The Profit – S6 E1 – Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli | Digital Marketing Business Breakdown

The Profit – S6 E1 – Corey’s NYC Bagel Deli | Digital Marketing Business Breakdown

So we’ve got the business breakdown
happening. Pretty exciting.
I’m really excited. Liked,
I liked the business that we’re going to look at.
Um, you know,
the whole thing here is that I’m a junkie for these shows and I talked to
you about them all the time. Like everyday we’re working,
I’m talking to you about the new show that I just watched it and that business
pretty much every day. It’s probably of noxious,
but that’s why we created this segment. So this is the business breakdown and
you’re watching the bigger, better business channel here on Youtube. And today we’re looking at one of the
newest latest episodes from the Profit starring Marcus Lemonis.
The profit is a show that’s on CNBC and just a disclaimer,
we are not affiliated with CNBC nor Marcus Lemonis nor the profit.
We are strictly marketing guys and where we work with a lot of small businesses
and what we wanted to do was take our expertise and take a look at the
business that marcus invested in. Oh absolutely.
Right. So what I think we should do is we
should really start with introducing the business.
Sure. Go for it.
Okay, so the business was formerly known as
NYC Bagel Deli slow. It has several locations around the
Chicago area and NYC Bagel Deli was owned by Corey Kaplan.
No relation. He starts his name,
the last name of the k, but he started in Florida,
moved up, had a chance to buy out another Bagel
business in Chicago and then built a rather successful Bagel business and the
margins as he even said there may be ten cents to make sense to make it and
you’re selling a dollar 20 bucks, 24. That’s absolutely insane.
Those margins and margins for those of you that are watching that are just
learning, that’s profit,
right? So it costs them ten cents.
He sells it for one slash 20. That means every Bagel he sells,
he makes a dollar and ten cents. Pretty insane.
I mean, then you factor in other things.
Of course. So NYC Bagel Deli is a business that
marcus Lemonis is looking into and Marcus is really interested in,
uh, he,
he has gotten into some different confections and some different food
companies. And this is a,
this is one of his new ventures that likes it because of the profit margins.
Loves it because of the profit margins. And so marcus goes in,
he explores the business, starts to get to know Korean,
his wife, and one of the big things is that Corey
Gori Kaplan is the figurehead. He’s the star of the show.
He’s the Bagel Guy, but it’s been called NYC Bagel Deli for
the longest time. So mark is works with Corey and he
explores the different businesses he actually decides instead of cory having
to create all of the dough and make the bagels in one shop and drive them over
to another marcus invest, not only invested 200,000,
200 k, 200 k into the business.
And also, I think it was 20 percent,
20 percent. And then uh,
he did the commissary for $2, million,
$2, million dollar build out of a
commissary, a centralized location.
So commentary is a central kitchen where they can create,
manufacture all the bagels and then distribute them to all the stores and
also do wholesale and everything else. So he’s all in for two point two mil.
He said it was a. It was a big investment.
So it’s. This is a huge investment.
We would expect that with a huge investment.
Markets is going to make sure that everything is top notch,
right? I’s are dotted and t’s are crossed,
right? I shouldn’t be dotted,
lowercase J’s. Should we dotted?
I mean everything because with that kind of money put into it and especially at
the end, the big thing was corey was fighting the
rebranding of the company. We didn’t like it.
He didn’t like it. There was some personal,
it was personal reason, some,
some family history and so corey didn’t want to name it.
Cory’s Bagel Deli. Well,
in the end, marcus insisted,
cory’s wife insisted and they did name it.
Cory’s NYC Bagel. Deli snell.
Corey is a part of the brand and we’ll get into that a little bit too.
Sure. But let’s look just from.
If someone’s looking like, let’s say someone’s watching the show,
one of the first things that they might do is pick up their tablet or their
phone and they’re going to search because they want to find out more about
the business as they’re watching the show. It’s that multi tablet multiscreen
experience, right?
Everybody does it. So someone picks up their computer or
their tablet and they search. What do they see when they type in Nyc
Bagel Deli or corey of inquiries because I’m going to go first and they see if
you can see my screen right now. We see NYC Bagel Deli with the.
You told me the name was. Corey is right.
It’s cory’s. It’s brand in right?
So right there we’re seeing mass confusion and what’s happening is all
these people watching the show and even people that are in Chicago,
I’m sure there’s a great fan base. They’re there looking for it and now
they’re seeing NYC Bagel Deli. So despite the fact that it was
previously named Nyc Bagel Deli, you’d have to know that.
Now there’s that confusion and if you confuse them,
you lose them. So part one right here,
or seeing NYC Bagel Deli a few times, not only in the listing,
like the Google listing, it’s also here in the title of the
website. Also there in the title of the website.
So let’s break it down if you can. Let’s break down the search engine
results page. So this is called the serp or the search
engine results page. This is right after you commit a query
or you search for something in this case on Google and now you’re seeing all of
the results within the search engine. So on the left hand side we see there
are no paid ads. If we saw pay dad,
there would be a little box that has a green box and it would say add.
