The Lord of the Rings – Fellowship part 2- chefhawk – HD

The Lord of the Rings – Fellowship part 2- chefhawk – HD

Then they went round the hole and
evicted three young hobbits two boffins in a Bolger who were knocking holes in
the walls of one of the cellars Frodo also had a tussle with young
Sancho Proudfoot old odo crowd foots grandsons who had begun an excavation in
a larger pantry where he thought there was an echo the legend of Bilbo’s gold
excited both curiosity and hope for legendary gold mysteriously obtained if
not positively ill-gotten is as everyone knows only once for the finding unless
the search is interrupted when he had overcome Sancho and pushed him out
Frodo collapsed on a chair in the hall it’s time to close the shop Mary
he said lock the door and don’t open it to anyone today not even if they bring a
battering ram then he went to revive himself with a belated cup of tea he had
hardly sat down when there came a soft knock at the front door he thought she must have thought of
something really nasty and I’ve come back again to say it they can wait he
went on with his tea the knock was repeated much louder but he took no
notice suddenly the wizards had appeared at the
window he said mighty Gandalf a half a minute right Frodo running out
of the room to the door come in come in I thought it was lobelia
well then I forgive you when I saw her some time ago riding a
pony trap towards Bywater with a face that would have curdled new milk she had
nearly curdled me honestly I nearly tried on Bilbo’s ring how long
to disappear don’t do that said Gandalf sitting down do be careful of that ring
Frodo in fact it is partly about that that I have come to say a last word well
what about it what do you know already only what Bilbo told me I’ve heard his
story how he’d found it at how he used it on his journey I mean which story I
wonder said Gandalf not what he told the dwarfs input in his
book said Frodo told me the true story stood after I came to Livia he said you
had pestered until he told you so I had better know to no secrets between us
Frodo he said but they’re not to go any further it’s fine anyway that’s
interesting said Gunn got formed what did you think
of it all if you mean inventing all that about to present well I thought the true
story much more likely and I couldn’t see the point of altering it at all it
was very unlike Bilbo to do so anyway and I thought it rather odd so did I
what old things may happen to people that have such treasures if they use
them let it be a warning to you to be very careful with it
it may have other powers that just making you vanish when you wish to I
didn’t understand set fro down laughter I answered the wizard I have really
begun to wonder about the ring especially since last night no need to
worry but if you take my advice you will use it very seldom or not at all
at least I beg you not to use it in any way that will cause talk arouse
suspicion I say again keep it safe and keep it
secret you are very mysterious what are you
afraid of I am NOT certain so I will say no more I may be able to tell you
something when I come back I’m going off it once so this is goodbye for the
present and got up once cried Frodo well I thought you were staying on for at
least a week I was looking forward to your help I did mean to but I have had
to change my mind I may be away for it good while but I’ll
come and see you again as soon as I can expect thee when you see me I shall slip
in quietly I shan’t off will be visiting a shire
openiy again I find that I have become rather unpopular they say I am a
nuisance and a disturber of the peace some people are actually accusing me of
spirited away if you want to know there is supposed to
be a plot between you and we need to get over his wealth some people exclaim
Frodo you mean earth Oh and OB Leah how abominable I would give the back end and
everything else if I could get Bilbo back and go off tramping in the country
with him I left the Shire but I begin to wish somehow that I had gone to I wonder
if I shall ever see him again so did I said Gandalf I wonder many
other things goodbye take care of yourself look out for me especially if
unlikely times goodbye verda saw him to the door he gave a final wave of his
hand and walked off at a surprising pace but Frodo thought the old wizard looked
unusually bent almost as if she was carrying a great weight the evening was
closing in and his cloaked figure quickly vanished into the twilight Frodo
did not see him again for a long time the talk did not die
down in nine or even nineteen nineties the second disappearance of mr. Bilbo
Baggins was discussed in Hobbiton and indeed all over the Shire for a year and
a day and was remembered much longer than that it became a fireside story for
young hobbits and eventually Mount Baggins who used to vanish with a bang
in a flash and reappear with bags of jewels and gold became a favorite
character of legend and lived on long after all the true events were forgotten
but in the meantime the general opinion of the neighborhood was that Bilbo who
had always been rather cracked had at last gone quite mad and had run off into
the blue where he had undoubtedly fallen into a pool or a river and come to a
tragic but hardly an untimely end the blame was mostly laid
gondol FLE tap dratted wizard will leave young Frodo alone perhaps he’ll settle
down and grow some orbit sense they sent and to all appearance the wizard did
leave Frodo alone and he did settle down but the growth of hobbits sense was not
very noticeable indeed he at once began to carry on Bilbo’s reputation for
