The Lord of the Rings – Fellowship part 6 – chefhawk – HD

The Lord of the Rings – Fellowship part 6 – chefhawk – HD

That night they heard no noises but
either in his dreams or out of them he could not tell which Frodo heard a sweet
singing running in his mind a song that seemed to come like a pale light behind
a grey rain curtain and growing stronger to turn the Vale hall to glass and
silver until at last it was rolled back and a far Green Country opened before
him under a swift sunrise the vision melted into waking and there was Tom
whistling like a tree full of birds and the Sun was already slanting down the
hill and through the open window outside everything was green and pale gold after
breakfast which they again ate alone they made ready to say farewell as
nearly heavy of heart as was possible on such a morning cool bright clear under a
washed autumn sky of thin blue the air came fresh from the northwest
they’re quiet ponies were almost frisky sniffing and moving restlessly Tom came
out of the house and waved his hat and danced upon the doorstep bidding the
hobbits to get up and be off and go with good speed they rode off along a path
that would away from behind the house and went slanting up towards the north
end of the Hillbrow under which it sheltered they had just dismounted to
lead their ponies up the vast steep slope when suddenly Frodo stopped gold
berry he cried my fair lady clad all in silver green we have never said farewell
to her nor seen her since the evening he was so distressed that he turned back
but at that moment a clear coal came rippling down there on the Hillbrow she
stood beckoning to them her hair was flying loose and as it caught the Sun it
shone and shimmered a light like the glint of water on dewy grass flashed
from under her feet as she danced they hastened up the last slope
it stood breathless beside her they bowed but with a wave of her arms she
bade them look around and they looked out from the hilltop over lands under
the morning it was now as clear and far seen as it had been veiled and Misty
when they stood upon the knoll forest which would now be seen rising
pale and green after the dark trees in the West in that direction valandros and
wooden ridges green yellow russet Under the Sun beyond which lay hidden the
valley of the Brandywine to the south over the line of the witty Windell there
was a distant glint like pale glass where the Brandywine River made a great
loop in the lowlands and flowed away out of the knowledge of the hobbits
northward beyond the dwindling downs the land ran away in flats and dwelling of
grey and green and pale hearth colors until it faded into a featureless and
shadowy distance eastward the Barrow downs rose ridge behind Ridge into the
morning and vanished out of the eyesight into a guess it was no more than a guess
of blue and a remote white glimmer blending with the hem of the sky but it
spoke to them out of memory in old tales of the high and distant mountains they
took a deep draught of air and felt that a skipping a few Stiles would bear them
wherever they wished it seemed faint-hearted to go jogging aside over
the crumpled skirts of the downs towards the road where they should be leaping as
lustiest hung over the stepping stones of the hills straight towards the
mountains Gold Barry spoke to them and recalled
their eyes and thoughts speed now fair guests she said and hold to your purpose
north with the wind in the left eye and a blessing on your footsteps
make haste while the Sun shines and to Frodo she said farewell elf friend it
was a merry meeting but Frodo found no words to answer he bowed low and mounted
his pony and followed by his friends jogged slowly down the gentle slope
behind the hill Tom Bombadil house and the valley and the forest were lost to
view the air grew warmer between the green
walls of hillside and hillside and the scent of turf froze strong and sweet as
they breathed turning back when they reached the bottom of the green Hollow
they saw a golden berry now small and slender like a sunlit flower against the
sky she was standing still watching them and her hands were stretched out towards
them as they looked she gave a clear call and lifting up a hand she turned
and vanished behind the hill there way round along the floor of the hollow and
round the green feet of a steep hill into another deeper and broader valley
and then over the shoulder of further hills and down their long limbs and up
the smooth the sides again upon new hilltops and down into new valleys there
was no tree nor any visible water it was a country of grass and short springy
turf silent except for the whisper of the air over the hedges of the land and
high lonely cries of strange birds as they journeyed the sun mounted and grew
hot each time they climbed the ridge the breeze seemed to have grown less when
they caught a glimpse of the country westward the distant forest seemed to be
smoking as if the fallen rain was steaming up again from leaf in root and
mould a shadow now lay round the edge of sight a dark haze above which the upper
sky was like a blue cap hot and heavy about midday they came to a hill whose
top was wide and flattened like a shallow saucer with a green mounded rim
inside there was no air steering and the sky seemed near their heads they rode
across and looked northwards then their hearts rose but it seemed plain that
they had come further already than they had expected
certainly the distances had now all become hazy and deceptive but there
could be no doubt that the downs were coming to an end a long valley lay below
them winding away northwards until it came to an opening between two steep
shoulders beyond there seemed to be no more Hills dunno if they faintly
glimpsed a long dark line that is a line of trees said Mary and
that must mark the road all along it for many leagues east of the bridge there
are trees growing some say they were planted in the old days splendid said
Frodo if you make as good going this afternoon as you done this morning we
shall have left the downs before the Sun sets and be jogging on his search for a
camping place but even as he spoke he turned his glance eastwards and he saw
that on the side the hills were higher and looked down upon them and all those
hills were crowned with green mountains and on some were standing stones
pointing upwards like jagged teeth out of green gums that view was somehow
disquieting for they turned from the sight and went down into the hollow
circle in a midst of it destard a single stone standing tall under the sun above
and at its our casting no shadow it was shapeless and yet significant
like a landmark or a guarding finger or more like a warning but they were now
hungry and the Sun was still at the fearless noon so they set their packs
against the east side of the stone it was cooled as if the Sun had no power to
warm it but at that time it seemed pleasant there they took food and drink
and made as good a noon meal under the open sky as anyone could wish for the
food came from down under Hill Tom had provided them with plenty for the
comfort of the day their ponies under burdens strayed upon the grass riding
over the hills and eating their fill the warm Sun and the scent of turf lying a
little too long stretching out their legs and looking at the sky above their
noses these things are perhaps enough to explain what happened however that maybe
they woke suddenly and uncomfortably from asleep they never meant to take the
standing stone was cold and it cast a long pale shadow that stretched eastward
over them the Sun a pale and watery yellow was gleaming through the mist
just above the west wall of the hollow in which they may north south and east
beyond the wall the fog was thick cold and white
the air or silent heavy and chill their ponies were standing crowded together
with their heads down the hobbits sprang to their feet in alarm and ran to the
western rim they found that they were upon an island in the fog even as they
looked out and dismay towards the Setting Sun it sank before their eyes
into a white sea and a cold grey shadow sprang up in the east behind the fog
