to buy them?

  38. GW games are money sucking at all fronts…army codexs are renewed every so often and so are general rules. At least once a year a model comes out that is stronger and better than previous. Sometimes entire armies are re done so you need to change them up. Think of the bases…25 and 35 mm…why? What was wrong with the 25? I picked up the game after a long stop and I’ve got to rebase all models and repaint all bases…been playing for at least 15 years now and this is the ugly part of GW! Always sucked up our money. I had switched over to WARMACHINE AND HORDES for a while till they too started doing the same…you could play endless hours with a base box…now you need troops and special characters and supports…in the e d you need 25/30 models to play…money my friend ruins a lot of things

  39. The price of Guardsmen infuriates me beyond belief. My friends run Marines, Tau, and Dark eldar, all three of them started out with the box sets and expanded. Because my Guardsmen are cheap and shit (gameplay wise) they get absolutely wreck 90% of the time. Now the reason is because my friends armies are so elite compared to mine, and mine is very small and cheap, but I cant expand my army to combat this. Each of them had to spend $100+ to get their armies to 1000, whilst I had to spend $300!!! God do I hate GW's pricing

  40. I imagine it has a great deal to so with real volume expectations based on unit type limitations for an army (normal troops, hq, or vehicle, etc). More sales for a given template means costs are spread wider for tool and die creation and maintenance. Less sales across the same tool and dies means each per unit price would be increased.

  41. Truthfully the only reason I don’t play 40k is that it’s wayyyy to expensive… it’s unrealistic, fantastic game but… is it really worth the money? I’ll go play DND or something instead… used to love playing necrons when I was 12 but as the prices went up…. forget it.

  42. Unless you got £300, a couple of months and no wife or kids there's no point. By the time you eventually finish the army you are trying to build a rule change or new book drops.
    Best hobby, worst pricing.

  43. While I agree with the price balancing between normal and elite unites, I think it also comes down to the popularity of the faction. Space marines will always be more popular since they're the posterboys of 40k. They will be more likely to be bought by people coming from playing the starter (any starter) of the most current edition. Either as a stepping stone in learning the game, or a "pet faction" to keep for other purposes.

  44. I think that you're looking into this a little bit harder than you need to. Just like all games that involve cards IE magic the gathering, all the cards obviously cost relatively the same to make. But all the cards have different stats. You're not buying the models, you're buying the stats.

    it's insane.

  45. I wanted to buy Smaug and I don't even play…I settled on a kit from a sculptor that was 4x the size and cheaper than GW. GW can suck it.

  46. it Is more more like apple I would say. they can very simply sell shit if they wanted to, brand it and GW Fan girls will buy it

  47. Pretty sure it works out at a price per point. When I checked it out most things worked out roughly at $0.80 AUS per point

  48. Manufacturing costs? R&D/Design costs? Batch costs? Are these sets based on pre-existing models? Could factor into costs. Is one of these sets far more popular than the other? Could mean that they can be manufactured in larger batches and thus cost far less per box to make.

    But who am I kidding, it's GW and it's Capitalism. They'll charge as much as they can per product to get what they expect to be the maximum return.

  49. Challis is correct. Also …

    Several (many) years ago GW as a corporation changed its strategic pricing model to reflect a common bit not widely understood principle. It is this: you can make more profit by selling less goods but charging more per good in price. This was adopted when GW went through its market shrinkage. It’s a sound business principal, in theory and in practice. Example: sell 100 things at $5 and that’s $500 in sales … but hyper focus your marketing and sell 70 things at $8 and that’s $560. Your labor and material cost is less but your gross and net profit drastically increase. This is what saved the company financially after its stock fall.

    We can complain all we want but in the end it’s a hobby business, keyword: business. The more the continue to solidify financially the more we will see (in practice) sound business decisions from them … we are the hobbyists not them.

    And yes, it still frosts my ass that they price joke each year on July 4th.

  50. I have taken some classes involving casting in college, and am considering getting into war hammer 40k. But every time I see a sprew I'm reminded that this $50 piece of plastic blatantly cost 5 cents to produce.

  51. They price for detail of the figures not just amount of plastic. Your also paying for brand name and the monopoly cause there is no competition for Warhammer 40k.