oddity he refused to go into mourning and the next year he gave a party in
honor of Bilbo’s hundred and twelfth birthday which he called a hundredweight
feast but that was short of the mark for twenty guests were invited and there
were several meals at which it snowed food and rain drink as hobbits say some
people were rather shocked the Frodo kept up the custom of giving bilkins
birthday party year after year until they got used to it he said that he did
not think bill burr was dead when they asked where is he then
he shrugged his shoulders he lived alone as Bilbo had done but he had a good many
friends especially among the younger hobbits mostly descendants of the old
Duke who had his children been fond of Bilbo and often in and out of Bag End
Felco boffin and fredag a Bolger were two of these but his closest friends
were Peregrine chook usually called Pippin and Merry brandybuck his real
name was Marie a dog but that was seldom remembered Frodo went tramping all over
the Shire with them but more often he wanted by himself and to the amazement
of the sensible folk he was sometimes seen far from home walking in the hills
and woods under the Starlight merry and pippin suspected that he visited the
elves at as bill bill had done as time went on
people began to notice that Frodo also showed signs of good preservation
outwardly he retained the appearance of a robust and energetic Hobbit just out
of his tweens Sam folk have all the luck they said but it was not until fro to
approach the usually more sober age of fifty but they began to think it queer
Rodo himself after the first shock found that being his own master and V mr.
Baggins of Bag End was rather Pleasant for some years he was quite happy and
did not worry much about the future but hath unknown to himself the regret that
he had not gone with Bilbo was steadily growing he found himself wondering at
times especially in the autumn about the wild lands and strange visions of
mountains that he had never seen came into his dreams he began to say to
himself perhaps I shall cross the river myself one day to which the other half
of his mind always replied not yet so it went on until his forties were running
out and his 50th birthday was drawing near fifty was a number that he felt was
somehow significant or ominous it was at any rate at that age that
adventure had suddenly befallen Bilbo Frodo began to feel Restless and the old
paths seemed to world for me he looked at maps and wondered what lay beyond
their edges maps made in the Shire showed mostly white spaces beyond its
borders he took to wandering further afield and
more often by himself and Mary and his other friends watched him anxiously
often he was seen walking in talking with the strange Wayfarers that began at
this time to appear in the Shire there were rumors of strange things happening
in the world outside and as Gandalf had not at the time appeared or sent any
message for several years Frodo gathered all the news he could elves who sold him
walked in the Shire could now be seen passing westward through the woods in
the evening passing not returning but they were leaving middle-earth and were
no longer concerned with its troubles there were however dwarves on the road
in unusual numbers the ancient east-west road ran through the Shire to its end at
the Grey Havens and wolves had always used it on their way to their minds in
the Blue Mountains they were the hobbits chief source of news from distant parts
if they wanted any as a rule dwarf said little and hobbits asked her more but
now Frodo often met strange dwarves of far countries seeking refuge in the West
they were troubled and some spoken whispers of the enemy and of the land of
Mordor that named the hobbits only knew in legends of the dark past like a
shadow in the background of their memories but it was ominous and
disquieting it seemed that the evil power in Mirkwood had been driven out by
the white council only to reappear in greater strength in the old strongholds
of Mordor the dark tower had been rebuilt it was said from there the power
was spreading far and wide and away far east and south there were Wars and
growing fear walks were multiplied again in the mountains trolls were abroad no
longer dull-witted but cunning and armed with dreadful weapons and there were
murmured hints creatures more terrible than all these
but they had no name little of all this of course reached the ears of ordinary
hobbits but even the deficit most stay-at-home began to hear queer tales
and those whose business took them to the borders saw strange things the
conversation in the green dragon at by water one evening in the spring of
Frodo’s fiftieth year showed that even in the comfortable heart of the shire
rumors had been heard though most hobbits still laughed at them Sam Gamgee
was sitting in one corner near the fire and opposite him was Ted Sandeman the
Millers son and there were various other rustic hobbits listening to their talk
queer things you do hear these days to be sure said Sam said Ted you do if you
listen but I can hear farce are tales and children’s stories are over if I
want to no doubt you can retorted Sam and I daresay there’s more truth than
some of them that you reckon hello method the stories anyway take dragons
now no thang games at Ted I won’t I heard tell of them when I was a
youngster but there is no call to believe in him now there’s only one
dragon and by Walter and that’s grain he said getting a general laugh alright
is it Sam laughing with the rest but what about these tree men these Giants
