The President announces The John Eatwell Fellowship

The President announces The John Eatwell Fellowship

There’s one other task I have
which is slightly embarrassing but I’ll get through it and that is the
College is today launching an appeal for the John Eatwell Fellowship. I was going
to say Memorial Fellowship but there we are will leave that to one side for now.
The objective of this Fellowship is to create a Fellowship in no specific
subject. The reason for that is so often the College has a particular
challenge to find teaching and research expertise in a field which is
unexpectedly become vacant. Perhaps somebody’s got a Professorship at
another University and gone away we’ve suddenly lost an outstanding teacher and
we need to be able to find someone else. So the idea is to create a
Fellowship not in a specific subject but simply – I was going to say in memory
again and I can’t help it – but simply named after me as, I suppose, a
memento of these 23 years that I’ve been here. If you do feel you can contribute I
would be enormously grateful, both on my own behalf and on behalf of the College,
because it is the sort of resource, a flexible resource, which really is
enormously useful in operating the outstanding teaching and research entity
that this College actually represents.

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