So we see no ads and it’s okay on the under that.
So basically on the lefthand side, since we don’t have ads now we see all
the organic listing. So you can just Kinda cursor over all
the organic listings. These are listings that are aggregated
by the search engine by google and it’s spiders and they show up based off of
what jake search for, which in this case was cory’s Bagels,
Chicago. On the right hand side of the screen you
see the Google my business profile, so this is a very powerful tool.
It’s a free tool and actually jake, you know in case you didn’t know who I
present for Google and get your you do. Now I present for Google in there.
Get Your Business Online program. This is something I even I talked to
you. I think the two things that I talked to
you about the most are the TV shows I’m addicted to and Google my business.
You make fun of me being a bike racer. He did that.
I didn’t listen. We’re going to have to show them that.
We’re going to have to just so that maybe shot to the poster behind you
though, the little,
the canvas, but Google my business is a very
powerful thing. As you can see,
it’s taken up a lot of room on the search engine results page. It’s important,
so in this case you did a direct search or branded search and you can scroll up
and you’re typing the name and cory’s Bagel,
Chicago. Ooh,
what if someone’s just typing and Bagel restaurants,
Chicago or Bagel shop Chicago. Well,
why don’t we try this, let’s try it and see.
So we’re going to type in a Bagel shop Chicago now again up.
So someone might type that and because they’re not paying full attention to the
show and the branding or they’re confused by the branding.
They’re typing in Chicago Bagel shop. It’s still showing up as NYC Bagel Deli.
Well, it’s a different location actually
because you can see here this one has 169 reviews and one street.
This location is a little showing is a north is north APP?
Well, in both cases that was the only ones.
Right now there’s no branding consistency.
Those could be. That could just be another New York
bagel value. So one of the things is that it was such
a generic name that you don’t see that there’s that brand consistency.
So you can see are two. They’re using single platform,
but yet they didn’t update that one smart piece of information,
the name of the business name of their business,
so they’re. They’re using some technology right now,
which is a great platform. Single platform is a great platform.
It was purchased by constant contact, which provides email marketing.
It’s actually one of the pieces of software of the platforms that we use
with our customers. That’s what we know well.
Yep. And single platform provides restaurant
tours and also some spas and service providers.
The ability to create a menu and you can even order online as you can see on the
screen. So they’re using a really powerful tool,
but it shows that they’re okay. They’re adopting adopting technology and
they’re trying to move forward with, you know,
staying up with the digital times. Sure.
But the consistency is off. It comes to the brand name,
right? And including the image,
including the images. Let’s look at the images right there.
Okay. So we’re seeing the old NYC Bagel Deli.
Now I will say this in the episode, we don’t know.
Did he get all three? Did he brand all three?
Know that they don’t show that, so maybe it’s in the process of being
branded, but right now,
I mean on their website, they’re all brand new on the website.
They’re branded, right,
because let’s see, jumping around here a little bit,
but. So Dearborn wacker drive and north end
is the one you. Yeah,
so those are the three. So we have to.
But here’s the thing, we’re marketers,
we do this every day. We can jump to the website and really
quick we can compare a hungry consumer and one that’s so hungry that they’re
angry. You’ve heard hangry,
right? That’s how I.
that’s how. That’s how I get.
So you get hangry, so a customer so hangry,
they’re not going to go and do that cross check and all that stuff.
They’re going to want to make sure that’s the right restaurant right place.
Okay. So what we’re seeing here is there’s
branding and consistency, which actually is funny you say that
because I remember on this show he was saying marcus was saying one of the big
things he didn’t like about the business was that inconsistency of the brand.
And you’d think like, one of the first things he would do when
you know, adding some money in is actually working
on that consistency and he didn’t need it,
at least not yet. But,
but okay. Listen,
I’ll do respect to marcus Lemonis. I think he’s an amazing guy.
I watched the show. I learned a lot from what he does.
I’m brilliant, brilliant,
brilliant. And he’s,
he’s a self made success. But I will say this,
the show was filmed months ago, many moons ago,
and so it aired just recently, just within a few weeks there should
have been those changes. So whether it’s marketing,
marketing or one of his marketing companies,
or if it’s a third party, they should be on this stuff.
Or Marcus Lemonis should work with us just saying.
But let’s look at the Google my business profile a little bit.
So you even pointed out they have four point one reviews are four point one
stars. I’m sorry,
169 google reviews. Now Google reviews can be left by anyone
with a google account. What we’ve seen and what I’ve seen and
we’re going to see as we do more business breakdowns because I think,
I’m hoping people like this is fun, but for us anyway,
it’s fun for us. I think want to watch this.
I mean you can see us, you can see the screen so you see what
we’re looking at, but if marcus has had a bad experience
with a restaurant or a business, you’ll see negative reviews because
everybody is a fan boy and all of a sudden they’re standing up for Marcus’s
honor, so they’re going to actually leave
negative reviews. I’ve even read somewhere that says like,
how could you do that to Marcus? Really they haven’t.