rolled up to the walls and rose above them and as it mounted it bent over
their heads until it became a roof they were shut in a hole of mist whose
central pillar was the standing stone they felt as if a trap was closing in
about him but they did not quite lose heart
they still remembered the hopeful view they had had on the line of the road
ahead and they still knew in which direction it lay in any case they now
had so great a dislike for that hollow place above the stone that no thought of
remaining there was in their minds they packed up as quickly as that chilled
fingers could work soon they were leading their ponies in single file over
the rim and down the long Northland slope of the hill down into a foggy sea
as they went down the mist became colder and damper and their hair hung lank and
dripping on their foreheads when they reached the bottom it was so cold that
they halted and got out cloaks and hoods which soon became the dude with grey
drops then mounting their ponies they went slowly on again feeling their way
by the rise and fall of the ground they were steering as well as they could
guess for the gate like opening at the far north would end of the long valley
which they had seen in the morning once they were through the gap they had only
to keep on in anything like a straight line and they were bound in the end to
strike the road their thoughts did not go beyond that except for a vague hope
that perhaps away beyond the downs there might be no fog there going was very
slow to prevent their getting separated in wandering in different directions
they went in file with Frodo leading Sam was behind him and after him came Pippin
and Merry the valley seemed to stretch on endlessly suddenly Frodo saw a
hopeful sign on either side ahead darkness began to gloom through the mist
and he guessed that they were at last approaching the gap in the hills the
north gate of the Barrow downs if they could pass that they would be free come
on follow me he called back over his shoulder and he hurried forward but his
hope soon changed to bewilderment and alarm the dark patches grew darker but
they shrank and suddenly he saw towering ominous before him and leading slightly
towards one another like the pillars of a headless door two huge standing stones
he could not remember having seen any sign of these in the valley when he
looked out from the hill in the morning he had passed between them almost before
he was aware and even as he did so darkness seemed to fall around him his
own eerie head and snorted and he fell off when he looked back he found that he
was alone and the others had not followed him there was no answer fear
took him and he ran back past the stones shouting wildly the pony bolted into the
mist and vanished from some way off or so it seemed he thought he heard a cry it was away eastward on his left as he
stood under the gravestones staring and straining into the gloom he plunged off
in the direction of the coal and found himself going steeply uphill as he
struggled on he called again and kept on calling more and more frantically but he
heard no answer for some time and then it seemed faint and far ahead and high
above him came the thin voice out of the mist and then a cry that sounded like
help-help often repeated ending with the last help that trailed off into a long
wail suddenly cut short he stumbled forward with all the speed he could
towards the cries but the light was now gone and clinching night had closed
about him so that it was impossible to be sure of any direction he seemed all
the time to be climbing up and up only the change in the level of the ground at
his feet told him where he last came into the top of a ridge or hill he was
weary sweating and yet chilled it was wholly dark he cried out miserably there
was no reply he stood listening he was suddenly aware that it was getting very
cold and that up here a wind was beginning to blow an icy wind a change
was coming in the weather the mist was flowing past him now in shreds and
tatters his breath was smoking and the darkness was less near and thick he
looked up and so surprised that faint stars were appearing overhead amid the
strands of húrin crowd and fog the wind began to hiss over the grass he
imagined suddenly that he caught a muffled cry and he made towards it and
even as he went forward the mist was rolled up and thrust aside and the
starry sky was unveiled a glance showed him that he was now facing southwards
and was on a round hilltop which he must have climbed from the north out of the
east the biting wind was blowing to his right there loomed against the westward
stars a dark black shape a great Barrow stood there where are you he cried again
both angry and afraid said a voice deep in cold that seemed to come out of the
ground no said Frodo but he did not run away
his knees gave and he felt the ground nothing happened and there was no sound
trembling he looked up in time to see a tall dark figure like a shadow against
the stars it leaned over him he thought there were two eyes very cold dolet with
a pale light that seemed to come from some remote distance then agreement
stronger and colder than I am seized him the icy touch froze his bones and
hiraman when he came to himself again for a
moment he couldn’t recall nothing except a sense of tread then suddenly he knew
that he was imprisoned caught hopelessly he was in a barrow a barrow white had
taken him and he was probably already under the dreadful spells of the Barrow
White’s about which whispered tales spoke he dared not move but lay as he
found himself flat on his back upon a cold stone with his hands on his breast
but though his fear was so great that it seemed to be part of the very darkness
that was around him he found himself as he lay thinking about Bilbo Baggins and
his stories and have they’re jogging along together in the lanes of the Shire
and walking about the roads and adventures there is a seed of courage
hidden often deeply it is true in the heart of the fattest and most timid
Hobbit waiting for some final and desperate danger to make it grow Frodo
was neither very fat nor very timid indeed though he did not know it Bilbo
and Gandalf had thought him the best hobbit in the Shire he thought had come
to the end of his adventure and a terrible end but the thought hardened
him he found himself stiffening as if for a final spring he no longer felt
limp like a helpless prey as he lay there thinking in getting a hold of
himself he noticed all at once that the darkness was slowly giving way a pale
greenish light was growing round him it did not at first show him what kind of a
place he was in for the light seemed to be coming out of himself and from the
floor beside him and had not yet reached the roof or wall
he turned and there in the cold glow he saw lying beside him Sam
and Mary they were on their backs and their faces looked deathly pale and they
were clad in white about them lay many treasures of gold maybe though in that
light they looked cold and unlovely on their heads were circlets gold chains
were about their waists and on their fingers were many rings swords lay by
their sides and shields were at their feet but across the three necks lay one
long naked sword suddenly a song began a cold murmur rising and falling the voice
seemed far away an immeasurably dreary sometimes high in the air and thin
sometimes like a low moan on the ground out of the formless stream of sad but
horrible sounds strings of words could now and again shape themselves grim hard
cold words heartless and miserable the night was railing against the morning of
which it was bereaved and the cold was cursing the warmth for which it hungered
Frodo was chilled to the marrow after a while the song became clearer and with
dread in his heart he perceived that it had changed into an incantation heard behind his head a creaking and
scraping sound raising himself on one arm he looked and saw now in the pale
light that they were in a kind of passage which behind them turned a
corner round the corner a long arm was groping walking on its fingers towards
