The Law & Business Program at UVA Law

The Law & Business Program at UVA Law

Over the last few decades it’s become very clear that the study of law and the study of business has become more
closely intertwined. The Law and Business Program here at the University of
Virginia was designed to give students that want to study businesses a better
understanding of what businesses are, how they really work, what they really do. And this can help them become better business advisers or it might even allow
them to enter into business activities themselves. I know in a lot of law
schools it’s mainly litigation focused, but having a set of classes that are geared towards people who want to be business advisers, who want to do corporate work,
was really important for me and was actually one of the reasons I came to UVA Law. Students can take dozens of classes. Some of the classes focus on
core business skills, things like strategy or accounting or finance. Other classes are special sections of law classes. And finally we have a variety of
very specialized focus classes that look at something really specific. Like how a
board of directors works, or what a business does when it’s trying to emerge from a complex bankruptcy. Classes in the Law and Business Program have provided a
synthesis of learning that I didn’t think I would get in law school when
taking corporate classes. From skills like negotiating, to reading contracts, to learning what specific terms even mean — they’re just so many insights that I didn’t think I could gain in the classroom. One of the advantages that the
University of Virginia Law and Business Program has is it’s one of the oldest in the country. It’s very well established. There’s a multitude of classes that
students can take that are tried and true and have been offered year after year
after year. You’re fluent in or at least conversant in the language of the
organism in which you will work, and that’s a very big advantage to taking
courses taught on business school topics in a business school format. You’re looking at real cases. You’re looking at business school case studies. You’re looking at a particular bankruptcy case and you’re using the numbers, you’re
using the real figures and through that you get practical knowledge. So when you are practicing you’re able to provide so much more. Not just as a legal expert, but
as a business expert as well. In addition to the curriculum, we’ve also designed a rich community for students that want to focus on extracurricular
activity in the space. Students can get involved with an academic journal like
the Law and Business Review. They can spend time with student organizations, including the Rivanna Investment Club. And they can also engage in a hands-on
clinic, where they advise entrepreneurial startups on a variety of business
ventures. Taken together, the Law and Business Program gives students a rich experience right at the intersection of law and business.

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