The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Official Trailer #2 – (2001) HD

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Official Trailer #2 – (2001) HD

[choir singing softly] [female speaking elvish] Female translating:
The world is changed.I feel it in the water.I feel it in the earth.I smell it in the air.Much that once was,
is lost.For none now live
who remember it.It began with the forging
of the great rings.Three were given
to the elves–Immortal, wisest,
and fairest of all beings.Seven to the dwarf-lords–Great miners and craftsmen
of the mountain halls.And nine.Nine rings were gifted
to the race of men,Who, above all else,
desire power.For within these ringsWas bound the strength
and will to govern each race.But they were,
all of them, deceived,For another ring was made.In the land of mordor
in the fires of mount doom,The dark lord sauron forged,
in secret, a master ringTo control all others.And into this ring he poured
his cruelty, his malice,And his will
to dominate all life.One ring to rule them all.One by one,
the free lands of middle-earthFell to the power
of the ring.But there were some
who resisted.A last alliance
of men and elvesMarched against the armies
of mordor.And on the slopes
of mount doom,They fought for the freedom
of middle-earth.[shouting indistinctly]

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  1. if i hadn't been a bab and had read the books when this trailer dropped, i'd have marked out so fucking hard over that balrog tease.

  2. I've seen all of the 3 movies over 30 times each completed like everygame and not read any of the books because that's why school insists

  3. Great trailer!! But it is a bit wierd that the first few seconds of the trailer used music from "The Shawshank Redemption", just look:

  4. I first saw this film after I became enamoured with Harry Potter. My sister got me this film on VHS at the time and I thought, 'How can this be better than Harry Potter?"
    Boy, was I wrong!! I loved LOVED this film! And at the time, which did I love best? The journey of a boy becoming a wizard and facing his destiny or a truly epic journey to destroy evil, while carrying the source of evil itself?
    In the end, while I love Harry Potter and respect it to the end, this trilogy and this film won my heart.

  5. 15 years later and this trailer is still pure hype! Time for another LOTR marathon. For clarification, the Hobbit movies do not exist.

  6. Music in this trailer:
    0:00 The Shawshank Redemption, from "Shawshank Redemption" (Thomas Newman)
    0:30 Attack on Murron, from Braveheart (James Horner)
    1:04 City of Angels, from Crow: City of Angels (Graeme Revell)
    1:16 Gothic Power (Christopher Field)

  7. I remember getting hyped about both this and Harry Potter coming out at the same time. I was thinking they would both be as epic and wondered which would do better at the box office….I have never been so wrong. TLOTR kicked Harry Potters ass in 2001!

  8. Remember, this was when many people still believed the Lord of the Rings books to be basically impossible to adapt into movie form. I wrote a paper on this a few years ago.
    And it took Jackson many, many years of convincing and planning to get them made. Originally they were really planning on making one huge movie, which is ironically how Tolkien wrote the book. But condensing three books with so much content into a two hour movie would've basically meant butchering the works of Tolkien. And they already made a series of changes which were sometimes quite hair-raising, like Arwen being at Helm's Deep (they actually shot those scenes).

  9. i remember clearly, winter 2003, just randomly switched tv and saw moment of Two towers ending, i was like what is this movie? i've never seen such thing before, i was amazed and scared and interested, we didn't have internet back in 2003, so could not watch it, only knew the name of movie, after 14years, this is the only movie, that gives me chills after watching it over and over again. The best.

  10. The entire trilogy is a masterpiece, but this is the best part. I saw this movie in 2001 as a kid with my brother and Dad, and we were blown away. I don't think I'll ever have a movie experience like it again.

  11. In all fairness i'm quite positive that this is not only the best trilogy cinema has seen thus far but also most likely the greatest piece the fantasy genre has to offer. I'm glad i will grow to tell my kids i was there when these epic movies were being released. Such a great and timeless story!!!

  12. fellowship of the ring: december,19
    the two towers: december,18
    the return of the king: december,17
    this means something?
    is that just a coincidence or i miss something?

  13. Gandalf's scream of "you shall not pass" always sends chills up my spine. The kind of bravery we should all have when facing our demons.

  14. God how I wish I could travel back in time and just remove my memories of the movies and witness them on the big screen

  15. Watched the Hobbit a day ago and now watching Lotr, noticed that Legolas has brown eyes not Blue,why's that?

  16. This incredible movie first came out in 2001 during an age of nightclubbing and debauchery but I did not know anything about it until exactly ten years later. And seven years later after that, I'm still obsessed. Some films freeze time and this is one of those films.

  17. 17 years and it still has epic trailer music!!! First The Attack on Murron from Braveheart and then Gothic Power by X Ray dog

  18. Imagine being a life long fan of lord of the rings before the movies came out and then seeing this trailer, I'd have been crying my eyes out, hell, I'm crying right now.

  19. 1:38 "It WANTS to be found." – This line has stuck with me ever since I saw this trailer as a kid. I was familiar with LotR beforehand from the Rankin-Bass animated movie and from having the book in the house (though I never read it, because it looked so huge and hard to read to me at the time). This line really pushed through the idea: this wasn't just some magical McGuffin, a powerful item that could make whoever powerful or whatever. It was an actively malicious, corrupting entity, with a will of its own. That really sold me on it, I think.

  20. I watched this trailer on an AOL disk so excited back in 2000 as a 10 year old. Little did I know the magnificence that was coming.

  21. I remember seeing this specific trailer in the Autumn of 2001 when I went to see the first Harry Potter film… it blew me away. Such a good trailer, gives me goosebumps still. I just wish they made them like this today.

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