as you might call them they do say that one bigger than a tree was seen up away
beyond the northmoor’s not long back oh stay my cousin Hal for one it works
for mr. boffin and over Hill and goes up to the north Farley for the huntin they
saw one lazy deed perhaps your house always saying he’s seeing things and
maybe seen things that ain’t there but this one was as big as an elm tree and
walking walkies seven yards to astride if it was an inch then I bet it wasn’t
an inch what he saw was an elm tree like is not but this one was walking I tell
you and there ain’t no welcomed tree on the north Moors an all can’t I’ve seen
one said Ted there was some laughing and clapping the audience seemed to think
that Terrace at a point all the same said Sam you
can’t deny that others beside our how fast seen queer folk crossing the Shire
cross see it mind you there are more that are turned back in the borders the
bounders have never been so busy before and I’ve heard tell the elves are moving
west they do say they’re going to the Harper’s far away beyond the white
towers Sam waved his arm vaguely neither he nor any of them knew how far it was
to the sea past the old towers beyond the western borders of the Shire
but it was an old tradition that away over there stood the Grey Havens from
which at times elven ships set sail never to return
they are sailing sailing sailing over the sea they’re going to the west and
leaving us said Sam half chanting the words shaking his head sadly and
solemnly but Ted laughed well that isn’t anything new if you
believe the old tales and I don’t see what it matters to me or you let them
sail but I warrant you haven’t seen them doing it nor anyone else in the char
well I don’t know said Sam thoughtfully they believed he had once seen enough in
the woods and still hope to see more one day of all the legends that he had heard
in his early years such fragments of tales and half remembered stories about
the elves as the hobbits knew had always moved him most deeply there are some
even in these parts as know the fair folk can get news of him he said there’s
mr. Baggins now that I work for he told me that they were sailing and he knows a
bit about elves and old mr. Bilbo knew more length to talk and I had with him
when I was a little lad now they’re both Kraken said Ted least we chose Bilbo was
cracked Frodo’s Kraken if that’s where you get your news from you’ll never walk
pro moonshine well friends I’m off home your good health he drained his mug and
went out noisily Samsa silent and said no more he had a good deal to think
about for one thing there was a lot to do up in the bag and garden and he would
have a busy day tomorrow if the weather cleared the grass was growing fast but
Sam had more on his mind than gardening after a while
he sighed got up and went out it was early April and the sky was now clearing
after heavy rain the Sun was down and a cool pale evening was quietly fading
into the night he walked home under the early stars through Hobbiton and up the
hill whistling softly and thoughtfully it was just at this time that Gandalf
reappeared after his long absence for three years after the party he had been
away then he paid Frodo a brief visit and after taking a good look at him
he went off again during the next year or two he had turned up fairly often
coming unexpectedly after dusk and going off without warning before sunrise he
would not discuss his own business and journeys and seemed chiefly interested
in small news about Frodo’s health and doings then suddenly his visits had
ceased it was over nine years since Rhoda had seen or heard of him and he
had begun to think that the wizard would never return and had given up all
interest in hobbits but that evening as Sam was walking home and Twilight was
fading there came the once familiar tap on the study window Frodo welcomed his
old friend with surprise and great delight they looked hard at one another said Gandalf you look the same as ever
Frodo so do you heard replied but secretly he
thought that Gandalf looked older and more careworn
he pressed him of news of himself and of the wide world and soon they were deep
in talk and they stayed up far into the night
next morning after a late breakfast the wizard was sitting with Frodo by the
open window of the study a brief fire was on the hearth but the Sun was born
and the wind was in the South everything looked fresh and the new green of spring
was shimmering in the fields and on the tips of the trees fingers Gandalf was
thinking of a spring nearly eighty years before when Bilbo had run out of Bag End
without a handkerchief his hair was perhaps whiter than it had
been then and his beard and eyebrows were perhaps longer and his face more
lined with care and wisdom but his eyes were as bright as ever and he smoked and
blew smoke rings with the same vigor and delight he was smoking now in silence
for Frodo was sitting still deep in thought even in the light of morning he
felt the dark shadow of the tidings that Gandalf had brought at last he broke the
silence last night you began to tell me strange
things about my ring Gandalf he said and then you stopped because you’d said that
such matters were left until daylight don’t you think you’d better finish now
you see the ring is dangerous far more dangerous tonight guests in what way in
many ways answered the wizard it is far more powerful than I ever dared to think
at first so powerful that in the end it would utterly overcome any one of more
proof race who possessed it its would possess him americium long a girl
many elven ring make magic rings as you call them and
