The Nefarious Consortium a Omnimoor Film Production LTD & Stephen Foster film 3

The Nefarious Consortium a Omnimoor Film Production LTD & Stephen Foster film 3

(dramatic music) (eerie music) (siren sounding in background) (knocking) – What you got? – Oh yeah. (chuckling) Cee Cee. – Call Bucky, call Bucky. – Nah man, we gotta get papers first. That’s ace, king, king, and your diamond. (laughing) – You got lucky this time. It’s your shuffle, man, it’s your shuffle. – Come on. Come to play again? You need to learn a little
bit of hu’bility, bruv. – Why do you always laugh and
turn this into something extra? – What, you can’t take a
friendly bit of fight talk? Put your game face on then, yeah? Not this defeated gaze, bro. Mate, you gotta learn to play the game, not let the game play you. Fucking roll that spliff quicker, bubs. ♪ Every morning, every night ♪ ♪ We pray to god to
protect the world today ♪ ♪ Bless the children, keep them safe ♪ ♪ For the innocence of love and truth ♪ ♪ Must not be dissuade ♪ ♪ Trouble times and confusion ♪ ♪ Leaders of illusion ♪ ♪ Destruction is on the rise ♪ ♪ Power plays with the mind ♪ ♪ The evil is disguised ♪ ♪ Don’t let them take you by surprise ♪ ♪ Gotta keep going on ♪ ♪ Bruv you’re on your own now ♪ ♪ The road is long ♪ ♪ Watch your back now ♪ ♪ Gotta keep going on ♪ ♪ Gotta learn to be strong ♪ – [Reporter] The discovery of the remains of eight children were
found in an abandoned school and the arrest of two women both from a leading church brigade. – Here’s your tea, babe. – I said coffee. Put that on the table, please. (laughing) – How are you? – Feeling good, much better. – So, do you want anything else? – There is one thing you can do for me. – Just one thing? (giggling) I’m just so glad you’re feeling better. – Stop worrying. – I don’t know how not to. – I’m not going anywhere. – [Man] You have
companies like Vision Corp along with similar organisations
that are running the world! (gunshots and screaming) (knocking) (people laughing) — The fuck’s up, gangster?
— Shut up, idiot. – Sorry. The fuck is this? – Turn it down, man. – Do you think the dead can live again? Answer, yes, no. Maybe. She’s right, huh? – [Stanton] Why do you
start that messed up talk. You sound childish. – What, street talk, man. That’s how my boys talk, you know that. – Street? You mean you mean reality TV. – Ah, no, reality. Not reality TV. (phone ringing) Yo. Yeah. Yeah give me back 20 All right, see you in a bit. Listen, man. I gotta bounce. Gotta do some rounds. – So Matt’s got you doing
his dirty work, huh? – Well, you know. Just trying to make my way in the world. So how are you? Like really. – Good. – You good? – I’m all good. – That’s good. – Look, you can be anything you want. You don’t have to do this. – Oh, come on, you’re starting to sound like that mate you what’s his name, Enos. – [Reporter] Today on BBD news, I will be talking to Professor Lightman and Dr. Samuels from
the Church of Redemption on the subject of God. – [Jinxy] You know, we
haven’t even met this guy. – [Stanton] You mean Enoch. You’ve seen them with me. He just knows a lot about
the supernatural stuff at land, that’s all. – [Reporter] Is there any proof on there being a spirit form? Is creation the real deal? – Mmm, the real deal. Let’s talk about the real deal. ‘Cause I’ve got something for you that’ll put you in a zone that
I like to call the real deal. Some real banging shit right here. For you. – [Reporter] And is there such
a thing as the supernatural? With the rise of current
events which have happened in the church, is there
still a need for religion? Satanists want to have
their church declared as an official church and they want to be
recognised as a religion. – Right, well you better check this out ’cause that’ll get you some real supernatural buzz, yeah? but go easy on it, yeah? ‘Cause I don’t want it messing you up. Can’t get on the wrong
side of your missus, you know what I’m saying? – Stop winding her up
with all that dumb crap. – So I’ll see you’s in a bit. – Look. Luke and I, we still want out of the game. It took our souls away. – Yeah, I know. – It’s a dangerous and hopeful life. You don’t need the grief. – Listen. Luke got careless. That’s how he got taken out. I won’t make that mistake. – He wasn’t taken out. He was murdered two years ago! Wake up and open your eyes! – I know the time now. My eyes are open. Won’t happen to me. – When I said change your life I didn’t mean start selling drugs. – You’re starting to sound like
one of them preachers, man. Listen, I’ve gotta bounce, fine sir. And Madam! – [Man] The spirit of Satan is near you, you’ll see that it’s accompanied
by hordes of flies, rats (applause) – I thought you were stopping this. – I know. I don’t know why I took it. – I do. – I don’t. – We have worked too
hard for our new lives. (bell tolling) – What are you up to these days? – Not much. Yeah I don’t trouble that shit no more. – Well you take good care of yourself and be good, yeah? (siren sounding) – God found fault with the first covenant. And it states clearly
in Hebrews chapter eight verses seven to twelve For if that first covenant
had been flawless, then no place would have
been sought for a second. The first covenant was God saying “If you obey me, I will bless you. “If you keep my statues,
all 10 of my commandments “and all of my judgments, “then all of my blessings
will come to you.” God found fault with that covenant. Why? Because it relied upon man’s obedience. Sin will try to make us
focus on our obedience. As there will always be shortfalls, we will never have done enough, and that’s just the reality. It’s just true. So as long as we look upon our obedience, we will continue to fall short. We must look upon the obedience of Jesus. For his being on the cross blessed us all. Do you remember anything
that happened that night? In time – If God was loving, how can he allow the things he allows to happen to people? (sighing) – He is a God of mystery. – Tell me about demons, can you? – Demons are only our personal struggles which we all face in life. There were no actual demons. – [Woman] We have DJ Destiny here from our sister radio station