And that actually violates Google’s of service when it comes to reviews the
customer. So if a business owner really wanted to,
they could have those flagged and removed by Google because they’re not a
real customer. But needless to say,
reputation looks good. One hundred 69 reviews.
Not Bad. I think they could proactively grab a
lot more, especially during New York City.
I mean, I’m sorry. There’s Chicago metropolitan area,
three locations, right?
So now that they’re going to have the brand consistency,
honestly, like if I were looking at this
subjectively, I would just say probably get thousand
and let’s look, I mean Yelp,
yelp is obviously a different review platform and it’s one that business
owners don’t have a lot of control over unless you’re.
This is, there’s a double reason tables on the
beach only go to them. I think that might be their old one in
Florida. There’s one down below.
So yeah, I bet that’s old one.
Yeah. That’s got to be the.
Okay, so then let’s look down below though.
NYC, Bagel,
Deli. We’re seeing 300,
13 reviews, four stars.
So they have more yelp reviews, obviously metropolitan area a lot more
yelpers. Makes Sense.
Makes Sense. One thing that the does is showing is,
okay, yelp has a lot of reviews,
so people that are using yelp makes total sense.
If you’re in a metropolitan area, most likely,
or you might use yelp or foursquare, but google is still the Goto.
Google is where you’re finding the information so they need more review
distribution. They need even even keeled distribution,
so they should be proactively trying to grab more google reviews so that they
have 300 on yelp and 300 or 400 or $500 on Google and then go for tripadvisor
and then go for some of the other review sites that have to do with the
restaurants. Yep.
Makes Sense. Makes total sense to me.
Now the rest of their information, I will say that. So let’s just go down.
If you can mouse over it, uh,
above. There’s the,
that’s the description. So the description you have up to 750
characters, they’re not using that.
And this is where once they rebrand as cory’s Nyc Bagel Deli,
then you can say formerly Nyc Bagel Deli.
And you can also say as seen on the profit.
Makes Sense, why wouldn’t you want to use the.
So you want us, you want to be using that?
You want to try to get as much star power as you can.
One of the things that you’ll see with these businesses,
people will watch the show and so the show will have it will air on a network.
And then it will show streaming, it will be in syndication and you’re
going to see diminishing returns for the viewership of that show,
right strike while the irons hot. This is where I would make sure I have
all of that information right there so that people can check and make sure you
know you’ve got the address. Great.
You have the hours. Very,
very important. Holiday,
Arizona, no holiday hours that we’re seeing in
the holiday. Apple could have been a week.
It could be coming up. You have the ability to order from
several different sites. It’s great.
The phone number and one thing that I’m seeing.
If you scroll down a little bit, keep scrolling.
So see where it says posts from Nyc Deli on their posts are so important.
They’re mission critical. Now a post is an update that you can
create on your google my business profile and these posts live for seven
days, so google actually allows you to create
the post and I’m not even going to ask you when it was posted.
I’ll ask you in a second. I’m not looking.
You can go onto google and you can go into your google my business dashboard
and create a post, and since they have three locations,
they would have three different posts. Now these posts live for seven days.
You can do a coupon, you can do a promotion and event.
You can link to somewhere like to order. Now.
This is where I would use posts to showcase the Bagel sandwiches,
especially at lunchtime, Hey,
you hungry? We’ve got this beautiful Turkey Bagel
Sandwich, or we’ve got a ruben on a Bagel type of
thing. Then also if you want to draw,
if sales are slow, they could use the post to drive traffic
to the site. Hey,
come in now by two bagels sandwiches, get a free bag of chips or a free drink
or whatever, so they could use some promos to upsell
and get some more, some more revenue.
Now one of the other things with posts is you can also upload video on the
show. They showed how they made the bagels.
Yeah. How they actually liked the machine cut
the bagels that came through the assembly line. They wrapped them up and they put them
on the tray and then the tray they slid in.
People are interested in that kind of stuff.
How it’s made, right?
Like you just eat the Bagel. You’re like,
this is amazing. The bagel is,
you know, has a nice crust on the outside.
It’s fluffy on the inside. We should be showing those things,
show how the bagels, the bagels cut and the steam comes out
of it. Yeah.
Those types of things will make people salivate.
That’s gonna make people want to go eat at cory’s.
Especially when the fanfare is over. Yeah.
When was the last post? It was like 2017 while it hurts,
but needless to say that something that they can continue to do,
they should start doing it for all three locations at the end of the world,
at the end of the world. Okay.
So Jake, why don’t we actually click on to the
website. We’ve broken down in search engine
results in Google my business. What do you think about the website?
What do I think? What do you.
What do you. Let me ready for this ride.
What do you. What are you thinking here? Uh,
you know, the first thing I do see it’s good to do
with the branding. Did you have the correct branding here
on the website? That’s,
that’s good to see, right?
