The Mosaic Faculty Fellows, a program for change

The Mosaic Faculty Fellows, a program for change

>>Before I was a Mosaic
Fellow I felt like I was stuck in a rut with my teaching. There were a lot of things
about technology and furniture and just the infrastructure of
teaching that I wasn’t using, that I didn’t know how to
use and I wanted to learn but I didn’t have time. The product of being a Mosaic
Fellow was learning efficiently how to use a lot of these
tools and to have fun with them and to improve the
engagement of my students.>>It’s really helped
me transform through small individual
learning activities that don’t take a lot of time
to plan, but it’s changed that connection with
me and the student and really helped us
come to understanding, which is the purpose
of learning.>>Something unique about
the fellows program is that it brings together teachers
from different departments, different schools, and
even different campuses. Something that I really enjoyed, a connection I really enjoyed
was talking with people from across these
different units.>>The Mosaic Program
has allowed me to engage with other scholars to
kind of exchange ideas. It’s allowed me to see how
different disciplines take on ideas of active learning. And more than anything else
it’s created a community where we can kind
of share ideas.>>What I found myself
doing since the program was to really feel very comfortable
in changing the space. If it did not work for me
and for what my students and I were trying to accomplish
that day, I feel comfortable in changing it and making it
work and finding other areas and other avenues in
order to make it work. So I think it really
energized me in terms of being more critical about
the spaces that I was in, but also encouraged me to take
action and create the space that I needed to have.

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