coming on later today. Over to you, Tim. – Can I help you? – Hello, I’m just looking for something like a bit special for
a friend’s birthday. – A bit special? Well all my stock’s out. If you want something special, I have to order it in for you. I might have something special for you. I know what you might think is special. This, what about this? My pussy. (light hip hop music) (phone beeping) (phone ringing) Guess what? – Hey Loraine. Come in, just making us some tea. You take milk, right? – Mmm. – How are you my love? – I’m good. It’s just been such a busy day. – Yeah? Oh, what’s up, babe? – Well, what is wrong with me? What man won’t want a bit of this? – Look, you’re gonna find your Mr. Right. Your problem is you’re
advertising for Mr. Right Now. – Mmm, and what’s that
supposed to mean exactly? – Well, maybe you just
need to slow things down a bit more than you have been. – I can’t be bothered with all that. (giggling) I wanna find a guy, see that I like him and get it on with him. – Yeah but, don’t you wanna make sure
you’re compatible first? – But, that’s what I do. – You don’t. You find a man, you take him to bed, then you think about compatibility. – I just, I just don’t know all
that taking it slow bull. – Yeah but, don’t you think a man’s looking to think you’re settling down material? – [Loraine] I can’t win. If I don’t have sex with
them, they say I’m boring. But if I do have sex with them, then they just label me. – Look. You’re gonna find your Mr. Right. You just gotta stop
settling for Mr. Right Now. – Well I can have a bit of fun while I’m doing it, can’t I? Specially if he’s a handsome devil. (laughing) – You know, um, Stanton’s changing a bit. – How? In a bad way? (knocking) – Well let’s see what they say then. And ask what you’re waiting for. – And you? (eerie music) What’s going on in your life that you need clarification with? Everything ain’t all right, is it? – I’m just not sure that he’s back. – [Loraine] What do you mean back? He’s here. – I mean the same. I just, I think his mind’s
playing tricks on him. – [Loraine] You’re so anxious, aren’t you? – I just want him to be
back being my husband. My Stanton. It’s not the same. – Look, what he went through, it’s gonna take a bit
more time, I suppose. (eerie music) – No. It’s different. – Sounds like you’re sitting on the horns of the dilemma, aren’t you? – [Jackie] He’s different. – He acts different? – [Jackie] I don’t know, it’s just, – You’re clearly anxious. You’re drained, aren’t you? – [Jackie] I just want him to
be back to being my husband. – I know. Let’s see what the cards say. I know they’ll help you. The cards don’t steer me wrong, not ever. – Taking a piss, bro. – Who’s that? – No, man, just peoples texting me with these fucking numbers. I swear, they knew who I was, they wouldn’t even try. – I mean who’s at the door? – Oh bro, no I’ll get it. Don’t worry about that. You two keep classy and sit down. Yes Stanton, man, how you doing? – Stanton – You look good, good – Hey Stanton, what are you saying, man? – Good. – Haven’t seen you in five. – Yeah Stanton mate, how are you? – Yo, cool. – Good seeing you out of hospital, bro. – Yeah this one used to put people in the hospital, man. – Touch and go there for a while, man. – Yeah, how you feeling? Yeah? Do you remember anything? – Yeah well we all know who did it, that fucking wanker bruv. – What you talking about, bruv? – You know who I’m up about. – That’s speculation,
man, you weren’t there. – Come on bro, everyone
knows his involvement. – Whoah, whoah, say what you said. – It’s just weird, you know. One minute you’re chatting with Matt and next minute, he’s fucking
put you in the hospital, you’re in life support. – What are you saying? This is just coincidence, man. And I swear down, if I
thought he had anything to do with it, I’d fucking drop him. I’d drop him myself. – Climb out of Matt’s ass. We know you’re only up there. – No, none of you were there, man. You don’t even know him. – You got your fucking head up his ass. – What are you talking about, bruv? – You know cos he gives you fucking free drugs, you said. – You know this is gopher, bro. – Listen, whose fucking
drugs are you smoking now? – You’re just a little gopher, bro. – You’re smoking his drugs, man. – You know you’re making me double think. – You think I’d let this slide? Come on, if you think I’d
let anything happen to him. If Matt did it, I’d fucking end him. I’ll fucking end him, bro. I’ll fuck him up, my guarantee. – He ain’t cushy with. – Whose drugs you smoking? – [Man] Mine. – Who’d you buy them off? – [Man] Can’t remember. – Me. You bought them off me an
hour ago, you daft prick. And who’d I get them off? That’s Matt. That’s fucking Matt, mate. Just have some fucking respect, yeah? (phone ringing) – Yo, Freddie. – [Freddie] Yeah? – Yo I’ll be round in a bit man, but you gotta have the
right amount this time. No fucking about. – I’m here to try to tell you you can do better for yourself, yeah? I used to do this shit but I woke up. You can too. Make you feel like a man again. – Shit yeah, like he’d give
up that piece of security for some work. – Fuck off. Yeah Freddie, full amount, man. – [Freddie] Yeah. – I’ll be around in a half hour, okay? Full amount, no pissing about. – Those things you say
don’t make you a man. The words you speak defines you. – Yeah, and money. – And clothes and power. – Yeah. And I got all that. define yourselves, man. Stanton. I’ll see you soon bro, okay? – Take it easy, man. – Yeah, let his pussy lick. – Oh, fuck off, man. – Later (mumbling). – Smoke the foil broth, man. The fuck are you doing anyway? You better get this
house in six years, man. – His fucking mother. – Twat. (siren sounding) – Is it all there? – Most of it. (barking) – What’s this most of it shit. I told you, don’t fuck
around with my dough. I take this shit personal. – It’s cool, I fixed it, right? Don’t worry about it. – I don’t do tick. – Listen, I’ve got it. – You better have ‘Cause when I need to go to market, if I ain’t got my money
I’m gonna be fucking upset. – Listen, it’s done, all right? I’ll fix it. — Yeah?