they were of course of area skies some more potent and some layers the lesser
rings were and the essays in the craft before it was full grown to the elven
Smith’s they were but trifles yet still to my mind dangerous for mortals that
the great rings the rings of power they are perilous a
mortal Frodo who keeps one of the great rings does
not die but he does not grow out of Timor life him merely continues until at
last every minute is a worthiness and if he often uses the ring to make himself
invisible he fails he becomes in the end invisible permanently and walks in the
twilight under the eye of the dark power that rules the rings yes sooner or later
makes her if he is strong our well-meaning to begin with but neither
strength no good purpose will last sooner or later the dark power of devour
him Oh terrifying said Frodo there was
another long silence the sound of Sam Gamgee cutting the lawn came in from the
garden how long have you known this asked Frodo at length and how much did
Bilbo know Bilbo you know more than he told you I am sure said Gandalf he would
certainly never have passed on to you anything that he thought would be a
danger even then I promise to look after you
he thought the ring was very beautiful very useful need and if anything was
wrong or queer it was himself he said that it was growing on his mind and he
was always worrying about it but he did not suspect the ring itself forced to
play though he had found out that the thing needed looking after it did not
seem always of the same size await his shrank were expanded in an old way and
might suddenly slip off a finger where it had been tight yes
he warned me of that in his last letter said Frodo so I have always kept it on
its chain very wise said Gandalf but as for his long life OBO never connected it
with the ring at all he took all the credit for that to himself and he was
very proud of it there he was getting restless and uneasy thin and stretched
he said a sign that the ring was getting control of you know this ossifer dough
again no said Gandalf I have known much that only the wise now Frodo but if you
mean known about this ring I still do not know one might say there
is a last test to make but I no longer doubt to my guess when did I first begin
to guess he mused searching back in memory let me see it was in the air that
the white council drove the dark power from mark would just before the Battle
of five armies my Bilbo found this ring a shadow fell on my heart then I did not
know yet what I feared I wandered often how Gollum came by a great ring as
plainly it was met at least was clear from the first then I had a Bilbo
strange story of how he had worn it and I could not believe it when I at last
got the truth out of him I saw at once that he had been trying to put his claim
on the ring beyond doubt much like Ghana with his birthday present the lies were
too much alike for my comfort clearly the ring had an unwholesome
power that said to work on its keeper at once it was the first real warning I
have it all was not well I told Bilbo off me
but such rings were better left unused but he resented it soon got angry
there was little else that I could do I could not take it from him without doing
greater harm and I had no right to do so anyway he watched and wait I might
perhaps have consulted Saruman the white with something always held me back who
is he asked Frodo I’ve never heard of him before
maybe not answered Gandalf of it’s our word no concern of his it is great among
the wise he is the chief of my order and the head of the council his knowledge is
deep but his pride has grown with it and he takes ill any meddling the Lord of
the Auvergne rings great and small as his prophets he has long studied it
seeking the lost secrets of their making but when the rings were debated in the
council all that he would reveal to us of his ring law told against my fears
so my doubt slept but I’m easily
still might watched and I waited and I will seen well with builder and the
years past yes they passed now they seem not to touch him he showed no signs of
age the shutter fell on me again but I sit to myself after all he comes of a
long-lived family on his mother’s side where is time yet wait and I waited
until that night when he left his house he said and did things then that filled
me with a great fear that no words a shadow mom could allay I knew at last
that something dark and deadly was at work and I have spent most of the years
since then in finding out the truth of it there wasn’t any permanent harm done
was there asked Frodo anxiously he would get all right in time wouldn’t he be
able to rest in peace I mean he felt better at once said Gandalf there is
only one power in this world it knows all about the Rings and their effects
and as far as I know there is no power in the world that knows all about
hobbits among the wise I am the only one that goes in for patrol and obscure a
branch of knowledge but full of surprises softest butter they can be and
yet sometimes as tough as old tree roots I think it likely that some would resist
the ring far longer than most of the wise would believe
I don’t think you need to worry about pepper of course he possessed the ring
for many years and used it so it might take a long while for the influence to
wear off before it was safe for him to see it again for instance otherwise he
might live on for years quite happily just stop as he was when he parted with
four he gave it up in the end of his own accord an important point now I was not
troubled about the Appel anymore once he led the thing down it is for you that I
