The power of UB’s Social Impact Fellowship

The power of UB’s Social Impact Fellowship

Childhood poverty is a big issue in the
community, specifically Buffalo, so there’s a need for beds for these
children to have. We were tasked to look at the Beds for Buffalo program and how we can sustain the growth into the future. The Social Impact Fellowship is a program that brings together three
disciplines. We have a fellow from the School of Management, a fellow from the School of Social Work and a fellow from the College of Arts and Sciences. I think we might get stuck in our own ways sometimes. It’s good to have everyone come together ’cause you might be blind to certain things that other
group members help you open your eyes to. Legworks is a for-profit social
organization, which is quite unique for startups. What we want to do is present what Legworks does in an impactful and concise manner. I feel very lucky in that our team gets along very well. You know, we’re all very open-minded, flexible people. Abid is very analytical. Derick is probably the most creative person I’ve ever met. He is always coming up with a new idea. I bring that social work
perspective into it, so thinking about human rights, thinking about being
trauma-informed. We always talk about diversity. I think this is what true diversity means, you know, bringing people from different backgrounds together. I was able to witness this firsthand and how powerful that is. At other universities it’s very hard to get something going, from the School of Management, the School of Social Work, and the College of Arts and Sciences, all working together in a city in real time to solve real problems. I think this kind of program makes UB tremendously special.

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