The Scope – Upwell Consortium Hands Serpentis Assets to CONCORD

The Scope – Upwell Consortium Hands Serpentis Assets to CONCORD

Recently surfaced Serpentis capital class blueprints have caused a stir in military circles across New Eden. Based on Gallente Federation Navy designs, the Vehement class dreadnought, Vendetta class super carrier and the Vanquisher class Titan deliver more firepower than their original Gallente counterparts. In addition, they are optimized to support advanced stasis webifier and hybrid weapons technology. A well-known criminal corporation, the Serpentis had intended to offer the blueprints to loyal capsuleers. That plan came under fire when their shipyards were located and raided. Today with the assistance of the Scope Network’s extensive broadcasting system, CONCORD is now making the locations of these shipyards public. Stating that all equipment and construction materials recovered by capsuleers during raids on the shipyards to be classified as free salvage. In addition to this, again via The Scope Network, Concord is offering various rewards for the destruction of the identified Serpentis targets, including some of the rarest Serpentis blueprints that have ever been acquired. This is Alton Haveri reporting for The Scope.

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  1. So they kill and pillage and CONCORD calls it 'free salvage'?! BULLSHIT! Fuckin' capsuleers, man. Just another example that our so-called 'police force' is their bitch.

  2. In other news, the immortal mercenaries that once fought on the surface of planets throughout New Eden, have been confined indefinitely to space station living quarters. Their assets and accounts have also been frozen. This comes two years after the announcement that CONCORD will be taking a second look at the rights and privileges given to these skilled soldiers. The announcement was received with mix opinions but most supported CONCORD's decision. But the two year period of silence proved to be more damaging. A large number of immortals retired over the period, unsatisfied with CONCORD's refusal to release any further information.

    Now, with the remaining veteran mercenaries confined, CONCORD has released a few details of the new privileges. One is the permission to be contracted as marines to defend or assault capital ships such as the Wyvern class super carrier. Despite the attempt to be more transparent, some mercenaries are still unsatisfied, demanding further details. One mercenary had this to say, "Waiting for a bunch of bureaucrats to open their mouths wasn't so bad the first time around, I could still fight and get paid. But I'm not going to rot in this damn room for another two years just to know what weapons and equipment I'll be allowed to use"

  3. Фракционные титаны…
    Что дальше? Свободные покатушки на технике Джовов в их системах?

  4. hum ok I have posted this in a couple more places in YouTube, but I want to post it here so to increase the odds of ccp actually looking at this… the gnosis… being a limited edition battle cruiser… I think that it needs a upgrade here and there… for instance… I would like it to be compared to a tengu… I would like it to be able to be the ship… the ship in the game that can use multiple weapons at the same time…. so lets say 2 mid beam lasers… 2 mid artillery, and a heavy missile launcher, here we could also add a bonus to the upper slot that is left… perhaps a remote armor rep… so to heal its drones… while the ship is good, I insist it would be a upgrade… making it close to the tengu as possible… perhaps better considering its position as a SoCt's ship… the ship was conceived as a cruiser then it became a battle cruiser… but its hard to fit properly… could there be a pve and a pvp mode??… so the ship is stronger when doing pve?… this could perhaps be controlled by simply changing a few command lines where the instruction is to provide a tad more damage to the npc's!… the tengu and other ships, can easily do a 10/10 site… while the gnosis simply can't… shield recharge times seem pretty slow… and there are a few more perks with the ship that at the moment I cant recall… but those ho know the ship know of its shortcomings as well… in general I would like it to be found in exploration sites as a bpc… and perhaps as a loot for those times when ppl go do ratting in low and or null sec regions… (the current bonuses that the ship has are pretty cool yet ….) an interesting idea would be to be able to upgrade the gnosis turning it into a T2 and T3… thanks to sleeper and or drifter tech… this may actually be the ideal way to deal with the problem… so lets say that if you got the gnosis… you could upgrade it to T2…. but if you got its BPC…. and the needed parts… then that upgrade can be T2 and T3…. T4 ????… lets also look at its cloaking capability… and how come is a sisters of eve ship better??… what about having the capability of not being detected by scanning as are the Combat Recon Ships… and how about being eble to mod the ship so to make is unstoppable as a Interceptor is… you know.. by being immune to warp disruptor and interdiction… etc… the gnosis seems to have the potential to do a hole lot more than the current set up grants …

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