Sam who was lying nearest and toward the hilt of the sword that lay upon him the
first Frodo felt as if he had indeed been turned into stone by the
incantation then a wild thought of escape came to him he wondered if he put
on the ring whether the Barrow I would miss him and he might find some way out
he thought of himself fronting free of the grass and grieving for Mary and Sam
and Pippin but free and alive himself Gandalf would admit that there had been
nothing else he could do but the courage that had been awakened in him was now
too strong he could not leave his friends so easily he wavered groping in
his pocket and then fought with himself again and as he did so the arm crept
nearer suddenly a resolve hardened in him and he seized a short sword that may
be signed him and kneeling he stooped low over the bodies of his companions
with what strength he had he hewed at the crawling arm near the wrist and the
hand broke off but at the same moment the sword splintered up to the hilt
there was a shriek and the light vanished in the dark there was a
snarling noise Frodo fell forward over Mary and Mary’s face felt cold all at
once back into his mind from which it had disappeared with the first coming of
the fog came the memory of the house down under the hill and of Tom singing
he remembered the rhyme that Tom had total in a small desperate voice he
began and with that name his voice seemed to
grow strong it had a full and lively sound and the
dark chamber occurred as if to a drum and trumpet Tom Bombadil Tom Bombadil oh
by for two boards and him by the reed and below by by fire Sun and Moon Park
and now and hear us coming Tom Bombadil for Anita’s nearness there
was a sudden deep silence in which Frodo could hear his heart beating
after a long slow moment he heard plain but far away as if it was coming down
through the ground or through thick walls an answering voice singing there
was a loud rumbling sound as if stone thrown before me and suddenly light
stream did relight the plain light of day a low door like opening appeared at
the end of the chamber beyond Frodo’s feet and there was Tom’s head hat
feather an old framed against the light of the Sun rising red behind him the
light fell upon the floor and upon the faces the three hobbits lying beside
Frodo they did not stir but the cyclic Hume
had left them they looked now as if they were only very deeply asleep
Tom stooped removed his hat and came into the dark chamber singing like the
winds go way out into the barren lands far beyond the mountains come never hear
again ladies are apparently lost and forgotten be darker than the darkness
where they stand forever shut till the world is at these words there was a cry and party
in the end of the chamber fell with a crash then there was a long train of
shriek fading away into an unbalance and after that silence was terrible
together they carried out merry Pippin and Sam as Frodo left the Barrow for the
last time he thought he saw a severed hand wriggling still like a wounded
spider in a heap of fallen earth Tom went back in again and there was a sound
of much thumping and stamping when he came out he was bearing in his arms a
great load of treasure things of gold silver copper and bronze many beads and
chambers and jeweled ornaments he climbed the green Barrow and lay them
all on top in the sunshine there he stood with his hat in his hand and the
wind in his hair and looked down upon the three hobbits that had been laid on
their backs upon the grass at the west side of the mound raising his right hand
he said in a clear commanding voice wake now my merry lads where you can
hear me calling warm now be hard to limb the cold snow is fallen doridori
standing wide dead hand is broken night under night has flowed and the gates are
open to Frodo’s great joy The Hobbit stirred a stretch their arms rubbed
their eyes and then suddenly sprang up they looked about an amazement first at
Frodo and then at Tom standing larger his life on the Barrow top above them
and then at themselves and their thin white rags crowned and belted with pale
gold and jingling with trinkets but in the name of wonder began Mary
feeling the gold circlet that slipped over one eye then he stopped and a
shadow came over his face and he closed his eyes of course I remember he said
the men of cardoon came on us at night and we were worsted the spear in my
heart he clutched at his breast no he said opening his eyes what am I saying
I’ve been dreaming where did you get to Frodo I thought I was lost said Frodo
but I don’t want to speak of it let us think of what we had to do now let us go
on dressed up it like this sir said Sam where are my clothes he flung his
circlet belt and rings on the grass and looked around helplessly as if he
expected to find his cloak jacket and breeches and other hobbit garments lying
somewhere to hand you your clothes again said the Tom bounding down from the
mound and laughing as he danced round the sunlight one would have thought that
nothing dangerous or dreadful had happened and indeed the horror faded out
of their hearts as they looked at him and saw the merry glint in his eyes but
but what do you mean I should have been looking at him have puzzled and far from
used why not but Tom shook his head saying you found yourselves again out of
the deep water clothes are but little lost if you escape from drowning they
glad my merry phrasing let the warm sunlight hate now heart and lame cast
off these cold rags run naked on the grass while Tom goes our hunting he
sprang away downhill whistling and calling looking down after him Frodo saw
him running away southwards along the green Hollow between their Hill and the
next still whistling and crying come boy now with a do to wonder but now
liras are here do you remember sarbanes my he’s new to swish Taylor bumpkin
white smile Atlanta so he sang running fast tossing up his
hat and catching it until it was hidden by a fold of the ground but for some
time his head now high now came floating back down the wind which has shifted
round towards the south the air was growing very warm again
the hobbits ran about for a while on the grass as he told them and they lay
basking in the Sun with the delight of those that have been wafted suddenly
from bitter winter to a friendly climb all of people that after being long ill
and bedridden wake one day to find that they are unexpectedly well and the day
is again full of promise by the time that Tom returned they were feeling
strong and hungry he reappeared hat first over the brow of the hill and
behind him came in an obedient line six ponies their own five and one more the
last was plainly old fatty Lumpkin he was larger stronger fatter and older
than their own ponies married to whom the others belong had not in fact even
than any such names but they answered to their new names that Tom had given them
for the rest of their lives Tom called them one by one and they climbed over
the brow and stood in the line then Tom bowed to the hobbits here are your
ponies now he said they’ve more sense in some ways than you wandering up it’s
have more sense in their nosies for they sniff danger ahead which you walk right
into and if they run to save themselves then they run the right way you must
forgive them all fourth though their hearts are faithful to face fear of
beara whites is not what they were made for haha see here they come again
bringing all their burdens merry salmon Pippin now clothes themselves and spare
garments from their packs and they soon felt too hot for they were obliged to
put on some of the thicker and warmer things that they had brought against the
uncoming of winter where does that other old animal that fatty lump can come from
Astrodome oh he’s mine said Tom my four-legged
friend though I seldom ride him and he wanders often far free upon the
hillsides when your Pony stayed with me they got to know my Lumpkin and they
smelt him in the night and quickly ran to meet him I thought he’d looked for
them and with his words of wisdom take hold their fare away but now my jolly
Lumpkin Oh Tom’s gone ride hey he’s coming with you