They made that change, but a lot of funding.
A ton of direction. Yeah.
I mean they had the catering. They have order pickup,
grub hub and stuff. I guess that’s fine.
But to me, I think the one question I’m left with
the question here, I knew that there’s a lot of locations,
right? So if I order kitchens,
yes, I assume it’s gonna.
Ask me what location. Let’s see.
We’ll see what it does. It doesn’t say first thing you have to
do is what you have to pick your order and I assume,
I assume let’s go through it. Yeah.
Why not let pick the spicy buffalo chicken sandwich and we’re doing this
more from a user experience standpoint. So it’s really important.
You know what, this place is probably already getting a
lot of traffic by the reviews, but now are people going to come to the
site and ordering more because of this prominence [inaudible].
Okay. So I’m just picking some random things
here and random stuff. Ordering systems find it’s pretty basic.
You can add to cart. So they’re basically using an ecommerce
shopping cart, proceed to checkout, estimated shipping attack.
So what they’ve done is they’ve used a shopping cart platform,
not sure which one. It could be one that they’ve integrated
and it could be one that’s that they built the whole site on which could
explain some of the usability stuff. So slow.
It’s very slow and that’s where you could lose an order to,
but you see, you know like shipping and tax and those
things that doesn’t apply. So right there the user experience is
taken away from, okay,
now I finally get to the point where I can say I want to pick it up somewhere.
So they showed only gives two options. It only gives two options and they show
delivery and tax and all that stuff. So they don’t even have delivery.
You have to go through a delivery site. So that’s where okay,
they’re, they’re fighting against grub hub and
seamless than those. Those ones who take some money from it
because they take money from them, but they don’t have the right setup,
so it takes away from the user experience.
Therefore they’re probably losing online.
Say I bet they’re not getting a lot of sales through this actual website.
I’m sure people are going to grow up [inaudible] you so much easier to even
have sandwich delivery right there. Yeah,
exactly. So this is pickup,
but like I said, I mean,
so I’m confused because it says order pick up the first thing I would be like,
oh, I want to pick it up from this store.
Yeah. That’s like where are you?
Choose your location and then. And then go,
so click on, let’s check out catering because we
know. I mean mark is really liked it.
He build the commissary catering’s going to be a huge business catering or
something. Right.
All of the restaurant clients that we’ve worked with over the years,
big catering has been huge in that we’ve helped to build up a catering business,
do some branding issues. Okay.
So. And my CBD,
which New York City Bagel Deli.
See, it already confuses me.
Coffee Traveler, so they haven’t gone through the site.
They haven’t combed with a fine tooth comb to make sure that the branding is
legit. Yes.
Consistent. Exactly.
You know, in this show,
if you go back and watch the show, one of the things he’s most proud of,
he says, I made it because I have my own coffee
cups number that. Yep.
He says that in the show. I got goosebumps from.
That was kind of cool, right?
Yeah. But he doesn’t even have them on the
website. No.
Doesn’t have them on the website. So you can’t,
you can’t buy any of the promo merchandise.
So, which I thought about a shirt.
I would’ve bought a shirt if this were available.
Were going through and we’re, we’re basically breaking.
We’re doing a business breakdown. I would buy something.
Yeah. Why not,
right? I would today.
Me Too. I would have worn my corey shirt.
I love the color. I think it’s great.
So here’s a question for you. What if I have a custom order?
That’s a good point. Where do you do?
Where do you go? What do you do?
Does, is there anything like there’s not even
have to assume, I mean being reasonable,
I would probably call the local one, whichever one’s closest to me,
but you’d think there would be the numbers here,
like hey, if you don’t want to order online,
go give your local location or contact form.
Right. Basic contact form.
What are you interested in? How many people,
where are you located? Taleo.
Right? So missed opportunities,
missed opportunities, but again that’s,
that’s huge with you’ve gotten them this far,
they’ve now they’ve found you, they’ve engaged with the site,
they’re clicking around there. Come to the page where they really are
interested in. Don’t make me think,
don’t make me think. Have a mechanism for me to convert.
Sure. So this is a conversion loss,
right? So you’re going to have a lot of people
fall off of this because like click on lox and bagels. Okay.
It’s in stock. Thank goodness it’s in stock.
So I was worried about. Right.
I can get the skew there. You showing.
Yeah. Okay.
So I can add quantity 10. I wanted to add it to my wishlist for a
wishlist at. Let’s compare the lox and bagels to
something else. So again,
yeah, we’re being funny and we’re,
you know, we’re kind of poking at it,
but it’s not a good user experience. This isn’t something that where I’d,
if, and think about the people that order
catering parties from now, I would call them and be like,
I looked at your website, here’s what I want to do,
but you’re making me do more work. Right.
So instead I would have a grid where it’s like,
what are you interested in? Lox and bagels.
Okay, we’re going to,
you know, fill out this.
