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Remnant Fellowship Promo: Greetings to all far and wide those who are
seeking a deeper peace and purpose for life in this ever capricious and unreliable world
looking for solid ground for yourself and your family.
My name is Gwen Shamblin and I humbly thank you for watching this short video and I assure
you that I would not want to waste your precious time with just one more form of religion that
has no power of which the world is full. However, it is out of a sincere love that I impart
this hope, hope of a new life and the kingdom of God – on earth as it is in heaven. God
is love and hundreds are finding this kingdom of love which is of a freedom from a lack
of peace, anger, disappointment, poor relationships and emptiness.
Early in life I found a personal relationship with God by trying to imitate King David of
the Bible and from there grew to love God very much I too wanted to be the apple of
Gods eye so I hung onto Exodus 20 and Mark 12 that were one and the same scriptures,
which basically said. “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord
is one. 30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with
all your mind and with all your strength. 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor
as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:28-30. It is profound, and I started putting into
practice God first and lost my weight. As an instructor in Nutrition and Dietitian,
I found my acquaintances were asking me to tell them more about how to lose weight. By
the grace of God, I did see this as a spiritual problem and not the fault of the wrong choice
of foods or a lack of exercise, but rather saw this as an emptiness of the soul a deep
loneliness and hunger for true purpose and a relationship with God is the only thing
that could fill this up. But to reverse this emptiness there was a need to teach each person
their personal responsibility to receive this love and fulfillment from the heavens. When
you teach that humans have no choice and that their actions are lifelong physiological dependencies,
then it makes the human soul a ‘patient’ instead of a tempted and tried soldier of Christ it
takes these vices out of the hands of the church and gives them to the ever changing
science or medical protocol of the day. The original teachings of Moses and Christ were
that of personal responsibility, strategic choices – and this religion is powerful and
effective for permanently laying down food, tobacco, alcohol, and any unwanted lust and
vices of the soul. Hurting men, women and children everywhere kept asking me to communicate
how to change or overcome the power of the pull of food, alcohol, sexual sins and lust
the want for money in general, greed was not filling people up but ironically blocking
their relationship with God. These protocols of liberation were first penned
in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the form of The Weigh Down Workshop. By 1990 to 1991,
the original WeighDown writings, audios, workbook, and seminar went from a local retail office
to a worldwide seminar in 68 countries and into all religions and denominations in the world.
The results were exhilarating and liberating to say the least, for these victims had been
imprisoned for decades by a no-responsibility approach promoted by modern science, medicine
and mainstream Christianity. There are many world religions but we must look for the fruit,
and these sojourners were able to rise above the magnetic pull of the world’s desires.
Here at the Remnant God has led us to the meekness, humility and love that’s found in
the Sermon on the Mount, which in turn led to answered prayers answered all day long,
and there is no peace like moving mountains each day with prayer vs effort or prayer vs
words or arguments, prayer vs binge eating or drinking or other escapes. False religion,
half-hearted Christianity creates hypocrisy versus holiness creates victims rather than
the victorious, creates monsters versus the immortal. Christ called us to purity, perfection
and then calls for perseverance to the end, thus the need for a holy priesthood of believers,
a group that will help you. I cannot imagine this without the unity and help of other sojourners
on the path to sainthood. A foot cannot say to a hand I have no need of you. The healing
from these teachings was phenomenal. This attainable life exposed the hypocrisy of modern
religion. I knew that God’s hand was calling me to warn people to wake up repent and turn
to him with all they had full surrender, embracing a sacrificial life of good deeds. As a result
of the right foundation of putting the words into practice not just listening to them,
the church has laid down these idols of weight, food, truckloads of drugs, depression and
self focus, anger, selfishness, envy, jealousy. Marriages are back together – and personal
responsibility and the spirit of self-control and peace permeates the Church where there
is no gossip nor back biting but rather a support system for purity and humility and
love for this compassionate God. Mankind needs the strong, consistent, undiluted
message of Jesus Christ: to have absolutely no other gods, no other loves before the Lord
God Almighty, you cannot have 2 masters, God first – Messages from Deuteronomy 28 and the
Sermon on the Mount. where God set up clear and simple behavior modification for mankind
that Christ lived out, saying.. if you obey fully you will be blessed, and on the other hand,
if you disobey the Lord you will be cursed with physical, financial and mental diseases.