just to set you on the road so he needs a pony or you cannot easily talk to
hobbits that are riding where they’re on your own legs trying to trot miss item
the hobbits were delighted to hear this and thank Tom many times but he laughed
and said that they were so good losing themselves that he would not feel happy
till he had seen them safer for the borders of his land oh I’ve got things
to do he said my making in March singing my talking by walking in my watching of
the country Tom can’t be always near to open doors and Willow perhaps tom has
his house to mind and go berries waiting it was still fairly early by the Sun
something between nine and ten and the hobbits turned their minds to food their
last meal had been lunched beside the Standing Stone the day before they
breakfasted now off the remainder of Tom’s provisions meant for their supper
with editions that Tom had brought with him it was not a large meal considering
hobbits in their circumstances but they felt much better for it while they were
eating Tom went up the mound and looked through the treasures most of these he
made into a pile that glistened and sparkled on the grass he bathed them lie
there free to all finders birds beasts rose men and all kindly creatures for so
the spell of the mound should be broken and scattered and no wight ever come
back to it he chose for himself from the pile approach set with blue stones many
shaded like flax flowers or the wings of blue butterflies he looked long at it as
if stirred by some memory shaking his head and saying at last
here is a pretty toy for Tom and for lady Farrow was she who long ago wore
this on her shoulder gold berry shall wear it now and we will not forget her
for each of the hobbits he chose a dagger
long leaf-shaped and keen of marvelous work ensure the mast with serpent forms
in red and gold they gleamed as he drew them from their black sheath wrought of
some strange metal light and strong and set with many fiery stones whether by
some virtue in these sheaths or because of the spell that lay on the mound the
blade seemed untouched by time unrested sharp glittering in the Sun Oh lives are
long enough for storage for Hobbit people he said sharp blades are good to
have shire-folk the walking east south or far away into dark and danger then he
told them that these blades were forged many long years ago by men of western s
they were foes of the Dark Lord but they were overcome by the evil king of Charon
doom in the land of Anwar you now remember them tum murmured yet still
some girl wandering sons of Forgotten kings walking in loneliness Gordon from
evil things folks that are heedless the hobbits did not understand his words but
as he spoke they had a vision as it were of a great expanse of years behind them
like a vast shadowy plain over which there strode shapes of men tall and grim
with bright swords and last came one with the star on his brow then the
vision faded and they were back in the sunlit world it was time to start again
they made ready packing their bags and adding their ponies their new weapons
they hung on their leather belts under their jackets feeling them very awkward
and wondering if they would be of any use fighting had not before occurred to
any of them as one of the adventures in which their flight would land them at
last they set off and then mounting they trotted quickly along the valley they
looked back and saw the top of the old mound on the hill and from it the
sunlight on the gold went up like a yellow flame then they turned a shoulder
of the downs and it was hidden from view though frodo looked about him on every
side he saw no sign of the great stone standing like a gate and before long
they came to the northern gap roads 50 through and the land fell away
before them it was a merry journey with Tom Bombadil trotting gaily beside them
or before them on fatty Lumpkin who could move much faster than his girth
promised Tom sang most of the time but it was chiefly nonsense or else perhaps
a strange language unknown to the hobbits an ancient language whose words
were mainly those of wandering the light they went forward steadily but they soon
saw that the road was further away than they had imagined even without a fog
they asleep at midday would have prevented them from reaching it until
than after nightfall on the day before the dark line they had seen was not a
line of trees but a line of bushes growing on the edge of a deep dike
within a steep wall on the further side Tom said that it had once been boundary
of a kingdom but a very long time ago he seemed to remember something sad about
it and would not say much they climbed down and out of the dike and through a
gap in the wall and then Tom turned due north for they had been bearing somewhat
to the West the land was now open and fairly level and they quickened the pace
but the Sun was already sinking low when at last they saw a line of tall trees
ahead and they knew that they had come back to the road after many unexpected
adventures they galloped their ponies over the last furlongs and halted under
the long shadows of the trees they were on the top of a sloping bank and the
road now dim as evening drew on wound away below them at this point it ran
nearly from Southwest to northeast and on their right it fell quickly down to a
wide hollow it was rotted and bore many signs of recent
there were pools in potholes full of water they wrote down the bank and
looked up and down there was nothing to be seen well here we are again at last
said Frodo I suppose we haven’t lost more than two
days by my shortcut through the forest but perhaps the delay will prove useful
it may have put them off our trail the others looked at him the shadow of the
fear of the Black Riders came suddenly over them again ever since they’re
entered the forest they had thought chiefly of getting back on the road only
now when they lay beneath their feet that they remember the danger which
pursued them and was more than likely to be lying in wait for them upon the road
itself they looked anxiously back toward the
Setting Sun but the road was brown and empty do you think asked him in
hesitatingly do you think that we may be pursued tonight no I hope not
tonight answered Tom Bombadil nor perhaps the next day but do not trust my
geese for I cannot tell for certain at least my knowledge fails Tallis not
master of riders from the black land far beyond this country
all the same the hobbits wished he was coming with them they felt that he would
know how to deal with black riders if anyone did they would soon now be going
forward into lands holy strange to them and beyond all but the most vague and
distant legends of the Shire and in the gathering Twilight they
longed for home a deep loneliness and sense of loss was on them they stood
silent reluctant to make the final parting and only slowly became aware
that Tom was wishing them farewell and telling them to have a good heart and to
ride on till dark without halting Tom will give you good advice
till this day is over after that your own luck must go with you and guide you
for miles along the road will come upon the village three under Bray Hill with
doors looking westward there you’ll find an old Inn that is called the Prancing
old barliman butterbur is the barley keeper
there you can stay in the night and afterwards the morning was speak to you
upon your way be bold but weary keep up your merry hearts and ride to make your
fortune they begged him to come at least as far as the inn and drink once more
with him but he laughed and fused saying Tom’s country ends here he will not pass
the borders tom has his house to mind and gold berries waited then he turned
tossed up his hat leaped on Lumpkins back and rode up over the bank and away
singing into the dust the hobbits climbed up and watched him
until he was out of sight I’m sorry to take leave a master Bombadil said Sam
he’s a caution and no mistake I reckon we may go a good deal further and see
not better nor queer but I won’t deny I’ll be glad to see his processing
ponies spoke of I hope it’ll be like the Green Dragon away back home