— Yeah. – I’ve got something for you still. – Ah fuck, I’m not sure, why. – It’s not about pressure. It’s something that will get you ahead. – What you got? – Don’t worry about that. Yeah, you’re like my little brother. You’re like my little brother. And your brother would want
me to look after you still. Yeah? – Yeah. – Tell you later. You seen Freddie? – I’ve seen him. I’m gonna see him. — When?
— Later. – Yo. What’s happening man? – There you are? – Alright? — Yeah.
— What’s up? – You got the cash? – I got no dough yet – What the fuck, you haven’t
got the fucking cash? – What of you want me to do? That’s it, that’s it, I
haven’t got the money yet. – We need the fucking cash tonight. – I’m on it, relax. – What are we fucking gonna do? – Don’t worry, relax. We’ll come up and earn some money. We go out there. – How? How we gonna fucking do that? – The local shopping centre. I’ll take mine off,
I’ll get another jacket and we’ll get out of there. – Fucking shopping centre. They know your stupid fucking face there. – Don’t worry. – We need the fucking money tonight! – We’ll earn some money, don’t worry! – Where we gonna fucking earn money? – Just relax, we’ll earn
some money. (mumbling) – Where? Fucking hell man. I’ll be back in five minutes. – [Man] All right, all right. – Yeah. So they want samples and what not’s. – They ain’t getting no samples. – Yeah. – What’s he doing here? – I don’t know man. – How are you, Matt? – I’m good. How are you? Remember anything yet? – You’ll be the first to
know if anything comes back. (tense music) Still dabbling in your devilry, huh? – I’m a good witch. I wouldn’t hurt a fly. This is all good. Ain’t no devilry. – He’s just joking. – I know. So, Stan the man, shall I pull a card for you? – No thanks. It’s all good. – Come on. – Hey, come on. What will it hurt? – All right, just one then. – I’ll have to ask you a few questions to get a reading on you first, okay? – Shoot. But I’m only doing one question. (dogs barking) (siren sounding) – Okay. What do you wanna know? Any troubles, worries, desires? – Nothing. – There must be something. – No, nothing. All right. Am I gonna be rich? (laughing) – Well I can’t tell you no lottery numbers or nothing like that. But I can tell you you will be financially comfortable. (dog barking) Pick a card. – Don’t wanna touch them. – Come on, I have. – Yeah but that’s you. I feel that there’s something
bad that’s gonna happen. (tense music) – Yes, Freddie, man. You alright How many? – 2 Henry’s. — 2 Henry’s
— One of each. I was gonna say, you got 2 more? – You want more? – Yeah, I just want take two extra now. – Yeah, man. Yeah if you got the cash. – Hey! – Fuck, what’s happening, man? – Look, I was gonna give you a call. I know I owe you some dough. I got some goods here,
if you want them goods. – I don’t want your goods. (car honking) – Please don’t get dark on me. – Know anything about science? – What? – It’s the proven theory
of a particular method. – What? – Mass plus speed equals force. (tense music) (knocking) – Oh. (laughing) – All right. – It’s his friend. – Oh my god, I fucking shit myself. Did I say something? – We don’t curse because we feel that everything has a
spirit, including words. And we don’t use the Lord’s name in vain. – What are you talking about? Back to this? – Pick a card, then. – Well I told you both,
just one card for me. – Safe journey, hon. – I’ll text you later. See you. (urgent music) – [Reporter] 33 days since
the last terror attack. – [Man] The church was
concerned with the accusation of sexual abuse carried out on 14 boys and we’re deeply concerned
with the proceedings. I don’t think that the church
has any cause of alarm. We cannot comment any further. – Yeah you know I just don’t like all that witchcraft stuff. – Witchcraft? It’s just a little bit of
harmless time-wasting fun. – Yeah, that’s what it is. – It’s just a bit of fun. Why can’t you just take it for what it is, just some harmless fun? – [Man] They’re making hell into some kind of sought after family resort. And the devils that hear
of the story wake up. (thunder rumbling) Demon Ale, straight
from the vaults of hell. The devil’s personal brew. Hell rocks with Demon Ale. (tense music) (phone ringing) – Yeah. Freddie told me to come see you. Do not fuck around with my money! I will fold you up and
put you in my pocket. (sighing) – Look. Sorry for coming in a bit strong. Forgive me. – I just wish you’d lighten up a bit. Now I know things aren’t perfect, but, they’re gonna get better. – What do you mean? Things seems perfect to me. – [Man] The devil is here today and the world is his playground. They have along with them
cohorts of nefarious creatures with their nefarious consortium. They range from conjurers,
dealers of witchcraft and magic and shapeshifters, oracles, soothsayers who curse you by using
your own words against you to cause you harm. – Maranatha. Maranatha. Maranatha. – Bless this food we’re
about to receive, amen. – Amen. (applause) – You know, although we just
started going back to church, I have to say that if there is a God then there has to be a devil. – 100 percent. I’m glad that Enoch knows
what he’s talking about. – You know I was kind of
scared to say out loud. I thought people might think
that I’m a bit (whistling) – I know, but there are people out there who are gifted. – I wouldn’t say that’s gifted. They claim to. But you know, you never
know what the next man’s seen or done. I mean you did say your friend Enoch, he’s an angel or something. – I believe in Christ. And by that, I choose to
believe in the spiritual realm, supernatural, you know, not