for every action there is a reaction; we reap what we sow.. indeed the emphasis of all the
prophets, Christ and the apostle Paul.. that there was a grace with conditions a cause
and effect” religion. That is why Jesus said we should pluck out an eye if it causes us
to sin – each of us working out our own salvation. This hopeful but heavy-hitting message from
the Heavens, backed by Scriptures, turns hurting lives right-side up within hours and it continues
to heal each of these people as we apply these Scriptures. Romans 2 talks about God’s wrath, which cannot be left out. To those who by persistence in doing good seek
glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life. 8 But for those who are self-seeking
and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger. Romans 2:7-8
There is judgment on those who have not chosen a fully righteous path yet there is respite
and peace in the beautiful choices found in True Religion and True Christianity, which
are taught and lived out in self-denial, picking up your cross, and following the selfless
footsteps of Jesus Christ who declared to his Father and the world “Not my will but Thine
be done.” True Christianity, in its purest form, is where you are born again, take off
the old self and put on the new, and in the midst of a world full of total selfish chaos,
you can have blessings, hope for your children, and great peace and love.
Christ taught that the Kingdom of God was not here or there nor would it come with your
careful observation but that the kingdom of God was within you. The heart above all things
is most important and yet above all things is most deceitful and therefore its purity
should be our most central concentration in life. It is the ultimate challenge – harder
than winning a world record in running, athletics, academics, or financial success. At the Remnant,
every day this is why this is our only goal, our only conversation, our only purpose, the
only desire of our hearts. This one focus brings us that success. We have been instructed to end all selfish ambition and we have only
a fire for God first and a church focused on building up God’s ambition, and what is that? The kingdom of love. New Creations are seen here, ordinary people
who are transformed overnight I have witnessed massive weight loss, recovered alcoholics, drug-free
addicts, cured chronic fear-bound and anxiety-ridden worriers all reformed from every stronghold
or idol known to mankind. These transformations are permanent and profound because they have
been approached correctly in a humble prideless way, before the throne of the almighty God
turning away from the praise of man and man-made rules and turning to the Great Physician
the Maker of our bodies, minds and souls, using His lead for hunger, for shopping, for
making money, and for speaking. Now these people walk by God’s guidance and not by their own
selfish desires. This is not a manmade doctrine, or dogma about
sacraments or rituals this is not a mystery we do not argue here but live out an obtainable
religion of putting the words of Christ into practice and experiencing a transformed life.
Our life is our sermon. I will give you one hint, when you are looking for the true church
and true religion – because people can fake being alive for an hour church service but
real love for God will bring out a totally sacrificial, loving life all the way from the youngest
to the oldest. The children are way different 24/7 – in their pursuit of God, in their respect
for their parents, in their maturity. Beyond a doubt, this is an absolute possibility for
your life and your family’s lives. It is a deep healing and liberation from unwanted habits, dependencies,
lifestyle choices, and behaviors that have been destroying our lives and relationships.
It is all about what you love, and you fall in love with what you focus on. In a world
of uncertainty there is a message of certainty. It is a journey away from the false gods of Egypt, from this world, through the Desert of Testing and into the freedom of the Promised Land. There is nothing
to lose and everything to gain so we invite you, come and see. Come and see the dependable
power of True Religion, a Church built on the rock of Jesus who told us to put it into practice. And what should we put into practice? The life of Christ who said the world must know that I love the Father and I do exactly as he commands me. The Kingdom of Love

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