what sort of folk are they in breed there are hobbits imbrie said Mary as
well as big folk I dare say it will be home-like enough
the pony is good in by all accounts my people ride out there now and again it
may be all we could wish said Frodo but is this outside a shire all the same
don’t make yourselves to much at home and please remember all of you that the
name of Baggins must not be mentioned I am mr. Underhill if any name must be
given they now mounted their ponies and rode
off silently into the evening darkness came down quickly as they plotted slowly
down hill and up again until at last they saw lights twinkling some distance
ahead before them rose Bree Hill barring the way a dark mass against misty stars
and under its western flank nestled a large village towards it they now
hurried desiring only to find a fire and the door between them and the night BRE was the chief village of the
Breeland a small inhabited region like an island at the empty lands round about
besides Bri itself there was a state’ll on the other side of the hill comb in
the deep valley a little further eastward an arch at of the edge of the
Chitwood lying around brie hill and the villages was a small country of fields
attained woodland only a few miles broad the men of bree were brown haired broad
and rather short cheerful and independent they belonged to nobody but
themselves but they were more friendly and familiar with hobbits dwarves elves
and other inhabitants of the world about them than was or is usual with big
people according to their own tales they were the original inhabitants and were
the descendants of the first men that ever wandered into the west of the
middle world few had survived the turmoils of the elder days but when the
Kings returned again over the Great Sea they found the three men still there and
they were still there now when the memory of the old kings faded into the
grass in those days no other men had settled dwellings so far west or within
the hundred leagues of the shire but in the wild lands beyond breathe air were
mysterious Wanderers the brief walk called them Rangers and they knew
nothing of their origin they were taller and darker than the men of bree and were
believed to have strange powers of sight a hearing and to understand the
languages of beasts birds they roamed at will southwards and
eastwards even as far as the misty mountains but they were now few and
rarely seen when they appeared they brought news from afar and told strange
forgotten tales which were eagerly listened to but the brief folk did not
make friends of them there were also many families of hobbits in Greenland
and they claimed to be the oldest settlements of hobbits in the world one
that was founded long before even the Brandywine was crossed and the shire
colonized they lived mostly in state’ll though there were some Umbria itself
especially in the higher slopes of the hill above the houses of the men the big
folk and the little folk as they called one another were on friendly terms
minding their own affairs in their own ways but both rightly regarded
themselves as necessary parts of the brief folk nowhere else in the world was
this peculiar but excellent arrangement to be found the brief folk big and
little did not themselves travel much and the affairs of the four villages
were their chief concern occasionally the hobbits of bree went as far as
Buckland or the East farthing but though their little land was not much further
than a day’s riding east of the Brandywine bridge the hobbits of the
shire now seldom visited it an occasional buck lender or adventurous
chuck would come out of the inn for a night or two but even that was becoming
less and less usual the Shire hobbits referred to those of Brienne to any
others that live beyond the borders as outsiders and took very little interest
in them considering them dull and on coal there were probably many more
Outsiders scattered about in the west of the world in those days than the people
of the shire imagined some doubtless were no better than tramps ready to dig
a hole in any bank and stay only as long as it suited them but in the Breland at
any rate the hobbits were decent and prosperous and no more rustic than most
of their distant relatives inside it was not yet forgotten that there had
been a time when there was much coming and going between the Shire and Bree
there was Bree blood in the brandy box by all accounts the village of Bree had
some hundred stone houses of the big folk mostly above the road nestling on
the hillside with windows looking west on that side running in more than half a
circle from the hill and back to it there was a deep Dyke with the thick
hedge on the inner side over this the road crossed by a causeway but where it
pierced the hedge it was barred by a great gate there was another gate in the
southern corner where the road ran out of the village the gates were closed at
nightfall but just inside them were small lodges for all the gatekeepers
down on the road where it swept to the right to go round the foot of the hill
there was a large in it had been built long ago when the traffic on the roads
had been far greater for brief stood at an old meeting of ways another ancient
road crossed the east road just outside the Dyke at the western end of the
village and in former days men and other folk of various sorts had travelled much
on it strange as news from bree was still a saying the east father
descending from those days when news from the north south and east could be
heard in the inn and when the shire hobbits used to go or often to hear it
but the northern lands had long been desolate and the North Road was now
seldom used it was grass grown and the brief folk called it the green way the
inn of bree was still there however and the innkeeper was an important person
his house was a meeting place for the idle talkative and inquisitive among the
inhabitants large and small of the four villages and a resort of Rangers in
other wanderers and for such travelers mostly dwarves as still journeyed on the
east road to and from the mountains it was dark and white stars were shining
when Frodo and his companions came at last to the Greenway crossing and drew
near the village they came to the West Gate and found it shut but at the door
of the hedge beyond it there was a man sitting he jumped up in fetch the
lantern and looked over the gate of them in surprise
what do you want and where’d you come from he asked gruffly we are making for
the in here answered Frodo we are journeying east and cannot go
further tonight orbit for rubbage in what’s more out of the Shire by their
toll said the gatekeeper soft layers of
speaking to himself he stared at them darkly for a moment and then slowly
opened the gate and let them ride through we – ire folk riding in the road
at night he went on as they halted for a moment by his door you’ll pardon my
wondering what business takes you away eight debris what may our names would
she be might I ask our names and our business are our own and this does not
seem a good place to discuss them said Frodo I’m not liking the look of the man
or the tone of his voice your business is your own no doubt said the man but
it’s my business to ask questions after nightfall we’re hobbits from Buckland
and we have a fancy to travel and to stay at the inn here put in merry I’m
mr. brandybuck is that enough for you the brie folk used to be a fair spoken
to travelers or so I had heard all right all right said the man I meant no
offense but you’ll find maybe that more folk than old Harry at the gate will be
asking you questions the years queer folk about if you go on to the pony if
you’ll find you’re not the only guests he wished them good night
and they said no more but Frodo could see in the lantern light that the man
was still eyeing them curiously he was glad to hear the gate clang to behind
them as they rode forward he wondered why the man was so suspicious and
whether anyone had been asking for news of a party of hobbits could it have been
Gandalf he might have arrived are they were
