The Scope – Upwell Consortium announces first Citadel builds

The Scope – Upwell Consortium announces first Citadel builds

Upwell Consortium have announced that they have completed the design of the Astrahus class citadel and they are now entering the testing phase of development. Five prototypes of the Astrahus are to be built across New Eden and their locations have now been made public. Construction sites are already being set up and their layouts give a clear indication of the enormity of the project’s scale, bearing in mind that the Astrahus is the smallest of the three proposed Citadel classes. To speed up acquisition of the research components required for the construction Upwell is recruiting capsuleers by staging a special prize draw. Each special research component contracted to Intaki Bank contact Lee Brinalle will generate an entry in the prize draw. The lucky winners will receive tokens guaranteeing Astrahus blueprint copies as soon as they become available. The number of prize tokens to be drawn out will depend on how many research components are collected. If the project reaches all its collection goals then a Fortizar blueprint prize will be added to the draw. Furthermore, Upwell also guarantees the individual who brings in the most research components an Astrahus blueprint copy. With this bold construction plan, Upwell aims to acquire all the research components it needs to construct the prototypes, while at the same time delivering another stab at the Serpentis corporation who are known to store research components at their sites. This is Lina Ambre reporting for the Scope.

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  1. Did they just go, ok make the middle size one a little bigger than the smallest. and then get bored and decide to make the last one fricking massive. because why not! Stop tempting me back into EVE CCP!! i sub up and don't play past a week. need help

  2. pointless,i can barley afford new dictors sometimes.screw you eve,i want instalock BS with dictor points,not some lame ol station these noobs will drop in the middle of my house.oh which reminds me,screw you 2 alliance!!!fucking rich noobs.

  3. In other news, the number of active immortal mercenaries has steadily declined. Many of these mercenaries are voicing frustration with CONCORD, who have kept them on tight restrictions which give them few territorial ownership options and even fewer freelance contracts to work with. Many claim the system in place is outdated and a reform is in order. CONCORD however maintains its silence on the matter, as it has for nearly three years. Records show, a few of the more vocal mercenaries have been banned from using certain communication networks.

  4. I find it incredibly awesome that the large one will be able to dock capital ships whilst the Extra-large will be able to dock Supercapitals and Titans.

  5. Was that an Orca or Charon undocking @ 1:20
    I thought they were too big to fit inside the medium even tho its one of the largest structures ever constructed in EVE

  6. Wow these Citadels are going to have a lot of EHP. On an unrelated note, I happen to run an alliance with 500 stealth bomber pilots. Just saying.

  7. im just gonna buy a astrahus bpo once they get released on TQ :p already have the main construction parts built and is waiting to start construction on my first citadel

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