The National GEM Consortium 2018

The National GEM Consortium 2018

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a federally
funded research and development center that creates new technology for national
security. The projects are diverse and extremely interesting. The staff are
passionate supportive and great to work with. Over the years, Lincoln has been a
strong supporter of GEM. GEM is a national level organization that
provides fellowships to underrepresented minorities pursuing graduate degrees in
STEM fields and it’s been great for Lincoln Laboratory. GEM has helped us to
connect to a very large pool of talented students and over the years we’ve made
many excellent hires. If you want to improve diversity and inclusion in your
organization, we strongly recommend a GEM program. The GEM Fellowship is, hands-down,
one of the best fellowships that you get. My best experience was probably just
going from not knowing anything about my project to being able to pitch it to Dr.
Evans and some of the Team Leads. That was really just a whirlwind experience. The GEM fellowship has given a chance to work with some great researchers here at the Lincoln Lab. The GEM fellowship provided me with my first year of funding for my program. I wouldn’t have been able to do a PhD without that funding. It’s such a great environment in that it’s very much centered about
learning. There are technical seminars that staff are encouraged to attend and
they’re all very interesting and on the cutting edge of technology. It’s
really interesting to give context to the work being done at the Lab as well
as kind of exploring new areas of work as well that are being done, maybe
outside of my field, but are still very interesting. Those people have helped me
get a better understanding of what I want to do in my PhD thesis and dissertation on. It also gave me an opportunity to interact with students of color and other women students, so it’s really nice to have that one place during the
GEM annual conference where we can see each other, see how things are going, and talk about our individual programs. The support is tremendous. People are
here to help you and guide you: people with years of experience, people
here for like 30 years, people that just got out of grad school that are also
working on great research. They can let you know what the state of the art is. And now we’re working here mentoring the GEM fellows. It’s fantastic. It has increased
diversity in the Lab, you know, so I think the program brought so much in the
short time that I’ve been at both GEM ends. It seems to me that being helpful
and supportive is just a part of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s culture. I would
recommend Lincoln Laboratory to everybody! We interrupt this GEM video to show the
latest episode of Undercover Boss at Lincoln Laboratory. I want to check to ensure that our GEM interns are having a good experience here. I’m going to go undercover. There! That should be good! Hi! I’m Bob from down the hall. Hi! Alec. Adrienne. Hi, Adrienne. Very nice to meet you both. Nice to
meet you. What are you working on? We’re building a motor to generate power in low-income communities. Very interesting! Are you
getting any support from staff in your group? Yeah, they’ve been helping us out a lot! That’s great to hear! Well, if you need any help from me, let me
know! Thanks! Sure. Thanks, nice to meet you! I mean, that was really nice of him, but
who is he trying to fool with that beard? That didn’t work! I wish I could
grow a real beard. Tune in next week when MIT’s Tim the Beaver and Dr. Evans team up for the next episode of Undercover Boss This year, we have 19 GEM interns and
they are great! We’re very fortunate to be part of the program and we CHALLENGE YOU TO GET INVOLVED!

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