The National Employment Rights Authority Ireland(NERA)-A Check List for Employers

hello there in this short video I’m just
going to give you an overview about the work of the national employment rights
authority in ireland nearer and how employers can prepare for nearer
inspections in ireland nearer has the statutory power to prosecute employers
in ireland for non-compliance with employment legislation hopefully what
follows is useful enough checklist for irish employers to ensure that the
inspection goes well and that there are no difficulties firstly you need the
employers registration number with the Revenue Commissioners you will also need
a list of employees with PPS numbers and addresses you will need dates of
commencement of employment for each employee you’ll also need to have given
your employees a written statement of certain of the term certain terms and
conditions of employment you must classify or give your employees a job
classification he must also maintain a record of annual leave and public
holidays for each employee you need to keep a record of the hours worked by
employees and you need a record of all payroll details you need to be able to
prove that you provide your employees with a written statement of pay as per
the payment of wages act of 1991 you also need a record or register of all
employees under the age of 18 if applicable apply my permits then will be
inspected and checked by nearer and you need to fill out the template letter
details that you’ll receive from nearer am advising you in advance of the
inspection if indeed to give you notice in advance if you want to get more free
information about employment law in Ireland for both employers and employees
please stop by the website you see on the
screen their employment rights ireland com thank you

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