so much religion, you know. – [Man] So repent, my
brothers and sisters. I have a member of my constituency who sees spirits, angels and demons. So believe me, it’s true. – You know what I want? – What? – Spoon. – Spoon? – [Man] And the rageful
one who poisons you, demons are real. They’re here now and their
only purpose is to attack you and send you to hell to
spend an eternity suffering through torture and unbearable pain. – Demons are only our personal struggles which we all face in life. There were no actual demons. – What would you do if you saw a demon? – Scream. – No. Seriously, what would you do? – No, Stanton, stop it. It scares me. – Sorry babe. – [Man] The holy spirit can bless you with gifts from god such
as the power to heal and cast out demons. – So you say Jackie has no recollection of your friend Enoch? Nor does anyone else? – Yeah, I don’t understand it. – 333 is a number
prevalent with the angels and the ascended masters. Enoch is the name of one
of the ascended humans and who is now an angel. And El is the name of God in Hebrew. So it sounds like your friend this Enoch. Perhaps you could have
created this subconsciously. – How can a man of God not believe in God and believe in all this glory? I know these things happened? – The Church of Redemption
has launched an attack on the economic industry. Top dollars and distributors
are all subsidiaries of Vision Corp, the private
defence corporation department. Vision Corp is thought to be made up of 12 individual leading global
private military companies. (tense music) But they turned out not
to be individual companies but they are one company
and now it has been revealed that they own control of the nine leading global food
manufacturers and distributors. – [Man] There was no
letter J until recently. So how can his name begin with J (eerie music) (static sounding) (voices growling and snickering) (static sounding) (eerie music) ♪ Go to sleep ♪ ♪ God can be there ♪ (woman screaming) (ominous music) (siren sounding in background) – Don’t fuck this up. I’m putting my trust in you. Drop it off and bring back my dough. (eerie music) – [Man] Look at the world now. How everyone are watching these shows which bring them into the
realm of Satanic worship without them even knowing
that they are opening up a gateway to the Satanic realm. Superheroes, supervillains, immortality. Rising from the dead. Mutants, zombies, and aliens. We are here now. These are the end times. The beginning of the end. We are here now! These are those times now! Only a select few share these secrets. Only those who have been
granted this knowledge by those they have been
bending their knee to. They have bowed their
heads to these demons. The fallen angels. Only with the creator will you have a true rich eternal life. (voices on the TV) (applause) (light guitar music) (eerie music) (zapping) (thunder rumbling) (sniffing) ♪ Here they come to see ♪ ♪ The teddy bear ♪ (laughing and growling) (chaotic voices chattering and whispering) – [Eerie Voice] I’m
gonna take you to hell! (static sounding) (steps thudding and creaking) (eerie music) – I’m in here. Hey, you idiot. (crashing) You’re such an idiot! (toilet flushing) (eerie music) (flies buzzing) – I was still drinking that. Hey. (flies buzzing) – Jinxy. – Nice one. – Mark pass me that rizla? Safe. – Well I don’t do tick, man. Pay up or fuck off. – Come on, come sit. Come on. – [Jinxy] I’m out. – Come on. Come, just sit here, sit here. I have the money. – [Jinxy] Well then give
me the fucking money. – But come on. – [Jinxy] Remember that
thing you owe me, yeah? (flies buzzing) – [Man] Protect spiritually
from demonic forces the moment you do Yahuah’s work The world is currently saturated with hidden codes and messages. Look on your TV or at billboards and you’ll see the eye. – Come on, (singing). Here we go, come on. – [Reporter] The remains of
eight children were found in an abandoned school and the arrests of two women, both former leading church figures. They were occultists from London. There is a rise in devil worship. And a quote from the woman: “He is coming. “The prince of darkness will reign soon.” (ominous music) – I finally made a connection to get me. (flies buzzing) I can get a real weight off these people. And if I can get a
weight off these people, then I can start selling
that weight myself. Take a little bit off the top and it’s gonna be sick. – Slow down, think about it. – Think about it? It’s all I’ve been thinking
about all weeks, bruv. It’s gonna be amazing, think about it. I get my own weights then I can sell them. I don’t have to go through Matt no more. I could start up myself,
it’s gonna be the one. Trust me, brother. Trust me on this. I’m fucking set mate! – It’s really my fault. I remember telling you. (tense music) (sniffing) – Stanton. Stanton, bruv, where you going? Bro, Stanton. You all right, bruv? (solemn music) (eerie music) – [TV Preacher]] God is
light, and light is a force. He gave us his only begotten son. – Church of Redemption
has called into question the performance of the
unveiling of the completion of the tunnels for the underground railway between the UK. The performance was described as perverted and unsanctified, a theatrical performance with demonic costumes and satanic rituals of animal and child
sacrifices at the altar. (eerie music) (clapping) (gun firing) (thunder rumbling) (tense music) – [Demonic Voice] Your God is weak. (hocking) (laughing) – [Jinxy] That seem good. Chill, boys. – [Man] I wish you wouldn’t do that, bro. – [Jinxy] Fuck it, I know how
to deal with this guy man. – [Man] No, don’t keep him
inviting him to my house -like that, bro.
