The Schusterman Fellowship

The Schusterman Fellowship

I think growing up you believe that
adults and leaders have all the answers and it’s like you hit a certain age
check you go to school check you get this title check I’m someone who’s a
leader who often found myself kind of put into the position and sort of you
have to just swim up through the through the water until you can sort of live up
to what you’ve been asked to do I realized that people were looking at me
to give them answers to certain questions and almost by default you look
around and you say who’s gonna be the leader and at a certain point I
recognize that I should stop looking around because it was me and it’s really
about bringing people to join you in a vision of change and to play a role in
that the world that we’re living in today is so complex and so volatile and
so uncertain our leaders and leadership today needs a new set of skills and new
way of doing things I see leadership as living a life of
service and the best way you can affecting as many people as you can but
you can’t lead unless you know who you are you have to be both really really
really good at relationships and really really really true to your values and
what you believe you really need to understand who you are and come into
your work from a place of strength because if you burnt out and always
chasing your tail you just won’t be a very effective leader as I as a leader
had to say in five years here’s what I want to be true about organization and
about the world and that pushed my boundaries pretty significantly because
it was on paper right it’s not just oh I’m gonna think about it but here’s what
I want here’s my vision a big thing I’ve learned through this fellowship is
really how to integrate different parts of myself and so how to create this
alignment between my words and my actions and my values and what I do in
the world I’ve really leaned into my role as a leader I’ve been less scared
to talk about myself as a leader and to feel that way a big part of the system
in fellowship was developing us as people and I really like that aspect of
it I think it’s really time to kind of honor how we’ve been doing a leadership
until now and start to think differently and to start developing new capacities
and new skills for how we want to be leaders in the world today I judged
myself a lot before coming into this fellowship and now I see myself truly as
a leader able to articulate what I bring to the table
I think the fellowship was the longest and most intense journey and the most
amazing journey I had in my life constantly being challenged you’re
constantly growing and learning there’s constantly tensions that you’re working
through personally professionally so on and so forth and I think I’ve come to
just like understand that this is this is life you

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