We’re going to send you some information or we’re going to call you right away. And then that’s where the catering
person calls right away and makes the sale.
So from up sell to right for me, I’m not,
I’m not really crazy about this. Let’s move on.
Let’s move on. How about a gift cards?
Just raise, it’s the holiday season.
Gift Card. Huge.
Huge business here. Okay.
Branding issues. Branding again.
Yep. So they probably printed out all the
gift cards, but that’s where it just print out the
nuance. So what about 10 slash $25?
The denominations you have 100 or 225. It’s kind of cheap.
Probably like within months. Yeah,
it’s not much. Now you’re not going to give that to
your college kid. I mean y’all have it gone in a day.
We have like birthdays where my wife was like,
let’s give them $75. Not One.
I used to get like 10. I know,
right? I was lucky.
So. Okay.
We don’t have a custom amount paid thing.
Right? So now you’re gonna make me if I want to
give away $100. Let’s say that I have a client that I
want to treat for, you know,
for Christmas or Hanukkah, whatever the holidays.
I can only do 25 bucks and then I have to do multiple quantity.
So you’re telling me that I have to give my client two or three or four gift
cards. But look at you like are you kidding me?
Him friends and really have one. So.
Okay, another missed opportunity.
Yeah. Um,
now one thing that we didn’t look at it and it just came to me and what’s up?
Check out the title of the page. You mean homepage?
Yes. You mean that page says this is
something we tell people all the time. I get in this a missed opportunity here.
So the title of the page is homepage and the title can be anywhere from let’s say
40 to 60 characters, right?
Because you have to consider mobile and it can be truncated.
So title shouldn’t be too long. What are you doing here?
Homepage. Oh,
so you got geeky here. Jake is viewing the page source and the
page source actually shows you all the code that goes into this specific web
page you’re on. So,
okay. You just highlighted it,
said that’s the title of the page. Exactly.
I mean that’s important. So if you didn’t know.
So if I’m someone that is designing this website,
right? One,
I want to use the brand name and, or a product or service that I provide.
So in this case Chicago’s Best Bagels, worries,
Nyc Bagel, Deli cheese,
Bagel Deli. Absolutely right.
I would use a couple of different things and then throughout the site you
continue to use different page shuttles that align with what the page is about,
but also pull in based on search results based on what people are searching for.
So keywords so we could actually go and use something like Google ads,
keyword planner and find out what people are looking for. Exactly.
So it could be like. I mean I don’t know anything about
Chicago but you know, south in Chicago or North in Chicago.
Yeah. Beggary.
Yeah, something like that.
Yeah. So best bagels in Chicago land.
Right, right.
So best bagels in Dearborn we saw the different locations.
So even that because people are using the words best.
Right. They’re using it more and more because
and near and near me. So best.
Yeah. The best bagels in near Chicago,
near whatever we don’t. Again,
we sears tower. Sears Tower.
Yeah. Whatever the river.
I don’t, I don’t know the pier.
So I’m from Boston there I guess I have no idea.
So needless to say, this is a really a big missed
opportunity. And the description as well as NYC
Bagel, Deli and catering description can be
about 140 to 150 characters. Right?
And then it gets truncated. So this right here is definitely not
anywhere near that. No.
And that’s where you could say it’s the wrong branding.
It’s they’re on brand. But guess what?
The first thing I would say as featured on the profit.
Oh Man. Yeah.
And then enjoy a delicious Bagel Sandwich.
Should the NYC at Cory’s famous NYC Bagel Deli.
Chicago. Chicago’s best bagels recently featured
on. Yup.
So there’s so much you can put in there. Exactly.
Because then where do these two things show up?
They show up all the way back here in Google.
Okay. So that’s.
So this top one thing. So can you explain to me something and
explained to everybody watching why does it say Nyc Bagel?
Deli instead of home page. It pulls that in because that’s the name
of the business or the name of the site. Right.
Okay. So because they just did the generic
home page and said, we’re gonna,
change this to the business name. A lot of times,
even with the homepage, a lot of times in search,
if you actually physically search for the business,
even if you do have a longer pitch, I’ll.
It’ll still show just the business name. Okay?
So, and then the description,
what we just saw in that page source that you’re showing NYC.
So that right there, ladies and gentlemen,
is a very big missed opportunity. This is showing up at the top and we
could see the words, the profit.
We could see best bagels, delicious Bangles,
Chicago, all our markets,
Ramona’s, all of those things,
especially if it’s not a legal issue, right?
Use that star power and I’m sure Marcus would be fine with that because an
investor he owns 20 percent, right?
Right. He’s an investor.
So again, I’m looking at the website and they
should do that on every single page on the about page and the contact page. This is very true.
So it shouldn’t just be about us. It should be either about cory’s famous
NYC bagels, best bagels in Chicago or some recently
featured on the recently featured on Oprah as part of the description,
right, so we’re not going to get too much into
on page seo here, but you have an idea of metal titles and
Meta description to elements of your site that are very,
very important and mission critical for when you’re showing up in search
interest. It’s easy to do,
easy quick to do so even if you’re busy, you can take an hour and you can
probably get most of it done and it doesn’t have to be perfect.
