The Little Black Book of Scams: Job and Employment Scams

The Little Black Book of Scams: Job and Employment Scams

Face it…
we all know that you have to work hard to make money.
But don’t you secretly wish there was a shortcut to money and wealth?
Well, that’s where crooks jump in with employment scams:
making big promises to people looking for jobs …
taking their money… and delivering…
nothing. If you hear this –
“Make a fortune without leaving your living room!!!”
it could be a front for an illegal money laundering activity or a pyramid scheme.
Either way… it’s almost certainly a fairy tale.
If you hear this — “Just invest a few hundred dollars up front
and we’ll set you up for life!”… what do you think the scammers are really
after? Yep… your cash.
Once they’ve got it… you’ve got a garage full of useless products… and they’re history.
And if you hear this – “You’re hired…as our secret shopper!”
…beware. Crooks may ask you to deposit into your bank
account cheques they send you, take a “commission”, and then send
money back to them through a money transfer service.
Problem is, the cheques are fake…. and your bank account takes the hit.
There’s no shortcut to wealth. Do your research.
Hang on to your personal information, and really look hard at any job that seems
too good to be true… because it almost certainly is.
Learn more – check out The Little Black Book of Scams.

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