feel responsible ever since bill burr left I’ve been deeply concerned about
you and about all these charming absurd helpless orbits it would be a grievous
blue to the world if the dark power overcame the shine if all your kind
Joris stupid poachers Hornblower’s boffin sprays girls and the rest not to
mention the ridiculous packages became enslaved furtive shut it but why should
we be he asked and why would he want such slaves to tell her the truth
replied Gandalf I believe that Heather – Heather – mark you he is entirely of log
the existence of hobbits you should be thankful
but your safety has passed he does not need you he has many more useful
servants but he won’t forget you again and hope it’s as miserable slaves would
lease him far more than hobbits happy and free
where is such a thing as malice revenge revenge sir Frodo revenge for what I
still don’t understand what all this has to do with Bilbo and myself and our ring
it has everything to do with it sit Gandalf you do not know the real peril
yet as you shall I was not sure of it myself when I was last here of the time
has come to speak give me the ring filament floater took it from his
breeches pocket where it was clasped to chained that hung from his belt he and
fastened it and handed it slowly to the wizard it felt suddenly very heavy as if
either it or Frodo himself was in some way reluctant for Gandalf to touch it
Gandalf held it up it looked to be made of pure and solid gold can you see any
markings on it he asked no said Frodo there are none it is quite plain and and
it never shows a scratch or sign of wear well then look to Frodo’s astonishment
and distress the wizard threw it suddenly into the middle of a glowing
corner of the fire but will give a cry and brew it for the tolls with Gandalf
Eldon Bank Rate he said in a commanding voice giving throat of a quick look from
under his bristling brows no apparent change came over the ring after a while
Gandalf got up close the shutters outside the window and drew the curtains
the room became dark in silent though the clack of Sam’s sheers now nearer to
the windows could sue be heard faintly from the garden for a moment the wizard
stood looking at the fire then he stooped and removed the ring
from the hearth of the tongs and at once picked it up for Joe cast square cool
said Gandalf ragged Frodo received it on his shrinking palm it seemed to have
become thicker and heavier than ever hold it up said Gandalf look closely
Astroturf did so he now saw fine lines finer than the finest pen strokes
running along the ring outside and inside lines of fire that seemed to form
the letters of a flowing script they Shaun piously bright and yet remote as
if out of a great depth but I cannot read the fiery letters said front of in
a quavering voice no said Gandalf but I can the letters are elvish of an ancient
mode where the language is that of Mordor which I will not a tear but this
in the common tongue is what it said close enough one ring to rule them all
one ring to find them one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind it is
only two lines of a first long known in elven law three rings for the Elven keys
under the sky Shannon for the dwarflords in their
horse of stone nine for mortal men doomed to die one for the Dark Lord on
his dark throne in the land of Mordor where the shadows lie one ring to rule
them all one ring to find them one ring to bring them all and in the darkness
bind them the land of Mordor where the shadows lie
he paused and then said slowly in a deep voice receives the mastery the one ring
to rule them all this is the one ring that he lost many ages ago to the great
who’s giving of his power he greatly desires it but he must not
get it photo said silent and motionless fear
seemed to stretch out a vast hand like a dark cloud rising in the east and
looming up but to engulf him it’s great he stammered who on earth that had come
to me said Gandalf that is a very long story
but beginnings lie back in the black years which only the law must does now
remember if I were to tell you all that tale we should be sitting here when
spring had passed into winter but last night it of south on
the cranes the dark involved were rumors that she have heard are true he has
indeed a risen again and left his hurled in Mirkwood and returned to his ancient
fortress at the dark tower of more forever may him even you hope it’s ever
heard of like a shadow of the porters of old stories always after a defeat in a
respite where shadow takes another shape groves again I wish it need not have
happened in my time said Frodo sir – I said Gandalf and so do all who live to
see such times but that is not for them to decide all we have to decide is what
to do with the time that has given us and already Frodo our time is beginning
to look black the enemy is fast becoming very strong his plans are far from ripe
I think that they are ripening we shall be hard put to it we should be very hard
put to it even if it were not for this dreadful chance the enemy still lacks
one thing to give him strength and knowledge to beat down all resistance
break the last defenses and cover all the lands a second darkness he lacks the
One Ring referee fairest of all the elf Lords hid
from him and his hand never touched them or select them as ever
the dwarf kings possessed but three he has recovered and the others the dragons
have consumed nine he gave to mortal men proud and great and so enslaved him long
ago they fell under the Dominion of the one and they became the shadows under
his great his most terrible servants long ago it as many a year since then I