People are searching for. I mean you can go and spend hours and
days. Yeah,
exactly. That’s one of the things you should
always be looking and go back to the keyword planner,
so if you’re looking, go to Google and type in keyword
planner. We have a google account.
You can access it. See what people are searching for in
your neck of the woods. Now we’ve looked at the site.
Okay, so we’ve gone through the ordering
experience. Who looked at catering,
looked at the on page seo. Some of it,
um, let’s look at social.
Good idea. Yeah.
I’d say there’s some more here, but yeah,
I think it’s totally good. Okay. Okay.
What do you think? Well,
there’s the brand name, so finally the branding’s on point is
correct. Uh,
the center website to correct on the website.
So the website and the fe and the facebook page have consistent branding.
Now the cover of this page is Bagel Sandwich.
Looks fine, although,
you know, honestly if I was looking at this,
it might be a role. It could be your role.
You don’t really know because you made it that perspective.
I definitely can tell it’s a Bagel, like if I look at it,
but not, not my first impression.
There’s no hole. It’s like that food porn,
right? Is that people are seeing it and now
they start salivating. It’s late lunch,
like you’re selling the Turkey or whatever that is.
It looks like the Bagel, like cell in the bagels because I’m
handcart Turkey. Right.
So with that, there are a couple of opportunities
there. One,
you could put some branding on it so you could have a logo on there.
You could change up the colors a little bit so that it really plays with the
color scheme. Um,
the other thing is like, we’re,
like you’re saying maybe angle it up a little bit so you can see that the baby
will see the hole on top. Another thing is they can do a cover
video, which would be really cool.
It would be really cool. Especially a cover video of Marcus
Lemonis in the store or making the veil. God fanboys would go nuts right re.
Amazing. Yeah.
So right there, cover cover,
photo, cover video could be better.
They do have the start order. Let’s click on it.
Let’s see what it does. Grubhub goes to grub hub so it doesn’t
even go to their own store, but it goes to grub hub store. But Click Click back for a second.
Hub. The dearborn location,
right. So right there instead of.
You don’t even know like why that location or that location?
Probably because it’s delivery. That’s where they,
they do it, but it’s still,
it’s definitely confusing. Then you know what?
You make a landing page case that has three locations.
You say choose your nearest location and then it goes to the grub hub location.
Simple, easy fix.
Okay, so we’ve got nearly 4,000
fans. It’s great.
Great. A four point three out of five based on
156 people again could be up, but that’s a good resource.
Not the worst. This is tied to the Dearborn location,
so one thing that they haven’t done yet which is available for a multi store
locations are multi-store businesses as you can actually have a location staff
and the locations. You can choose the Dearborn,
the North Street, all those. Sure.
North App. So right there.
Another missed opportunity. We do see corey finally,
which is great and we start seeing the product and the branding,
the branding, but there’s a hat.
We’re in Tampa right now and it’s stories.
It’s $50. He’s freezing up from Boston.
This is like summer, but it’s like 55 degrees,
60 degrees out. It’s wonderful.
If we could have a headline that where do we order them?
We have to go in the store. We can.
So right there another missed opportunity,
but now we’re seeing some posts. Now here’s one thing though,
on a facebook page, you can pin a post.
Wouldn’t you end the post to considering that the profit error pin,
that post, it’s just recently.
It was recently, so I would post.
I would pin that for a few weeks and really make sure that people are still
absolutely Korean Marcus. Yeah,
like tag team it, right.
Get that star power as much as you can. And if I were marcus,
I would insist on that. I’ll say,
guys, let’s really build this.
Let’s make sure that they know that the Profit and Marcus Lemonis is tied to
this nuisance. Just.
Okay. And then let’s see.
So let’s look at their posting frequency.
So November 20 seconds, scroll up.
December sixth, they are not posting frequently. If you click on posts over to the left,
now we’ll get an actual view of upon many posts.
So December sixth, we saw that one.
November 22nd, November twelfth,
okay. It’d be like two weeks again,
a missed opportunity. Hey,
they got here, they got area.
They’re very cool. That was October 30.
First [inaudible] very cool, but they have way too many days to treat
us. Every two weeks.
You should be posting three to five times a week if not more.
Right? Right.
Especially right now, you should be featuring the different
sandwiches like they. They have the ability to create so many
different, like almost an infinite amount of Bagel
sandwich combinations, right?
If you do the permutations, which is a very nerdy word,
but they could showcase all the different bagels.
They could showcase all the different toppings.
Everything else. Make your own Bagel.
People eating the bagels. That social proof that I’m watching
someone else eat the Bagel. It’s a video of someone lighting in and
then making this face like, holy Moly,
I just bit into heaven. I’m looking for like,
do they ever post anything about the show?
I’m still not seeing it. Not Dimension.