— Just fucking relax. Oh look, he’s connected the fucking dots, what a cheat. (laughing) – [Man] Gimme a light,
gimme a light there. – [Man] Update. (chill music) – [Jinxy] It’s all good. Get your game on. Okay Matt’s round in a second. (phone ringing) Speak of the devil man, it’s Matt. Yo. – Yeah. – [Jinxy] Yeah there’s
under a Q left, bro. – [Matt] What, you going again? (tense music) (ruffling) (groaning) (knocking) – So what’s happening blood? – I’m good man, I’m good. – You need to remember that
there are people out there Cares about you. – Yeah, yeah I know man. Just like, I’m just a little bit short, you know, short of money. – Sort it out. – Thanks, bruv. – Get some food in there. – I will man, I’ll get some stuff. — Proper food.
— Proper, yeah, yeah. Don’t worry about it, man. Appreciate that. Cheers, man. – [Stanton] Take it easy. – Oi, give me a second. All right? – Right, how you doing bro? – Good, good, good. Switch it up. Well, my very own. – I’m not going again. – Yeah you bet I would. Yeah so I was saying, 4 for 25, right? All right, I’ll see you there, man. Yeah I’m in your ends right now. (siren sounding) Okay give me a second here. Give me a sec. This is for you. – What’s that for? – I’m in a better place now so thought I’d sort you out, you know? – No, it’s okay. – Come on, the amount of
time you’ve handed me money when I needed it. It’s yours. – Okay. – Thank you. Now, I’m not gonna pay. – No, I agree with you, man. – Hawaiian food, what is that? Hawaiian, it’s just disturbing. – [Stanton] That’s my pastor’s brother. He’s a twin. – Yeah. Yeah I heard of the guy. Doesn’t he have some kind of
beef with Matt or something? Like real serious piece of business. Hot shit, pushes real weights. – It’s funny how one twin could serve God, and the other serve the devil. – [Man] This is trouble! Here comes the real
bad man in other place. No joke, no laugh, now spill teeth on ya bad man thing. ♪ The haters get mad ♪ ♪ Put your hands up ♪ ♪ Put them higher ♪ ♪ Put your hands up ♪ ♪ Get up like the floor is on fire ♪ ♪ Hey hey ♪ ♪ Put your hands up ♪ ♪ Put them higher ♪ ♪ Put your hands up get up ♪ ♪ Like the floor is on fire ♪ ♪ Hey hey ♪ ♪ From the dance floor ♪ ♪ To the parking lot ♪ ♪ Keep it banging hard ♪ ♪ Where we keep it hot ♪ ♪ From the dance floor ♪ ♪ To the parking lot ♪ ♪ Keep it banging hard ♪ ♪ You know we keep it hot ♪ ♪ Hey hey ♪ ♪ Hey hey ♪ – [Man] So Matt don’t need to know. Damn, just do your own business. No need to watch him. ♪ Hey hey ♪ – [Man] What he don’t know won’t hurt him. ‘Cause they want you to make
it nice, come earn them. Yeah. – Now that’s a lot of weight. – [Man] Take it easy bro, all right? – I’ll make sure my man gives
you something really special – [Man] Bad man trouble. Baddest thing in the streets. Anything bad up near
up the artefact indeed got them money in the rump. No laugh, the skin. ♪ The haters get madder ♪ – [Man] Bad man. ♪ Put your hands up ♪ ♪ Put them higher ♪ ♪ Put your hands up ♪ ♪ Get up like the floor is on fire ♪ ♪ Hey hey ♪ ♪ Put your hands up ♪ ♪ Put them higher ♪ ♪ Put your hands up ♪ ♪ Get up like the floor is on fire ♪ (phone busy tone) ♪ From the dance floor ♪ ♪ To the parking lot ♪ ♪ Keep it banging hard ♪ ♪ You know we keep it hot ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ We keep it banging hard ♪ ♪ You know we keep it hot ♪ ♪ Hey hey ♪ ♪ Hey hey ♪ ♪ So much swagger ♪ ♪ My luck don’t matter ♪ ♪ The ice get brighter ♪ (tense music) – What’s this? No, no, no, no, what the fuck is that? Fucking cunt, you fucking prick, I’ll fucking kill you. (hip hop music) ♪ Hey hey ♪ (phone ringing) – All right? Yeah man, you just yeah. All you gotta say. It’s Matt. Go get it, man. – Go after this. (ominous music) Who is the top darts player here? – [Cee Cee] I don’t knowo, really. Mucking about, nothing serious. – [Matt] Come then. – [Cee Cee] What? – [Matt] Let’s muck about. – Not right now. We’re just did some stuff. – [Matt] Do you know
anything about science? – No. – Mass plus speed equals force. Do you know anything about that? Look. You don’t think that this could do damage. It weighs nothing, it’s tiny. But it all depends. Mass plus speed equals force. Basically, all ends up
with kinetic energy. Yeah? T’row some darts, rude boy. Come, man! That’s good, man. (tense music) (gun shots) – [TV announcer] And it is Halloween. The playful children’s
