The Lego HISHE

The Lego How It Should Have Ended What went wrong here? I mean we are super heroes and master builders.
I don’t follow. Well, there we all were in cloud cuckoo land
listening to Emmet, when Bad Cop shows up and suddenly we were all taken prisoner just
like that.
Well, not all of us were captured. You’re telling me Superman, the Man of
Steel, is overwhelmed by a bunch of micromanaging drones and stopped by a
piece of gum? Hehe.
A piece of GUM?! Must’ve been kryptonite gum.
I guess! I mean I should have been like… What is this gum? HA HA! Well why don’t you CHEW on this! pew pew pew Oh my gosh! Superman saved the day!
Yay! Superman! Three cheers for Superman! Well, why did you do that? I don’t know! So many heroes where just knocked down like they have no abilities whatsoever! Makes no sense! Wonder Woman? Gone. Mmichelangelo. Taken down.
Not Radcal. Freakin Dumbledore and Gandalf! Thanks magic! Yeah, tell me about it! Us heroes were so
misrepresented… Right guys? Yeah… totally.
Welp, see ya later! You know what I think? I think you’re just jealous. No I’m not.
You’re so jelly. First of all please don’t say jelly… That is so weird. You’re upset that you didn’t
get help me save everyone from Lord business. Help you?
Dude Emmet, is the hero! In
fact he’s leading the charge against this… whatever this baby block invasion is.. that’s happening right now.
We are hew to destwoy you! No! No you’re not!
Hey fellas! Heeeeeey!
You’re jelly. I am NOT!
I don’t think he’s ready, Supes is jelly… Stop it.
I don’t think he’s ready for thiiiis. Is my body too bat-a-licious for ya, Kal!
I’m just gonna go home. Try to not step in any gum! Everything is Batman!
Everything is cool when you’re Batman Everything is Batman! Because I’m Batman! Yeah! Hey everyone! Thanks for watching we hope you enjoyed our first stop motion episode! huge extra special thanks to the Master
Builders at Brotherhood workshop for joining us on the short! Go check out their channel for more
amazing stop motion videos. Be sure to follow us as well. Check out
our store for some HISHE gear. And as always thank you for the support.
We’ll see you at the next video. Bye!

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