The Ohio River Consortium

The Ohio River Consortium

The mission of the Ohio River Consortium is to form a collaborative between four school districts, Avonworth, Moon, Cornell, and Quaker Valley, and Robert Morris University, to train teachers both in-service and pre-service to present in their classrooms more engaged, more creative learning that’s focused on producing products, making things, and problem-solving together. The impact of participating in this consortium is really, pretty significant I would think to all of the districts that participated in all the schools that are involved because we were able to, I know here at my own school district, we were able to create these maker spaces that allow for a different type of learning and a way to get at the curriculum in different ways. The Grable Foundation has really been a leader in pushing for a change in how we teach and how we educate children that is more creative, more engaged, more focused. So, they’re a local leader in the maker movement, but moreover, their national leader. Well, you know, I really believe that partnerships power learning, and anytime you can set of collaborations between school districts, students, teachers, it really benefits everyone. So, in this idea the Ohio River Consortium really offers a lot to all the participating districts. Each district is unique in its own way, and there are the individuals that make up the district have special talents and abilities. So, when you set up a network where people have an opportunity to share with one another, they really generate a lot of energy within the consortiums. I think it’s a really beneficial thing for everyone involved. A lot of universities have a collaboration, but nothing quite in this nature, especially focused on maker-based learning. So, I like the idea of it having a focus on project-based learning instead of just passive learning, which has been kind of the hallmark of American education for quite a few decades, since the beginning of time really.

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