delayed in the forest in the downs but there was something in the look and
the voice of the gatekeeper that made him uneasy the man stared after the
hobbits for a moment and then he went back to his house as soon as his back
was turned a dark figure climbed quickly in over the gate and melted into the
shadows of the village street the hobbits rode on up a gentle slope
passing a few detached houses and drew up outside the inn the houses looked
large and strange to them Sam stared up at the end with its three stories and
many windows and felt his heart sink he had imagined himself meeting Giants
taller than trees and other creatures even more terrifying some time or
another in the course of his journey but at the moment he was finding his first
sight of men in their tall houses quite enough indeed too much for the dark end
of the tiring day he pictured black horses standing all saddled in the
shadows of the inn yard and black riders peering out of dark upper windows we
surely aren’t going to stay here for the night are we sir he exclaimed if there
are hope in folk in these parts why don’t we look for some that what people
need to take us in it would be more home-like what’s wrong with the inn so
Frodo Tom Bombadil recommended it I expect his home-like enough inside even
from the outside the inn looked like a pleasant house to familiarize it had a
front on the road and two wings running back on the land partly cut out at the
lowest notes of the hill so that at the rear the second-floor windows were level
with the ground there was a wide arch leading to a courtyard between the two
wings and on the left under the arch there was a large doorway reached by a
few broad steps the door was open and light streamed out
of it above the arch there was a lamp and beneath its one a large signboard a
fat white pony reared up on its hind legs over the door was painted in white
letters the Prancing Pony by barliman butterbur many of the lower windows
showed lights behind thick curtains as they hesitated outside in the gloom
someone began singing a merry song inside and many cheerful voices joined
loudly in the chorus they listened to this encouraging sound
for a moment and then got off their ponies the song ended and there was a
burst of laughter and clapping they led their ponies under the arch and leaving
them standing in the yard they climbed up the steps
Frodo went forward and nearly bumped into a short fat man with a bald head in
a red face he had a white apron on and was bustling out of one door and then
through another carrying a tray laden with full monks can we again Frodo our
familiar if you played and shouted the man over his shoulder and vanished into
a babble of voices in the cloud of smoke in a moment he was out again wiping his
hands on his apron good evening little master
he said bending down what may you be wanting beds for for and stabling for
five pennies if that can be managed are you mr. butterbur that’s right
Marley Mars my name barliman butterbur at your service here from the Shire a he
said and then suddenly he clapped his hands to his forehead as if trying to
remember something hobbits he cried now what does that remind me of
might I ask your name sir mr. tuck and mr. brandybuck said Frodo
and this is Sam Gamgee my name is Underhill there now said mr.
butter burn snapping his fingers it’s gone again oh but all it’ll come back
when I have time to think ah I’m run off my feet but I’ll see what
I can do for you you don’t know can get a party out of the shire nowadays and I
should be sorry not to make you welcome but there’s such a crowd already in the
house tonight as there hasn’t been for a long enough it never rains but it pours
you say a tree I know he shouted where are you you Wally footage snow coach Oh
Cummings ass coming Nichiren looking Hobbit bobbed out of
the door and seeing the travelers stopped short and stare the thin with
great interest where’s Bob ask the landlord don’t you
know we’ll find it double sharp I haven’t got six legs nor six eyes
neither tell Bob there’s five counties that have to be stable he must find room
somehow knob trotted off with the grin and a wink to say said mr. butterbur
tapping his forehead one thing drives out another so to speak and that busy
tonight my head’s gone there is a party that came up in Green Bay I am now south
last night and that was strange enough to begin with that there’s a traveling
company of dwarves going West come this evening and now there’s you if you
weren’t hobbits I doubt if we could house you but we’ve got a room or two in
the north wing then we’re made special for hobbies when this place was built
the ground floor as they usually prefer round windows installs their Nike I hope
you’ll be comfortable will be warmth and supper I don’t doubt as soon as maybe
this way now he led them a short way down a passage and opened a door here is
a nice day of parlor he said I hope it will soup excuse me now i’m that busy no
time for talking i must be prati it’s hard work for two legs but I don’t
get thinner I look in again later if you want anything ring the handbill and
Noble come and if he don’t come ring and shout off he went at last and left them
feeling rather breathless he seemed capable of an endless stream
of talk however busy he might be they found themselves in a small and
cozy room there was a bit of bright fire burning out in the half and in front of
it with some low and comfortable chairs there was a round table already spread
in with white cloth and on it was a large hand bell but knob the hobbit
servant came bustling in long before they had thought of ringing he brought
candles and tray full of plates will you be wanting anything to drink masters he
asked and should I show you the bedrooms while your supper has got ready they
were washed and in the middle of good deep mugs of beer when mr. butterbur and
Bob came in again in a twinkling the table was laid there was hot soup cold
meats a blackberry tart new loaves slabs of butter and half a ripe cheese good
plain food as good as a shire could show and home-like enough to dispel the last
of Sam’s misgivings already much relieved by the excellence of the beer
the landlord hovered around for a little and then prepared to leave I don’t know
whether you would care to join the company when you’ve sucked and said
standing at the door perhaps you would rather go to your baits still the
company would be very pleased to welcome you here to mind we don’t get Outsiders
travelers from the Shire I would say begging your pardon
often and we like to hear a bit of news or any story or song you may have in
mind but as you please ring the bell if you lack anything so refreshed to
encourage did they feel at the end of their supper and are three-quarters of
an hour steady going not hindered by unnecessary talk that Frodo Pippin and
Sam decided to join the company Mary said it would be too stuffy I shall sit
here quietly by the fire for a bit perhaps go out late your forest if
merely mind your P’s and Q’s don’t forget you’re supposed to be escaping in
secret and are still on the high road and not
very far from the Shire all right said Pippin find yourself don’t get lost and
don’t forget that it’s safer indoors the company was in the big common room of
the e the gathering was largely mixed it’s frota discovered but his eyes got
used to the light this came chiefly from the glazier log
fire for the three lamps hanging from the beams were dim and half-alien smoke
barliman butterbur was standing near the fire talking to a couple of dwarves in
one or two strange-looking men on the benches were various folk men of breed a
collection of local hobbits sitting chattering together and a few more
dwarves and other vague figures difficult to make out away in the
shadows of in corners as soon as the Shire hobbits entered there was a chorus
of welcome from the Bree Landers the strangers especially those that had come
up the Greenway stared at them curiously the landlord introduced the newcomers to
the brief folk so quickly that though they caught many names
they were seldom sure only the names belong to the men of Bree seemed all to