  52. Compared to other hobbies Games Workshop is pretty reasonable. Scalextric and Hornby trains are seriously pricey and have to be replaced whereas my Black Templar army is over 10 years old and still going strong. A single race car for scalextric costs £40 whilst the Flying Scotsman comes in at £80 without track or carriages and don't even get me started on the price of triathlon kit!

  53. I played 40k, once. Glad I took my meds and realised my mistake.
    I've always felt that GW was a rip off. Should be called Greed Workshop.
    And their minis look like over the top, angry, gaudy Las Vegas showgirls.

  54. Well the collecting is a big part of w40k so some forces have to be more rare then the others. And the fair way to make them rare is to rise the price on them so not everyone would buy them. Of course they could make them super rare by runing the limited runs of minis sets but who would've want that?

  55. I haven't been painting or playing 40k in 15 years and I am interested into getting back into painting and possibly playing but the pricing has really changed from 15 years ago and I'm not sure if it will be worth it anymore

  56. When 8th edition first came out, Leman Russ were super crappy, but you could get pre-owned ones on Ebay for £5-20… Then the wellspring seemed to dry up because nobody was buying new ones, so they 'mysteriously' got fixed when the new codex came out.

    Cooincidence? I really don't think so, because this totally explains the bang and bust that Tau and Tyranids tend to have, too.

  57. I used to buy a lot of imperial guard guys when I was younger, like early 20s or so and I shit you not, you got 20 guardsmen for $35 during 4th edition. Then the new imperial guard codex came out for 5th edition and a lot of changes were made including how guardsmen were sold. They cut the amount of models you got in half to 10 guys and still retained the $35 tag. That made me quit buying GW models ever again.

  58. I try to lower a price by buying them on second hand, or with no box, that is the only way to get them cheap

  59. I feel like I got off light paying like 80 bucks for like 20 tactical marines worth of 30k marines with a recaster , nearly 200 bucks for all the equipment I needed to get started with 40k including paint and airbrush and tools I feel like it’s a lot of cash to randomly start a hobby but I know it’s nothing compared to what most people pay , I just tried to find deals where I could

  60. I just got started in AoS warhammer bought a starter paint set and a daemon prince with a box of Khorne daemons. Cost me 308AUD, then i realised i needed different paints like base gold, dry gold shade red shade black and a few other brushes spent a total 560AUD lol this shit is expensive but hey, its fun as hell.

  61. It’s gotta be the same reason as kayak molds. It comes down to how many they expect to sell of each mold. Prices will be higher for items that will not sell as many thus they will not make as many. I’d almost bet that there’s more availability of the $35 box than the $50 box.

  62. I've been trying to get back into painting them after a 20 year hiatus and the first thing that I noticed was the price. I used to be able to buy a lead miniature for £2.99 (up to about £6) and yet now they want £50 for a box of 5 plastic ones. The paints used to be 99p each and yet now are £4-£5 each. It has completely priced me out of buying new stuff so I am just going to repaint my old ones since I have 6 or 7 games in my attic. I did find that Coat D'arms paints were much more affordable too and considering it is the old supplier, that works fine for me.

    Games Workshop could be making a ton more money by actually selling for cheaper. It strikes me as nothing but sheer greed and ignorance.

  63. I dont dont collect warhammer purely because the value is SHIT. Im in my mid 20s and could potentially dump hundreds or thousands of dollars into the hobby if i got into it, but i wont because the value is shit.

  64. What makes you think that the cost of making the models has anything to do with the plastic?

    People and time cost more than plastic. I’d be willing to bet that the most expensive step in GWs entire modelling process is changing the pattern to switch to a different model (because the machines aren’t working and they need a person).

    You’ve already said that people buy less elites and even less characters. That means they get less models made before they have to change the pattern onto the next one. With the core troops you can run them all day and then swap over – it’s cheap… and they’ll sell them. When they’re doing characters they’ll make a few hundred and then move onto the next one. Therefore more changes, more time, more people, and more cost.

    The Goal by Eli Goldratt, it’s a good book!