I mean, no,
there’s not even that much engagement here.
That’s because they’re not posting that much.
So you know the. It’s,
it’s shown that your people, you’re going to have less than one
percent chance of people coming to your facebook page right now.
The ability for your organic posts, so that just means posts that you
create, you upload something,
you put it up, the ability for your organic posts to
show on the facebook newsfeed is about two percent.
You have to pay to play right now. I bet they’d gotten a lot of fans over
the past few weeks because people have watched the show,
but this is a missed opportunity right here. This is what I would’ve done and in the
comments below, hey,
disagree with me. Agree with me.
Tell me what you would do differently right here.
I would have had the shop setup since they have a shopping cart on their site
and I would’ve had cory’s merchandise available and I would have been
promoting the cory’s merchandise. Right,
and people are profit fans. This just came out before Christmas and
Hanukkah, 2018 people can go and buy those those
presents for totally buy it. They totally buy it.
He could have seen huge revenue here now,
so little disappointed honestly, because I think that’s a missed
opportunity, but that’s what we keep saying again and
again, it seems like the theme of this one.
I agree. Needless to say.
Um, I,
I think that the facebook page definitely needs a lot of work it needs.
If it was a report card that I got in elementary school,
it would be nih needs improvement videos.
Okay, look at the videos now.
Why were they posted September 19th, July ninth,
October 22nd 2017. So again,
the frequency and the cadence of videos is not good a click on that one. Now this is the same video.
This is the same video that people actually see on the website.
This is the kind of stuff though that people want to see how their Bagel
sandwiches made. Making a Reuben looks,
those issues looks that stuff makes you salivate.
The brand is off. Make a new one.
You can use a lot of this same b roll footage.
B Roll footage is footage that you know, it can be used.
Again, it’s just kind of random,
couple of those things slot in different things.
There’s the wrong branding again and it only shows the dearborn location once
again show the three locations. So that was an awesome video if they use
it properly and if they could just pop in some of the newly branded go have any of the videos from the
recent shooting either or anything else that’s.
And that might be a legal thing, you know,
it could have. So that you can think of.
Definitely. I’m,
I’m wondering like, but could you like offset?
I mean I’ve just been like, hey marcus,
let’s do a quick video. Just like my newest investor.
Yeah, my newest investor. Or would it.
It could be a CNBC thing too, but could market say,
hey, let’s take some.
Marcus has done it before though. I’ve seen him when he was um,
it was another episode where he was actually doing a facebook live video.
Nice. So where’s the facebook live for this
page showing hey, marcus is in the store.
He’s making bagels right now. So they didn’t get on it that way.
Right. Same thing.
Ms Dot Hurley. Ms Dot opportunity.
Okay. So did they have any events? No.
Nope. Alright, and wrap it up.
All right. Time to wrap it up.
So let’s kind of go through, if you click back onto search engine
results page. Sure.
What are we given a score? So on business break down what we’re
going to do at the end, just like if someone was making a dive,
we’re going to give it or you know, dancing with the stars.
We’re going to rate it a one to 10. How would you rate the search engine
results page? I’d say maybe a four to five, I think.
I think a four. I think you’re being generous with the
five. A four because there were a lot of
missed opportunities with the title description.
The branding’s off the url. Is the URL wrong?
That is wrong. It’s right for what the business used to
be, but it used to be but they own cory’s now.
Right? It should be going to court
So all of these things in consideration. Yeah.
I’m going to give it a four out of 10. Okay.
Let’s move to the website website. So we went through the user experience.
We went through the different pages. Again,
the Metta title, description,
some of those seo elements. What are you thinking here? I’d say a five,
you know, I mean certainly they can do a whole,
whole lot more. The things are leading with are okay,
but I think it needs a little more direction.
Um, I think obviously the Seo needs tons of
work. So I mean,
yeah, I think if I were this business,
I’d start over. Yep.
I’m gonna stay with affordable and I’ll tell you why.
I know I’m being harsh, but one is I am me,
I am, but,
but the whole point of this is that I want to be honest and candid and that’s,
that’s my whole approach to what I’m teaching small businesses and at
workshops and events for Google. I’ve,
if I’m not honest with someone then they’re not going to get better.
It’s true. So number one is should not be built on
a shopping cart. Platform.
Number two are there. You should be,
like we said, with placing an order,
it should be by location first. So that you can actually qualify and at
the end if I’ve gone through everything and I can only pick up from two
locations, you have lost me as a customer forever.
The catering is totally off the. You should have the contact form.
Right? And then scroll down, keep going,
keep going. Social media is at the end and we didn’t
even get to the fact that they don’t have email marketing.
Oh totally. We didn’t talk about that,
but there’s no email marketing subscription tool probably because it
wasn’t here for. Got It.
Right. Yet we.
That’s so, oh my goodness.