holiday of ghoulish costumes and sacks and sacks and sacks of candy. But Halloween’s ancient
origins actually reveal a much deeper and much more
meaningful annual ritual. It’s also the time of
year when it was believed that ancestral spirits
travelled to other realms. – [Advert] Demon Ale, straight
from the vaults of hell. The devil’s personal brew. Hell rocks with Demon Ale. – This Halloween, there are celebrations on an epic scale, look. – [Woman] Halloween and this year is just an extra special celebration with parties all over the globe. All taking part in the celebrations as it is the year of the three blood moon. It’s truly a magical night. Take a look at our monitors. As you can see everyone
are in high spirits. ♪ Heads up ♪ ♪ Church doors will be closed ♪ ♪ But you ought to do your part ♪ ♪ And keep the church doors open ♪ ♪ Do your part ♪ ♪ For when the church doors open ♪ ♪ Sinners can come in and find salvation ♪ ♪ When the church doors open ♪ ♪ All minders can come in ♪ ♪ And find real love ♪ (eerie music) – [Man] Words are spiritual. The word was the beginning
of a phenomenal event. God spoke and the word manifested. (crowd cheering) You can’t see words, you can’t touch them but they move you. They guide you spiritually. Someone can say words
and they motivate you or they can unmotivate you. They can inspire a group of people to carry out action. Good things or bad. Words are very powerful things and you have to start waking up to the spiritual essence of words. During the course of this blood moon when the world blesses
people with their gifts, Satanists will be carrying
out their witchcraft. Black magic, voodoo, blood magic, forces. (chanting and clapping) You just need to wake up and realise. (beeping) (fireworks popping) (eerie music) (siren sounding) (flies buzzing) (eerie music) (baby giggling) – [Eerie Voice] Jackie. (kid screaming in background) Jackie. (Demonic whispering) (exclaiming) (shattering) (laughing) (growling) (eerie music) (flies buzzing) – [Man] Hello, how are you? – I’m good, thank you. (crowd chattering) (eerie music) – [Pastor] You all right, Stanton? Praise the Lord. – [Woman] Praise the Lord! – [Pastor] Praise him! – [Woman] Praise the Lord. – Now turn your bibles to Matthew 10:1. ♪ You showed my heart to feel ♪ ♪ Embrace our fears ♪ – And when he pulled him to the 12, he gave them power to
cast out evil spirits. He gave them power to cast out all kinds of sickness and disease. Jesus gave the 12 the power, it’s like the benefits
of going to the gym. Praise him, Hallelujah. – [Woman] Praise the Lord! (clapping) – When you go to the gym,
you get fitter, stronger. And when you cast out these spirits, you get stronger. – [Woman] Yes, amen. – [Pastor] Now all you
have to do is learn how to use them gifts. Just like the 12 did, hallelujah. (clapping) Praise, stretch your
hands out and give praise. (tense music) – Ready? (gun firing) (siren sounding) (radio chatter) (urgent music) – [Reporter] Terrorists
have struck again in London with the bombing of a school. – [Woman] If you know that
certain things in your life just aren’t making sense for no reason, it could be being a demonic attack. – [Man] There are those who visited ghosts between heaven
and hell in their sleep or when they have had an accident. (whimsical music) (eerie music) (gunshot firing) (bashing) – Tell him he’s got three days. Three days, full stock. – He wants it by then, mate. (retching) – Fuck. I’ve upset every last thing I’ve got. – Can you raise that kind of money? – [Jinxy] I can’t bum, can I? – I don’t know. I wish you weren’t in
this predicament, mate. – I have to, man. I got to work. – Sure thing, Danger. You’re a fucking dirty bastard. (laughing) Oh really? Yeah I’d like that. All right, okay. Mm, hang on a minute. I gotta go. All right babe, see you later. – Yeah Jinx, yo. Well yeah, come around the shop, I’m here. All right sweetness. – All right. Look, I’ve got some banging, 10 out of 10. – That’s what I need, a banging. What, all that? I ain’t having a party. – [Jinxy] What, so you’re having a reload, wasting my time and wasting your time. – You’re not wasting my time if you bring me some banging. Well come then, give me some. Anyway I could give you
something else if you want. How about I show you some other
things, you handsome devil? – Look, look. I owe Matt money. So how about you take your phone and give one of them big
spending friends of yours a call, yeah? – [Loraine] I ain’t got