have rather botanical and to the shire-folk other odd names like
rushlight goat leaf ever toes Appledore thistle wool and ferny
not to mention butter birth some of the hobbits had similar veins for mud walls
for instance seem to be numerous but most of them had natural names such as
banks Brockhaus long hose sand Hiva and tunneling many of which were used in the
shower there were several under hills from state’ll and as they could not
imagine sharing a name without being related they took Frodo to their hearts
as a long-lost cousin the Bri hobbits were in fact friendly and inquisitive
and photos soon found that some explanation of what he was doing would
have to be given he gave out that he was interested in history and geography in
which there was much lacking of heads although neither of these words were
much used in the Bri dialect he said he was thinking of writing a book at which
there was silent astonishment and that he and his friends wanted to collect
information about hobbits living outside the Shire especially in the eastern
lands at this a chorus of voices broke out the Frodo had really wanted to write
a book he had had many ears he would have learned enough for several chapters
in a few minutes and if that was not enough he was given a whole list of
names beginning with old barliman here to whom he could go for further
information but after a time as Frodo did not show any sign of writing a book
on the spot the hobbits returned to their questions
about doings in the Shire Frodo did not prove very communicative
and he soon found himself sitting alone in a corner listening and looking around
the men and wolves were mostly talking of distant events and telling news of a
kind that was becoming only too familiar there was trouble away in the south and
it seemed that the men who had come up the Greenway were on the move looking
for lands where they could find some peace the brief oak was sympathetic but
plainly not very ready to take a large number of strangers into their little
land one of the travellers a squint eyed ill-favored fellow was foretelling that
more and more people would be coming north and in their future if room isn’t
found for them they’ll find it for themselves they’ve a right to live same
as other folk he said loudly the local inhabitants did not know pleased at the
prospect the hobbits did not pay much attention
to all this and I did not at the moment seem to concern hobbits big folk could
hardly beg for lodgings and little overs they were more interest in the salmon
Pippin who were now feeling quite at home and were chatting gaily about
events in the Shire Pippin roused a good deal of laughter with an accountant of
the collapse of the roof of the Town Hall in the new code elven will wit foot
the mayor and the fattest Hobbit in the West farthing had been buried in shock
and came out like a flour dumpling but there were several questions asked that
made Frodo a little uneasy one of the Bri Landers who seemed to have been in
the Shire several times wanted to know where the Underhill’s lived and who they
were related to suddenly Frodo noticed that a strange-looking weather-beaten
man sitting in the shadows near the wall was all seemlessly intently to the
Hobbit tour he had a toll tankard in front of him and were smoking a long
stemmed pipe curiously carved his legs were stretched out before him showing
high boots of supple leather that fitted him well but had seen much wear and were
now caked in mud a travel-stained cloak of heavy dark green cloth was drawn
close about him and in spite of the heat of the room he wore a hood that
overshadowed his face but the gleam of his eyes could be seen as he watched the
hobbits who is that Frodo asked when he got a chance to
whisper to mr. barber I don’t think you introduced him
said the landlord in answering whisper cocking an eye without turning his head
I don’t rightly know you wanted the wandering folk Rangers would call he
settled talks no but what he can tell a rare tailor when he has the mind he
disappears for a month or a year but then he pops up again he was in and out
pretty often last spring but I haven’t seen him about lately well his right
name means I’ve never heard but he’s known around here as Strider it was
about at a great pace or small shanks though he don’t tell nobody what coziest
hurry but there’s no accounting for east and west as we say in Bree meaning the
Rangers retire from Quebec apart funny you should ask about him but at
that moment mr. Buster was pulled away by a demand for more ale and his last
remark remained unexplained Frodo found that Strider was now looking at him as
if he had heard or guessed all that had been said presently with the wave of his
hand and a nod he invited Frodo to come over and sit by him as Frodo drew near
he threw back his hood showing a shaggy head of dark hair flecked with gray and
in a pale Stern face a pair of keen gray eyes and called Strider he said in a low
voice I’m very pleased to meet you master
Underhill if a little butterbur got your name right he did said Frodo stiffly he
felt far from comfortable under the stare of those keen eyes
well master Underhill said Strider if I were you I should stop you young friends
from talking too much drink fire and the chance meeting our isn’t enough but well
this isn’t the shire but our queer filk about though I say it as shouldn’t you
may think he had it with the rice mine seemed Frodo’s glance and there have
been even stranger travelers through breed lately he went on watching Frodo’s
face Frodo returned his gaze but said nothing
and Strider made no further sign his attention seemed suddenly to be fixed on
hip him to his alarm Frodo became aware that the ridiculous
young took encouraged by his success with the fat mayor of McHale del Vic was
now actually giving a comic account of Bill Bowes farewell party
he was already giving an imitation of the speech and was drawing near to the
astonishing disappearance Frodo was annoyed it was in harness enough tail
for most of the local hobbits no doubt just a funny story about those funny
people away beyond the river but some old butterbur for instance knew a thing
or two and had probably heard him rumors long ago about builders vanishing it
would bring the name of Baggins to their minds especially if there had been
inquiries and Bri after that name Frodo fidgeted wondering what to do
Pippin was evidently much enjoying the attention he was getting and had become
quite forgetful of their danger Frodo had a sudden fear that in his present
mood he might even mention the ring and that
might well be disastrous you had better do something quick
whispered Strider in his ear freddo jumped up and stood on a table
began to talk the attention of Pippins audience was disturbed some of the
hobbits looked at Frodo and laughed and clapped thinking that mr. Underhill had
taken as much ale as was good for Frodo suddenly felt very foolish and found
himself as was his habit when making his speech fingering the things in his
pocket he felt the ring on his chain and quite unaccountably the desire came over
him to slip it on and vanish out of the silly situation it seemed to him somehow
as if the suggestion came to him from outside from someone or something in the
room he resisted the temptation firmly and clasped the ring in his hand as if
to keep a hold on it and prevent it from escaping or doing any mischief at any
rate it gave him no inspiration he spoke a few suitable words as they would have
said in the Shire we are all very much grateful by the kindness of your
reception and I venture to hope that my brief visit will will help to renew the
old ties of friendship between the Shire and Bri and then he hesitated and called
everyone in the room was now looking at him shouted one of the hobbits I saw a
song shouted all the others for a moment Frodo stood gaping then in desperation
he began a ridiculous song that Bilbo had been rather fond of and indeed
rather proud of for he had made up the words himself it was about an inn and
that is probably why it came to Frodo’s mind just then here it is in full only a
