The Mosaic Faculty Fellows, become a Fellow

The Mosaic Faculty Fellows, become a Fellow

[ Music ]>>Why should you
become a Mosaic Fellow? Let’s start with do you want
to improve your teaching? Do you want to engage students? Do you want to make sure that what you are doing is
the very best it can be?>>What I would say
to other faculty who are considering the Mosaic
Fellow Initiative program is do it. It’s not a huge buy-in of
time but the rewards are huge. It changes the way that you
think about teaching and, for me, a tenure track
professor who’s invested heavily in research, the things that I’ve learned here
have really trimmed down my teaching prep time, have
made my teaching much better, helped my evaluation
scores, all the things that I’m worried about,
it’s improved them.>>For people who are
interested in connecting with other professors interested
in teaching, this is a great way to meet people who have
similar concerns and interests in innovation in the classroom,
people who are also just as interested as you might be in
experimenting in the classroom. The people that I met were just
as curious as I was about how to change their content and
their delivery in order to kind of evolve in their teaching.>>Something that surprised me
about the Fellows program is that it doesn’t stop
after one year. I’ve continued to be connected
with a multi-campus community of scholars and teachers who are
interested in active learning.>>It develops your
confidence, yes. Teaching for 30 years,
do I need confidence? Absolutely, because every
classroom is anew and one of the takeaways, again,
from the program is that each time you teach, you
look at it with fresh eyes to identify how can you
engage those students and make their learning
experience active. [ Music ]

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