their numbers on this phone. – What, not one number? – Oh, you make a deal with the devil. He’s here. – Where are my skins at? I just put them down here and they’re not, they’re not fucking here. – I don’t know, I got my own. – Well where are mine? They can’t have fucking gone
off and flown away, can they? Where the fuck are my skins? – I just told you, I got my own. – Fuck yours, where are mine? – I have no clue where yours are. – Well you must know
’cause you used them last. – No, I used my own skins. – Well I don’t use a lot of mine, so where the fuck are my skins? – Ain’t got a fucking clue. (vacuum humming) – Babe, babe. – What? – Can you give me five minutes? – Yeah but five turns into 10, 10 into 15. Look, it’ll just take me two minutes. – Come on baby, you know
how important this is. – I’m not stopping you
from talking to him. Like I’m drowning out your conversation. He’s not actually saying anything back. – That’s exactly what you’re doing. – Two people talking is a conversation. Look, I just need to clean
up before I get tired. – There are things that I
need to speak to God about. And I have to trust and
put my faith in him. – Well I’m not stopping you. Look, you know I can’t
relax in a filthy house. (vacuum humming) (eerie music) – I need to be in spirit. – And I need to Hoover. Look I could have been done by now! – Listen, the Hoover’s going off. – You have never had a problem with me hoovering when you’re praying before. So what is your problem now? – I can hear Jinx is in trouble. – I should have known. What are you two, lovers or something? Because I swear. He can take care of himself. (bashing) (crashing) (eerie music) (slamming) (sombre music) – Yeah, I’m about. – I can’t believe you just did that. I mean, what has gotten into you, Stan? This isn’t like you. (ominous music) – Hello, so we’re talking what? I’ve done the half mate, you got more than half. Right, bear, gee, figure. Cool, how much? Yeah, I can do it. (tense music) – You know the past, I
made lots of mistakes. I can put my hand up to that. But I’ve never been scared in my life but for the moment I met you. I was scared that if I never married you then I’ll lose you. The other time I was scared was when I thought that
there would ever be a time that I’d have to say that
I believe in God in public. (beeping) – [Announcer] Dr. Davis, telephone please. Dr. Davis, telephone please. (beeping) – [Man] I know I haven’t shown sides but the prince of darkness is real today. There are sweeping spirits
that have been here for aeons. (eerie music) (flies buzzing) – [Man] Because this is
the devil’s playground. – [Priest] The fallen
angels are really the demons which people encountered in the bible. – [Jinxy] Do you think
the dead can live again? Answer, yes, no. – [Priest] Shapeshifters, oracles. – [Woman] If you know
there are sort of things in your life just aren’t
making sense for no reason, it could be being a demonic attack. – [Man] There are many thousands of demons and thousands of earthbound spirits. – [Man] The devil is here today and the world is his playground. – [Man] Demons are real. They’re here now and their only purpose is to attack you and send you to hell to spend an eternity suffering. – [Man] Words are very powerful things and you have to start raising
up to the spiritual essence. – [Man] Gifts from god
such as the power to heal and cast out power. – [Man] Duppies Oni from various cultures and there are the
incubus and the succubus, the sex demons. Also, there are the principalities which attack the churches. – [Man] When the unholy
spirit of Satan is near, you’ll see that it’s
accompanied by hordes of flies, rats, or there may be
maggots and a vile stench. – Hello, where’s Jinxy? (flies buzzing) – You’re a fucking prick, mate. Get your fucking shit next time. – Ah right, you’re a
fun one to fucking talk. What about all them quid you owe me? – Talking bout that, huh? – What about them quid
you owe me that you ain’t -fucking paid back?
— What fucking quids? – What quids? – What the fuck you on about? – You fucking owe about 30 fucking quid in the last six months, man. – I don’t give a shit. Don’t fucking steal my shit. -Unless you can share yours.
— Steal your shit? – Unless you can share it with me then don’t fucking take my shit. – Always fucking sharing with you, mate. – No you don’t. – Fucking lend you money, I lend you quid. -You fucking cunt.