few words of it are now as a rule remembered there isn’t any Muriel den
beneath an old gray Hill and there they brew a beer so Brown that the manor of
the moon and stuff come down one night to drink his fill the Ostler had a tipsy
cat that plays a five string fiddle and up and down he runs his bow now speaking
hind now purring low now sewing in the middle the landlord keeps a little dog
that is mighty fond of jokes when there’s good Shearer among the guests he
cocks an ear at all the jests and laughs until he chokes
they also keep a horned cow as proud as any queen of
turns her head like ale and makes her wave her tufted tail and danced upon the
green and oh the Rose of silver dishes in the store of silver spoons for Sunday
there’s a special pair and these days polished up with care on Saturday
afternoons the man in the moon was drinking deep and the cat began to wail
a dish and the spoon on the table danced and a cow in the garden madly prance and
the little dog chased his tail the man in the moon took another mug and then
rolled beneath his chair and there he dozed and dreamed of ale till in the sky
the stars were pale and Dawn was in the air there the Ulster said to his tipsy
cat the white horses on the moon they encamped that silver bits but their
masters been and round his wits and the Sun will be rising soon so the cat on
his fiddle played the hey diddle diddle a jig that would wake the dead he
squeaked and sawed and quickened the tune while landlord shook the man in the
moon it’s after 3:00 he said they rolled the man slowly up the hill and bundled
him into the moon while his horses galloped up in rear and the cow came
capering like a deer and a dish ran up with the spoon now quicker the fiddle
went Deedle dum diddle the dog began to roll the cow and the horses stood on
their heads the guests all bounded from their beds and danced upon the floor
with the ping and the pong and the fiddle strings broke the cow jumped over
the moon and the little dog laughed to see such fun and the Saturday dish went
off at a run with the silver sundae spoon the round moon rolled behind the
hill as the Sun raised up her head she hardly believed her fiery eyes for
though it was day to her surprise they all went back to bed there was loud and
long across voice and the so tickled that fancy
wears old barley they pride you here this to learn his cat the fiddle and
we’d have a dance they called for more a old and began to shout let’s have it
again master they made Frodo have another drink and then begin his song
again while many of them joined in for the tune was well known and they were
affected picking up words it was now photos turned to feel pleased
with yourself he keep it about on the table and when he came a second time to
the cow jumped over the moon he leaped in the air much too vigorously for he
came down bang into a tray full of miles stopped short in gaping silence for the
singer disappeared he simply vanished as if he had gone slapped through the
floor without leaving a hole the local hobbits stared in amazement and then
sprang to their feet and shouted for barliman all the company drew away from
Pippin and Sam who found themselves left alone in the corner and I darkly and
doubtfully from a distance it was plain that many people regarded them now as
the Companions of a traveling magician of unknown power and purpose but there
was one swarthy Bree Lander who stood looking at them with the knowing and
half mocking expression that made them feel very uncomfortable presently he slipped out of the door
followed by a squint eyed sardonic the two had been whispering together a good
deal during the evening Harry the gatekeeper also went out just behind
them Frodo felt a fool no one else to do he crawled away under the tables to a
dark corner by Strider who sat unmoved giving no sign of his thoughts
Frodo leaned back against the wall and took off the ring how it came to be on
his finger he could not tell he could only suppose that he had been handling
it in his pocket while he sang and that somehow it had slipped on when he stuck
out his hand with a jerk to save his fall for a moment he wondered if the
ring itself had not played him a trick perhaps it had tried to reveal itself in
a response to some wish or commanded that was felt in the room he did not
like the looks of the men that had gone out well said Strider when he reappeared
worse than anything different or should I say a finger I don’t know
what you mean it’s a proto annoyed and alarmed yes you
do I’m sad Strider we put it away to the
applause doctor then if you please mr. Baggins I should like a quiet word with
you what’s about as Frodo ignoring the
sudden used to his proper name matter of some importance so Strider looking Frodo
in the eye you may hear some things you were advantage
very well said Frodo trying to appear unconcerned I’ll talk to you later
meanwhile an argument was going on by the fireplace mr. butterbur had come
trotting in and he was now trying to listen to several conflicting accounts
of the event at the same time I saw mr. butterworth is at a habitable or
leastways I didn’t say him if you take my meaning he just vanished into thin
air you no matter speaking you don’t say mr. mod Warren said the landlord looking
puzzled yes I do replied mug water and I mean what I say
what’s more there’s mistake somewhere so what’s adverse shaking his head there
was too much of that mr. Underhill to go vanishing into thin air or into think
Eris is much more likely true he’s welcome to go where he will so long as
he pays in the morning where’s mr. tuck now you know vanished when I saw what I
saw and I saw what I did into the mug wood obstinately and I say there shall
be a snake repeated butterbur picking up the tray and gathering of the broken
crockery of course there’s a mistake said Frodo I haven’t vanished Here I am
I’ve just been having a few words with Strider in the corner he came forward
into the firelight but most of the company backed away even more per troube
than before they were not in the least satisfied by his explanation that he had
crawled away quickly into the tables after he had fallen
most of the hobbits and the men of Bri went off then and there in a huff having
no fancy for further entertainment that evening one or two gave frodo a black
look and departed muttering among themselves
the dwarves and the two or three strange men that still remained got up and said
good night to the landlord but not to Frodo and his friends before long no one
was left with Strider who sat on unnoticed by the wall mister butterbur
did not see much put out he reckoned very probably that his house will be
full again on many future nights until the present mystery had been thoroughly
discussed now what have you been doing mr. Underhill he asked threatening my
costumers and break him up my crocks with your acrobatics I’m very sorry to
have caused any trouble said Freneau it was quite unintentional I assure you
hey a most unfortunate accident all right mr. Underhill but if you’re going
to do any more tumbling or conjuring or whatever it was you bitched warn folks
beforehand and warned me we’re a bit suspicious around here of anything out
of the way uncanny if you understand me and we don’t beg to it all of a sudden I
shall be doing anything of the sort again mr. butter bear I promised you and
now I think I’ll be getting to better we shall be making an early start
will will you will you see that our ponies are ready by 8 o’clock
very good but before you go I should like a word with you in private mr.
Underhill something has just come back to my mind and I ought to tell you I
hope that you don’t take you to miss when I’ve seemed to a thing or two I’ll
come along to your room if you’re willing certainly said Frodo but his
heart sank he wandered how many private talks he would have before he got to bed
and what they would reveal with these people all in league against him he
began to suspect even old butter burrs fat face of concealing dark designs.

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