The Global Reach of Child Evangelism Fellowship

The Global Reach of Child Evangelism Fellowship

Hi, I’m Mark Vroegop, lead pastor of College Park Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. For a number of years I’ve just been amazed at the global reach of Child Evangelism Fellowship® Well, about three years ago I was in a basement of a church in Ukraine, and I saw literature and materials that had come from Child Evangelism Fellowship. And nearly wherever I go all over the world it’s remarkable that in many of those countries, if not most of them, CEF has works that are happening trying to reach children with the Gospel. There’s something special about the way in which CEF is able to take the Gospel, put it into the language of the people, train local workers, and then send them forth to try and reach children in their own country. And for that reason I think CEF is on the cutting edge of Gospel presentations for children. It’s wonderful that children at an early age, no matter what language they speak, can hear the good news of Jesus. CEF is doing a great work both locally and globally to try and reach children for Jesus. And so I’m really grateful that they’re part of a strategic network of people and ministries trying to accomplish that mission of reaching the world. Hey, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this then like and subscribe to our channel for more. Don’t forget to check out our other videos.

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