The secret sauce to winning quotes and business Get Jobber Review 2020

The secret sauce to winning quotes and business Get Jobber Review 2020

What about you! Today I’m gonna share
something that will help your business create the secret sauce it’ll grow your
business and help you win more quotes. What is Get Jobber, it’s the thing that helps me run a streamlined profitable businesss. It’s a big part of the secret sauce that helps me grow my business and win more work . It’s just an amazing piece of software. It’s really well polished and it puts me in a league above my competitors. It’s client management software or CRM that manages all of my business This is the first in a series of videos about Jobber, so if you haven’t “subscribed” make sure you do so as to not miss the new ones.
that helped me along a streamline profitable business it’s a big part of
the secret sauce that helps me grow my business and when more work it’s just an
amazing piece of software it’s really well polished and a person in a league
of about competitors its client management software or CRM the amount is all my
business as cooling and invoicing it’s scheduling and ruling it collects and
tracks payments it sends reminders the plans it helps
with marketing there’s a mobile app works really well with both IOS and
it really impressed clients and of course it’s all super secure plus it’s
all backed up with legendary Get jobber customer support
who is get jobber for
landscapers Landscapers, gardeners, Lawn care, tree care, cleaners, plumbers, garage door installers Electrical Contractors, pest control, roofing contractors, Appliance repair window cleaner – Pretty much any trade that goes to other people’s property to carry out services and repairs
In my business and a long time user user and I’m a long-time user and a HUGE fan, in
the past they’ve written a couple reviews i’ll put the links down below
I’ve been using us since 2013 though I remember my life before jobber – jobs
falling through the cracks and invoices not getting sent struggling to keep on
top of payments struggling to keep up with stuff in general poor cash flow
Jobber just helps with all of that and so much more I could sit here all
day and tell you the feature list of jobber though I think it would be much easier showing you. Just before we begin I want to point if this isn’t a sponsored post
it’s not paid so I was not paying me to say that’s here I’m making this video
because I want this video as I want to show you guys a brilliant way to manage your business What about you! and welcome back to the Get jobber review – the secret sauce to growing your business and winning more quotes and business Its the first point of contact for most of my clients It’s an automated process that’s just
seamless and it flows and it creates a level of confidence in the client even
before they meet me This is the first review I have done on get jobber on YouTube I’m
going to be doing more but I thought for the first video I should I’dshow you how the customer experiences get jobber I think that’s really important
The customers that have found me off Google or Facebook and website or whatever and I
get them to fill in this form and I ask them to put in as much information about the job as they can I collect their email address all the usual sort of stuff
and then we’ll also ask them where they found out about me and this
is really good for drilling down into your marketing and finding out what works
for you what doesn’t After all that information is filled in and submitted That brings them into the jobber universe there’s a client hub that they log into securely and this is where it really starts to shine
After the client submits the request they get an email from me and they
can go into get jobber and see it this is them in the client hub, over here on the left hand side they can see the request if there’s any
quotes or appointments whatever attended see appointments booked in All that information is there – a lot of job
forms you submit something and then the the client hits the button and nothing happens
with get jobber there is all this and suddenly they are in the get jobber universe and they call this the client hub you can automate all this process if you
want I’m in lawn care/ gardening so I need to go out and see my customers the first
part of the request system it’s more for people that want that automate this
customer to say this doesn’t really work for me but it might work for other
businesses. If I’m going to see a customer
I typically scheduled on the on-site assessment walkway and we’ll give them a
free quote there’s all sorts of information you can add in so it might not
be the business owner that’s actually I may not be going to do the quote, I might send a helper to go out and he might need instructions, the property
might be hard to find so he could put that directly onto there and then you
can schedule it for any time you want so I’m going to say to John Doe I will come and see you on Saturday afternoon appointment starts at 5:00 I’ll assign
myself sometimes customers have gate codes or whatever so the gate code is 999
and put the gate code in there then that means it appears whenever I get to the customers house and I need to get in again I can look that up – you can attach that to the jobs It’s always there for you, once you add it your can attach it to jobs etc it again and then I just save that
request I’m back on the clients page and now i want to go the calendar so there’s Just to point out, this isn’t my account This is a 2nd account I got set up to make these videos I wouldn’t be allowed to share my data with YouTube – this is a fake account this is the quotation
we arranged with John Doe could be a lot of details available
information a little bit in there we’re cooler than those you can see they
get coldest our neck will just go back to more actios now there’s also tsorts of
things you can do here on to and then just that lets him know
you can send yourself a copy if you want but Jobberbacks up all your emails so
you have a copy anyway and I said that’s it a way so he then gets a reminder
that but that’s why I generally send those the night before. So we’re back over on John Doe’s email
and this is what the customer is gonna see afterwards so he’s
gotta reminder through hey John – just a friendly reminder that we’re co,img on site assessment where it is and then he can click to confirm that so we go out to see John Doe on the
Saturday and then afterwards we’ll come home or you could do
a quote on his doorstep if you wanted or on site no bother so we’ll just hit
completed and the system automatically ask you what you want to do it is so do
you want to convert it directly as a job or convert it to a quote if
you prefer to job in your talents already you won’t go and actually to do
something but in this case as we’re just going to see the customer you want to
send them a written quote so we’re just gonna write out a quote for the customer “lawn mow”you can get the system
automatically remembers all these different things you can give a client
messages you can add discount and tax whatever you can ask for that deposits
again you can add internal notes and attachments just to remind yourself of
different things you can read the opportunity so I think that’s gonna go
ahead so let’s just send back the customer so if you email it, it automatically saves it
or for example you might want to convert it right away to the job so