    Oh… plus… why would you ever make the new shiny must have kit cheaper than the old crappy one!? That’s just bad marketing, especially given how much hate they’ll get if they ever need to raise prices because of increased wages, materials, or inflation!

  65. It’s the amount of time it takes to build and maintain the massive metal molds used to make the models.

  66. Games Workshop is a train wreck. They are in it for the money, not the love of the game. Actions and words, you decide.

  67. 1:55 GW's pricing structure is not 'random', it is based on 'Retail Industry Standards', or at least it used to be a few years ago!

    As an independent 'manufacturer' I supplied GW a few years ago with one of their 'finished products'.

    I supplied the products 100% packed and ready ready to retail in GW stores, they even had the price printed on them!
    GW supplied me with the printed insert cards, header cards and poly bags, everything else came from my own sources.
    The pricing structure GW used to arrive at the retail price is as follows:
    1) As the manufacturer, GW asked me to supply them with my cost breakdown, how much the product cost to manufacture, pack and deliver to GW.
    GW accounts department wanted this information in very specific detail, raw material costs, manufacturing equipment running costs, packaging costs, delivery costs etc.
    2) This final manufacturing cost is then doubled by GW, that was the price GW were prepared to pay me, the manufacturer.
    When I dealt with GW the company was very blunt with the negotiations, take it or leave it!
    3) GW then worked out the retail price of the product for selling in their shops.
    The retail price was not influenced by me the manufacturer, I had no say whatsoever in the final retail price of the product I had designed and produced!
    The retail price for a GW store for my products was almost exactly 4 x the price GW agreed to pay me for the products.
    4) As an example, based on my experience with GW, if the item cost £1.00 for me to produce and deliver, GW will pay me £2.00 for it.
    5) GW would then retail this product at 4 x £2.00 = £8.00.
    I can only speak from my own experience with GW, it should give some insight however as to how much a game like 'Warcry costs GW to produce by working backwards.
    £100 divided by 4 = £25.00 divided by 2 = £12.50.
    IMO, the 'manufacturing costs' of a boxed game like 'Warcry' are about £12.50.
    Obviously the more of the manufacturing process GW do in house, the higher their own profit margins will be.
    When I dealt with GW, the company did very little of the manufacturing processes themselves.
    GW did however insist on keeping ownership and control of the forms (molds) even though I had produced them.
    I hope that helps, even if just a little bit in unraveling the mystery of how GW product prices are arrived at? 🙂

  68. Jeez the money you spent on those two figure sets. I could get at least 2 or 3 1/35 scale kits.. just 40k pricing is just dumb

  69. It's called value based pricing, and I hate to say it, but it's bog standard and completely unremarkable. Charging for products based on what they cost to build (+markup) is considered outdated and kinda dumb. Any company interested in sustainable profits will charge according to the value customers place on them. It works both ways too: people will place more value on items you charge more for.

    The classic example is a painter who doubles their prices and suddenly sells twice as many paintings (it happens) – their customers want prestige, and cheap things can't be prestigious.

    GW wasn't doing well for many reasons, but their basic pricing model wasn't one of them.

  70. I remember £25 Tactical Squads. I shudder to think what the price is now.
    I've moved to Battletech, so much more bang for your buck.

  71. The secret….
    well the secret isnt a secret at all, and its rather amazing that none of you guys ever really figured it out.

    There is something called a value chain in business.
    And that is the secret, once you know what a value chain is and how it works then apply that model to GW then all will become so clear you will give yourself a facepalm

  72. Marketing 101: Charge as much as you can. If other companies charge less, it's because they have more difficulties getting buyers for their games. Try to maximize audience, charge as much as you can to meet objectives. If your lower your price too much, you saturate your market AND reduce your margin.

  73. In GW's defense, the problem is unit points cost when building an army to play with just as you say in the video. If GW just charged based on how much plastic you're buying, people would just figure out which army is the cheapest to make a 2000 points list out of a pick that. Suddenly everyone is only playing Custodes because they only need to buy like 25 units to make 2000 points. The charm of Warhammer is that there are so many different factions and because it's a fairly pricey hobby, a different pricing model would destroy their community and unique selling point.

    As much as I hate it, I understand…

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