walked appropiate a few nerves a shudder grouse once more they too may walk again
but come we will not speak of such things even in the morning of the Shire
sir it is now the nine he has gathered to himself the seven also or else they
are destroyed the three are hidden still good that no longer troubles him he only
needs the one for he made that ring himself it is his and he let a great
part of his own former power pass into it so that he could rule all the others
if he recovers it then he will command them all again wherever they be even the
three at all that has been rolled with them
will be laid bare and he will be stronger than ever and this is the
dreadful jobs fellow he believed that the one had perished but the elves have
destroyed it as should have been done but he knows now that it is not buried
but it has been found seeking it all this thought is bent on it it is his
great fear why wasn’t it destroyed cried Frodo and how did the enemy ever come to
loose it if it was so strong and it was so precious to him he clutched the ring
in his hand as if he saw already dark fingers snatching at to seize it it was
taken from him said Gandalf a strength of the elves to resist him was greater
long ago and not all men were estranged from them the men of Western s came to
their aid where as a chapter of ancient history which it might be good to recall
for there was sort of them to and gathering dark
but great valor and great deeds that would not hold if a one day perhaps I
will tell you all that tale you shall hear it told in four by one an
asset-based a firmament since most of all you need to know how this thing came
to you and that will be tale enough this is all I will say it was gild gallant
elfin King and Ellen deal of Westerners who overthrew sour on the they
themselves perished in the deed and he still do when Ellen deals son cut the
ring from saurons hand and took it for his own when Sauron was vanquished
and his spirit fled and was hidden for long years until his shadow took shape
again but the ring was lost it fell into the great river and doing had vanished
for a co2 was marching north along these banks of the river and near the cotton
fields he was waylaid by the orcs of the mountains and almost all his folk was
slain he lept into the waters but the ring slipped from his finger as he swam
and then the orcs saw him and killed him with arrows Gandalf paused and they’re in the dark
pools and at the Grattan fields he said a ring passed out of knowledge and
legend and even so much of its history is known now only to a few and the
counsel of the wise could discover no but at last I can carry on the story I
think long after was still very long ago there lived by the banks of the great
river on the edge of Wilderland a clever handed and quiet footed little people I
guess they were loved Hobbit kind akin to the fathers of the fathers of the
stools for they loved the river and often swam in it or made little boats of
reeds where was among them a family of high
repute for it was large and wealthier than most and it was ruled by a
grandmother of a folk stern and wise in overt law such as they had the most
inquisitive and curious minded of that family was cold Smeagol he was
interested in roots and beginnings and dived into deep pools a burrowed under
trees and growing plants he tunneled into green mounds and he ceased to look
up at the hilltops over the leaves on the trees or the flowers opening in the
air his head in his eyes were downward he had a friend called eagle of similar
sort sharp eyed but not so quick and strong one a time they took a boat and
went down to the gladden fields where there were great beds of iris and
flowering reeds there Smeagol go tapped and went nosing about the banks but
Eagle sat in the bath suddenly a great fish took his hook and
before he knew where he was he was dragged out and down into the water to
the bottom then he lets go of his line for he
thought he saw something shining in the riverbed and hold his breath he grabbed
at it we’re up he came spluttering booth weeds in his hair and a handful of what
and he swam to the bank I behold when he washed the mud away the hair in his hand
lay a beautiful golden ring and it shone and glittered in the Sun so that his
heart was glad but Smeagol had been watching him from
behind a tree and as deagle collected over the rain Smeagol came softly up
behind give us that deagol my love sir Smeagol over his French shoulder why Sir
take oh because it’s my birthday and I wants it so sneaky I don’t care sir
deagle I have given you a present already more than I could afford I found
this and I’m going to keep it I you indeed my
laughter Smith and he called eagle by the throat and strangled him because the
gold looked so bright and beautiful then he put the ring of his finger no I never
found out what had become of Tegel he was murdered far from home and his body
was cunningly hidden with Smeagol returned alone and he found that none of
his family could see him when he was wearing the ring he was very pleased
with his discovery and he conceded and he used it to find out secrets and he
put his knowledge to Crockett and malicious uses he became sharp eyes and
keen ears for all that was hurtful the ring had given him power according to
his stature it is not to be wondered at that he became very unpopular and was
sharpened when visible by all his relations they kicked him any bit their
feet he took to thievery and going about muttering to himself and gurgling in his
throat Salvy called him Gollum he cursed him and told him to go far away and his