-(knocking) Fuck, fuck you, mate. – Hey, where’s Jinxy? – I don’t know, he’s out working. – Think! – I don’t know. All I know is that this fucking cunt can’t even share his weed with me. – Snap out of it, guys! – One to fucking talk. – Where is Jinxy? – I don’t know. But if I can share my shit with him then he needs to share it with me. Fuck Jinxy. – Fuck you mate. – Fuck you then. I’ll rip your tongue
out your fucking head. – [Man] Yeah eat my fist,
fucking papery cunt. – All right, you’re
long and off, you cunt. You do not fucking share anything. – [Man] You still have my fucking tent. – Go fuck yourself! – [Man] You need to pay,
you go fuck yourself. (talking and cursing over each other) – [Man] You three, I’m pussy weed cunt. (cursing and talking over each other) – Don’t talk to me like that,
you piece of fucking shit. Go on, fuck you. Go on, fuck off. Go on, fuck you. Just fuck your fucking mother, you cunt. (tense music) (bashing) (dramatic music) – Shut the fuck up. You’re gonna get your
money tomorrow, all right? All right, fucking chill out. (chaotic music) Un fucking unbelievable. Fucking. (bashing) – [Jackie] Well, get home soon. (tense music) – Everything ain’t fine, is it? (tense music) You’re feeling anxious,
drained, aren’t you? – Look. Look. I owe Matt money. He’ll kill me, you know. I’m dead if I don’t get him that cash. – [Loraine] He’s gonna make
you suffer before he kills you. (flies buzzing) (thunder rumbling) (breathing heavily) – [Elevator] Doors opening. Third floor. – Oh come on, Stan. (tense music) (ominous music) – You can’t run. – Bruv, you don’t have to do this, man. We’re like family, come on please. Ah fuck, I mean come on. You don’t have to do this, man. I’m clean, I’m clean out. – Oh no. Oh god. But God, why? I could have saved him. (siren sounding) (phone dialling) (knocking) – What are you doing? He’s not here. Can you get out please? What are you doing? What are you doing? I said he’s not here. Can you please just get out of my house? Please. Just get out! Just leave now, okay? Because, what are you doing? – Where is your man? – He’s not here. Look, he’ll be back later here, okay? You can’t come into my house like this! What are you thinking? You’re scaring me, just leave, okay? Just leave. Please, I don’t want any trouble. I do not need this. Please, Matt, just go. Just go now, okay? – Get out, go? I wanna promise you one thing. And if you say the wrong
thing, see what happens to you. – What do you want? What is it that you want? – I want my money, bitch! – There’s no money here. Look, look, just go. Stanton will be back later. You can get it then. – I’m gonna give you till 10 to give me my money. Eight. – Please, I don’t want
any trouble, please. – Nine. – Please, just go. (bashing) (screaming) No, no, no! No, no! (bashing) (high pitched ringing) – Jackie? Jackie? Oh no. Jackie! (bell tolling) (light guitar music) ♪ Abide with me ♪ ♪ Fast falls leaving tide ♪ ♪ And darkness deepens lord ♪ ♪ When we abide ♪ ♪ When other help us ♪ ♪ They learn come first leave ♪ ♪ Help all the helpless on ♪ ♪ Bide with me ♪ ♪ Swift to its course ♪ ♪ Ebbs out life’s little leg ♪ (growling) ♪ Earth’s joys grow dim ♪ ♪ Its glories pass away ♪ ♪ Change and decay ♪ ♪ And all around I see ♪ – Do something about it then! Shut the fuck up! (bell tolling) (tense music) (gun firing) (bashing) – [Matt] We’ll see. Come on. – [Stanton] I can go! – What you got? What have you got for me? You know who I am? Do you know who I am? (bashing) The fucking hell! Is that all you’ve got? (bashing) (thunder rumbling) (classical music) (cars honking) – [Man] All the events are in motion. – We have an increase of six percent in our advertising branch. – [Man] All the events are in motion. (ominous music) – We are infiltrating the churches and look at the bad press
we generated this week. – We show more abuse on TV and there is more and
more decline than ever. The people accept it. Hell, they demand it. – We are going to countries
all over the globe and giving them infectious diseases under the guise that they are cures. And ensuring the global warming affects the work of the creator
by causing all the animals to starve and cursed and to suffer. – We need more of everything sinful on TV. Teaching everybody that it’s good to sin. It starts with the attacks in the dreams. Sow the seeds of doubt. Fear and confusion, the seeds of test. (shattering) – The biomen doctors are being demanded. And with the abolishment
of old money soon to begin, also CCTV and satellite will
be monitoring the population. By 2033, the computer
will have the capacity of 33 billion human brains. Which will bring the world of the transhumanism to completion. – We need more for
everything sinful on TV. (tense music) (flies buzzing) – [Man] There are so many
forces speaking of us. Which one do we follow. – [Jackie] Stanton? -Stanton.
— Which one do we trust? God has already given you your gift. You just need to wake up and realise! (tense music) (flies buzzing) (dramatic music) ♪ Two, three, four ♪ (light guitar music) ♪ Were you there when
they crucified my lord ♪ ♪ Were you there when
they crucified my lord ♪ ♪ Ooh sometimes it causes me to tremble ♪ ♪ Were you there when
they crucified my lord ♪ ♪ Were you there when they
nailed him to a tree ♪ ♪ Were you there when they
nailed him to a tree ♪ ♪ Oooh sometimes it causes me to tremble ♪ ♪ Were you there when they
nailed him to a tree ♪ ♪ Were you there when they
laid him in the tomb ♪ ♪ Were you there when they
laid him in the tomb ♪ ♪ Ooh sometimes it causes me to tremble ♪ ♪ Were you there when they
laid him in the tomb ♪ ♪ Were you there when
they crucified my lord ♪ ♪ Were you there when
they crucified my lord ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ Sometimes it causes me to tremble ♪ ♪ Tremble ♪ ♪ Were you there when
they crucified my lord ♪ ♪ This train is bound
for glory, it’s true ♪ ♪ This train is bound
for glory, this train ♪ ♪ This train is bound for glory ♪ ♪ Lord I ride with the
righteous and the holy ♪ ♪ This train is bound
for glory, this train ♪ ♪ This train don’t carry
no liars, this train ♪ ♪ This train don’t carry
no liars, this train ♪ ♪ This train don’t carry no liars ♪ ♪ No pretenders and no backbiters ♪ ♪ This train don’t carry
no liars, this train ♪ ♪ This train is a clean train ♪

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