But you know, email marketing aside,
they’ll get a zero or one out of 10 because they don’t have email marketing,
which has been proven to be one of the highest drivers of Roi or return on
investment even for the basics, but to drive lunch specials,
to do, to drive catering orders to sell this
promo merchandise that he’s so proud of having. So what I would do,
I mean if I, if I were these guys,
I think what I would do is I’d probably start over when a platform like
wordpress or squarespace or something. I wouldn’t even sell my actual physical
products on here. I would sell like the tee shirts and
things like that on the website, yes.
But I would focus on pushing all of the orders because they’re already doing
that to grub hub. Clearly they don’t want to deal with
those internal issues have. They don’t have the infrastructure for
that. So push everything to grow up hub uber
eats or whatever. Focus your website on selling all this
merchandise, all the merchandise because that’s where
you’re going to get a lot of sales now that it’s owned by marketing and feature
the, you know,
the bagels and make them look really cool and exciting.
And if each of the locations and tell the story of a business,
not just, I would show him what’s going on and I
know we’re getting off this whole rating system,
but I would showcase the actual sandwich with the cup.
Oh yeah. Or with a shirt in the background.
Pretty cool. Something like that.
So you said, so are you revising your,
your rating? Two,
three. I think all of them back down to three.
You know, I was trying to be nice.
I’m gonna. Listen,
I’m gonna I’m gonna. I’m gonna.
Say it for it. I’ll say it for,
but either. Either way.
We’re both getting. These are not the best scores.
They’re under five. They’re under half their negative
scores. Basically.
We’re both at a consensus they should rebuild the site.
Nope. Okay.
So we looked and finally social media. So social media,
um, lot of missed opportunities here.
You know, I think I pointed out the cover photo
can be changed or an undercover video would be huge for engagement.
They’re not posting enough. We didn’t even get into their other
social mediums. Don’t have to,
but they’re about the same. Probably about the same,
but when we’re looking at facebook, which is the most popular social media
with two point 3 billion monthly active users,
you’ve got to be on par. It’s the number three search engine
behind Google and youtube. So they should be posting more.
They should have more reviews or more recommendations.
Um, it should have multiple locations,
so not just the Dearborn address, but the other two.
And honestly I just think that it’s a huge missed opportunity here for them to
create a community after being on TV. That’s the whole thing here.
We’re breaking down this business because they are on a national stage.
They’re on TV, on CNBC,
on Hulu, on Youtube.
Right, right.
So huge audience, a huge audience.
I’m going to tell you, I would give this a three out of town.
I kind of agree because I mean even, you know,
we said 4,000 people liking this.
That’s, I mean,
it’s not bad for a local business, but they’re not a local business
anymore. No,
I mean now they have such national. Supposed to drive them into a national
brand easily. So starting from this is what I would
call building on a foundation of sand. It’s really not a good foundation to
start on. That said,
it can always be improved and they could start today.
Once they see this video, they could go in and say,
you know what? Screw those guys,
we’re going to start posting everyday. We’re going to change our website.
Maybe they already have it in the works. We don’t know that it can be all
involved. This stuff that works,
we just don’t know. We don’t know,
but considering it aired two weeks ago, I would be working behind the ball,
so we’re going to give it a three out of 10,
so on average if we’re averaging everything out,
we’re at about a four. That’s not good.
So I think the whole thing here, and we have to,
we agree on this, we do this with utmost respect to you,
Corey Kaplan and Marcus Lemonis. You have a great business,
you’ve got a great business and honestly it’s obvious you’ve.
You’ve survived all these years, you’ve grown multiple locations,
you’re pulling in really good revenue per location and I think with this
business deal, you’re going to pull in a lot more.
What we’re pointing out are the digital holes or the digital gaps that you could
fill in order to really build a bigger, better business. That’s what we’re here for.
So on behalf of business breakdown and the bigger,
better business channel, I’m Bryan Caplan,
I’m jake burns. And what I’m going to ask you guys,
for those of you watching, if you enjoyed the video,
click like if you have something, if you agree with us,
if you disagree with us, we welcome it.
Write it down in the comments below. If you go onto corey’s bagels site or
their social media, you find something else that maybe they
could improve right in the comments below.
We’ll reply to everyone we read, every single one.
And finally, most importantly,
subscribe to the channel. This is the first of many,
very important. It’s like so many free tips,
so many free tips. We’re we’re doing this free.
What we’re doing is we’re trying to actually and basically give you the
knowhow, the tools,
everything you need to grow a bigger, better small business by yourself,
by yourself. And what we’ve seen in why we’re doing
that is because there are so many people that want to take money and they want to
give you this a little bit. We’re building a channel every day,
every day. This year from our customers,
it’s amazing. You should and you know there’s,
that’s why past marketing firms, so that’s why we built the bigger,
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So I’m going to ask you subscribe to bigger,
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We’ll even have be having guests will be doing tutorials,
will be doing screen shares, all that good stuff to help you and
really equip you with the tools and the know how to grow that bigger,
better business. So until next time,
here’s to your success.

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