grandmother desiring peace expelled him from the family and turned him out of
their home he wandered in LAN leanness we ping a
little for the hardness of the world and he journeyed up the river till he came
to a stream that flowed down from the mountains and he went that way
he caught fish in deep pools with invisible fingers and inked of raw one
days was very hot and as he was bending over a pool
he felt of burning on the back of a set and a desolate light from the water
paint his sweat eyes he wondered at it for he had almost forgotten about the
Sun then for the last time he looked up and shook his fist at her but as he
lowered his eyes he’s so far above the tops of the misty mountains out of which
this dream came and he thought suddenly it would be cool and shady under this
valleys the Sun could not watch me there the roots of those mountains must be
roots indeed there must be great crits buried there which have not been
discovered since the beginning so he journeyed by night up into the highlands
and he found a little cave out of which the dark stream ran and he wormed his
way like a maggot into the heart of the hills and vanished out of old knowledge
the ring went into the shadows with him and even the maker when his power had
begun to grow again could learn nothing of it Gollum
cried Frodo Gotham do you mean that this is the very garland creature that Bilbo
met loathesome I think it is a sad story said the wizard it might have happened
to others even to some hobbies that I have known I can’t believe that Gollum
was connected with hobbits however distantly said Frodo with some
heat what’s in abominable mention it is true who hold the same applied Gandalf
about their origins Danny wait I know more than hobbits do themselves and even
Bilbo story suggests the kingship there was a great deal in the background of
their minds and memories that was very similar
they understood one another remarkably well very much better than a hobbit
would understand say at all for an orc or even her elf
think of the riddles they both knew for one thing yes said Frodo there are other
folk beside Hobbit asked riddles and much of the same sort and hobbits don’t
cheeked Gollum meant to cheat all the time he was just trying to put Bob Bilbo
off his guard and I daresay it amused his weakness to start a game which might
end in providing him with an easy victim but if he lost would not hurt him only
to true I fear said Gandalf where there was something else in it I think which
you do not see hit even golem was not wholly ruined he had proved tougher than
even one of the wise would have guessed was a hobbit might there was a little
corner of his mind that was still his earth and light came through he tossed
through a chink in the dark light out of the past
it was actually Pleasant I think to hear a kindly voice again bringing up
memories of wind and trees some of the grass and such forgotten things that of
course could only make the evil part of him angrier in the end unless it could
be conquered unless it could be cured and outside of us there is little hope
of that for him yet not know hope not though he possessed the ring so long
almost as far back as he can remember for it was long since he had worn it
much the black darkness it was seldom needed certainly he had never faded he’s
thin and tough still but the thing was eating up his mind of course and the
torment had become almost unbearable all the great secrets under the mountains
had turned him to be just an empty night there was nothing more to find out
nothing worth doing only nasty furtive eating and resentful remembering he was
altogether wretched he hated the dark and he hated the light
he hated everything and the ring most of all well what are you making said Frodo
surely the rig was his precious and the only thing he cared for but if he hated
it why didn’t he get rid of it or cook or go away or in leave it you to begin
to understand Fred after all you have heard said Gandalf he hated and loved it
as he hated and loved himself he could not get rid of it he had no will left in
the matter a ring of power looks after itself Frodo eat may sleep of
treacherously but its keeper her never abandons it at most he plays with the
idea of handing it to someone else’s care and that only at an early stage
when it first begins to grip but as far as I know pilbow alone in history has
ever gone beyond playing and really done it he told my health too and even so he
would never have just forsaken it or cast it aside it was not gone on Frodo
but the ring itself the decided things the ring left him what just in time to
meet Bilbo said Frodo wasn’t it no give suited it
better there is no laughing matter said Gandalf not for you it was the
strangest event in the whole history of the Ring so far who blows a rifle just
at that time in putting his hand on it blindly the dark
there was more than one power to flow down the rain was trying to get back to
its master it has slipped from the suitors hand and
betrayed him and when chance came it caught port eagle and he was murdered
after that Gollum and had it devoured him who can make no further use of him
he was too small in me and as long as it stayed with him he would never leave his
deep pool again so now when it’s faster was awake once more and sending out his
dark thought from work would it abandoned Gollum only to be picked up by
the most unlikely person imaginable built better from the shire behind that
there was something else at work beyond any design of the Ring maker I can put
it to no plainer than by saying that Bilbo was meant to find the ring and not
