The Kessler Fellows Program

The Kessler Fellows Program

I think I didn’t really understand what
a business was in the sense where we were designing this product we were
engineering this product and I thought because we were engineering a product we
had a business. So it took me some time to learn that there’s a lot more to
business than having a product. I think that I was first interested in
entrepreneurship for this creative aspect but learning how important the
operational side, logistics, organization and honing those skills through my
internship and the Kessler Fellowship was really important. The Kessler Fellowship really pushed me
deeper into entrepreneurship and inspired me actually to start my own company now. And, so I’m taking a lot of the like intangibles of just basically starting a
startup and getting it off the ground from the lessons I learned that my
Kessler Fellowship. The Kessler Fellowship is like such a
unique opportunity to do something risky in a safe environment. So I was able to
you know intern at a like really brand-new startup and get that crazy
experience when that would never have been open to me you know if I had just
been a regular employee they would not have hired me as even an intern because
they didn’t have the money for it. And, so I kind..using the Kessler fellowship I
was able to do something risky and I feel like I had a great payoff in the
end. So during my third week the company went through a really big pivot and
really I was given full responsibility to figure out a new way that I can help
the co-founders determine a new revenue stream. I had a chance to reach out to
3,000 machine shops across the United States and do some really interesting
research that I felt probably nobody else in the world had a chance to do. And
so some of this work as well as some of the product and engineering work that
I’ve been doing with the co-founders really helped the company in the moment
it felt like we didn’t know what we were doing was this going to be a failure
when you took a step back and about two months after I finished up my internship
the co-founders were able to take some of the work that I had done some of the
work that they had been doing and we were able to get a strategic acquisition. So it was a success in the end. Everybody tells you like startups are
exciting but very rarely do you really earn your battle scars and I felt that
by working in a very early stage company and going through the ups and downs I
earned my battle scars. And so now doing my own startup you know I’m much more risk
averse I am much more battle tested and I’m able to do this startup without
being discouraged by the ups and downs. Another thing that’s important to know
about what Kessler can do for someone is it can change their idea of what is
possible you know what is out there what can I do right. And it’s not just about
graduating and getting a job; it’s about graduating and getting to do
something that you actually enjoy. Work is so much of what we do and when we’re
encouraged to be entrepreneurial and actually go out and find something
interesting or create something interesting then you’re gonna get so
much more out of your working life.

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