that saves a lot of work ” Dear John thanks for asking your project”
again you can put whatever you want and into this here and then we’ll send the email overr the email over so
they have that let’s go and see what’s in their inbox. We’re back into John’s
John’s emails so here’s the email through from us all information’s there he can
review this quote online in the client hub so that’s it there and something that
sets gets over part from lots of different things is you can request here
just directly from his client hub or you gonna go tot he quotes online this is
something that I find to be absolutely massive for a business and
a lot of people have said to me at this point whenever they get to here they’re like that system
you have is amazing because they can see everything they can see the
request they can see the quotes did you see appointments they can see invoices
if they want to approve online and if they’re approving stuff online they’re not
phoning you up up to say Robbie I want to go ahead with this. It is a massive time
saver and it also provides a timeline of events say for example if somebody
doesn’t pay you or if there’s any problems you’ve got all this here
and all this backs you up so you can take their name and then sign it off and
that’s it so like you get an email to say that they’ve approved that and you
so we’re now back in Get Jobber and it’s telling me here on the dashboard approved quotes, convert to jobs so those approved so that for them that’s brilliant so asking for So again you can add whatever stuff you want. You can tell Jobber that it’s going to be a one off job or it’s gonna be a reoccurring job you can let’s start it in Monday . If it’s reoccuring so it’s gonna be me plus helper number
one yeah deal a I just needed you can have different you can have whatever you
want you’re gonna have a last for as many as long as you want yeah once a
week once a month some of my jobs, once every – I do jobs once
a week of our jobs or every 10 days of I’ve jobs once a fortnight, every ten weeks. you can set it up as often as you want. tell Jobber if you want to invoice it after it’s finished or not at all
whenever he closes over whenever you want you can add whatever you want to it
if you want your team members to be able the see this you . . . if you don’t want members to see how much stuff costs
you can close all that off, do whatever you want. but all this appears and then
whatever you see of this job then it’ll appear will appear in the calendar so let’s
just start that don’t want to get too much into it
was a beta just really want that sweet I’m of good team members assigned to it
so we’ll save that job and then it’ll appear in a calendar so if look over
here the calendar we’re back to work on to the calendar if
you can see that that job is now in the calendar click on that who can say
completed and another I see the invoice right away we can edit that job if we need to
That visit we can pull over to another day say bad weather and pull
apart Wecan save you details so then that
brings up obviously the details the client and all his information
if there’s anything those would be in there more actions so we can send client a
reminder you can also set different jobs to send different reminders being sent
to reminders for the one visit what is really handy so a lot of time for doing
lawn treatments we would send a reminder two weeks before hand and say
“Dear Client We’re coming out on such and such a date. We’ll be out on that week weather permitting
and then the night before we’ll send another client reminder you can
either do it automatically or you could just do it like this here Client reminder. Tell him you’re coming so that’s away to him and then
afterwards want to complete the job so you can either complete jobs on the
doorstep or I’d send an invoice before you drive away. In an awful lot of cases I’ll
do that as we’re doing lawn treatments I’ll send the invoice people then get that
onvoice generally in their email I have Jobber tied into Jobber payments
people pay me online and an awful lot of cases people pay me before I get the
next stop it’s amazing ., Two or three days that money is in my account I’m going to be talking about all that in another video very soon.
At the very start I talked about legendary Customer
support whenever you first sign up for this software
they’re gonna be on the phone right away to make sure you get going and
they’re gonna talk you through everything you need this is sort of
where you’ll end up whenever you first sign in to Get Jobber and it’s all really
intuitive and it’s all really easy to get going and this is where you’ll start
to discover the customer support They have the success team and these guys
you’ll usually get an answer from them within a couple of
minutes to either say hi how you doing. having a bit of bother? and they’re gonna get you going
right away I have never known Get Jobber
release software it doesn’t work it it just works
Everything is tried and tested before they put it out so always making lots of
little incremental changes and the software just gets better and better and
better but so if you need any help you can use their chat system you can send
them a support ticket they have huh a lot of videos they also have a Facebook
group I’m sure if you’re in Canada or America even if you’re in the UK you probably can phone them
I’ve never had to phone them these these guys down here always
sorted my problem out on the very odd occasion they’ve set up a support
ticket it’s actually been a problem with me whatever something I’m doing it’s not
been a problem with with the software itself which is just amazing to
have the app marketplace does it have QuickBooks integrated so QuickBooks
does all my accounting and and then Get Jobber does all my invoicing a click puts all that over to QuickBooks
some plans integrate with Mailchimp think that’s something they need to look at
gets over if you’re watching this you apps that works with it as well if you’ve watched this video and you
want the try Get Jobber out it it is a monthly subscription you have to pay
every month but they do offer a 14-day free trial you just sign up
there’s an affiliate link down below so what that means is if you sign up via that link
you’re gonna get 20% off your first six months you’ll also help
my channel out, and help support me so if you’re enjoying this video if you could
do me a really big thing and hit the like button down below if you’re not if
you don’t already subscribe to my channel maybe hit that subscribe button
for more content like this this is gonna be the first there’s gonna be two or
three different videos on Get Jobber and how you get Jobber just gets over that for
yourself and that it’s really as amazing bit of software and I will help you who
your business absolutely fantastic if you want to add more quotes and if you
want to win more business get Jobber and this should be the start of that
journey so look thank you so much for watching
and now I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. I’ve been using jobber for 3-4 years now but do t use it to its full potential.
    Just quotes and invoices, so hoping I’ll get time to watch this tomorrow and get some tips 😀

  2. Thanks for taking the time to build this comprehensive review, Bertie! "Legendary Jobber customer support"—that makes our day. Glad to have you on the team!

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