by its maker in which case you also were meant to have it and that may be an
encouraging thought it is not said Frodo I’m not sure that I understand you but
how have you learned all this about the ring and about Gollum
do you really know it all or are you just kissing still gandalf looked at
Frodo his eyes glinted I knew much and I have learned much he answered but I am
NOT going to give an account of all my doings – he who where history of a land
deal and issue toward and the one ring is known to all the wise your ring is
shown to be that one dream by the fire writing alone apart from any other of it
and when did you discover that ask Frodo interrupting just now in this room of
course answered the wizard sharply but I expect to find it I have come back from
dark journeys and long search to make that final test it was the last proof
and all is now only too clear making up columns part and fitting it into the cap
in the history required some thought I may have started with guesses about
Gollum but I am NOT guessing now I have seen you seen Gollum exclaimed
Frodo with amazement yes they hope he is thing to do of course for good
I tried long ago but I have managed it at last then what happened have to be
able to escape from him do you know that how so clearly what I have told you is
what Gollum was willing to tell though not of course in the way that I’ve
reported it goddamn is Amaya and you have to sift his words for instance he
called the ring his birthday present and he stuck to hand he said it came from
his grandmother who had lots of beautiful things of that kind
and ridiculous story I have no doubt that some Eagles grandmother was a
matriarch a great person in her way but to talk of her possessing many of the
Rings was absurd and first for giving them away it was a lie and a lie was the
grain of truth the murder of deagle haunted : and he had made up a defence
repeating to his wishes over and over again as he nolde burns in the dark
until he almost believed it it wasn’t legal ought to have given the ring to
him it had previously turned up just so as to be present it was his birthday
present so I endured him as long as I could but
the truth was desperately important and in the end I had to be harsh I put the
fear of fire on him and wrung the true story out of him
beats by beats together with sniffling and snarling he thought he was
misunderstood and he’ll used but when he had at last told me his history as far
as the end of the riddle game in builders escape he would not say anymore
except in dark it’s some other fear was on him greater than mine he muttered
that he was going to get his own back people would see if he would stand being
kicked and driven into a hole and then robbed Gorham had good friends now good
friends and very strong they would help him Baggins would pay for it that was
his chief thought he hated Bilbo and cursed his name what is more he knew
where he came but how did he find that hat asked Fred oh well as for the named
Wilbur very foolishly termed Gollum himself and after that it would not be
difficult to discover its country once Colin came out oh yes he he’s longing
for the ring proved stronger than his fear of the orcs or even tonight after a
year or two he left the mountains you see they’re still bound by this iron of
it the ring was no longer devouring him he began to revive a little he felt Oh
terribly old yet less timid and he was mortally hungry
lights light of Sun in movie he still feared and hated and he always will I
think but he was cunning he found out he could hide from day night in moonshine
and make his way swiftly and softly by dead of night with his pale cold eyes
and catch small frightened or unwary things he could have stronger and bolder
with new food and new air he found his way into Mirkwood as one would expect is
that way he found him asks Frodo I saw him there asked Gandalf before that he
had wandered far following Wilbur’s trail it was difficult to learn anything
from him for certain for his talk was constantly interrupted by cursed
yourself with one purchase that is a sample of his talk and suppose you want
anymore I heard we every days of it but from him
dropped them on the snarls I even gathered that his padding feet had taken
him at last to s growth and even to the streets of day or listening secretly and
pa well the news of the great events went far and wide in Wilderland and many
had heard Bilbo’s name and knew where he came from we had made no secret of our
return journey to his home in the West Gollum sharp ears would soon what
then why didn’t he track he’ll be further ask Frodo why did he come to the
Shire ah said Gandalf why we come to it I think Gollum tried to he set out and
came back westward as far as the Great River but then he turned aside he was
not daunted by the distance I am sure something else drew him away
so my friends think those that hunted him for me but Wood Elves tracked him
first an easy task for them for his trail was still fresh then through
Mirkwood and back again and led them though they never caught him the wood
was full of the rumor of him dreadful tales even among beasts and birds the
Woodman said that there was some new terror abroad a ghost that drank blood
it crime trees to find nests it crept into holes to find the young it slipped
through windows to find grapples but at the western edge of Mirkwood the trail
turned away it wandered off southwards and passed out of the wood elves Kelly
it was lost and then I made a great mistake!

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