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open-mouthed Evo’s holding business all
right now I hear so many times that doesn’t that people with people say oh
I’m just in the vibration up and then and that business will come example of
where the wearing where your company’s logo on all the apparel right to the
edge of any event is something that’s absolutely free of charge
right and then you stuff you strike a conversation show them and at the same
time they seemed like Oh what is that head oh yeah I do
one reason companies okay County then they know what you do in the struck up a
conversation by the same time you just easily give you a sample of that is that it’s not let you know when
it’s not who you know it’s really knows you
institution those you if nobody knows you you’re not going to be able to to to
start your business or much enter an inspector business it’s a no-brainer
right but many times our customers asses that are starting out okay how do I get
more customers don’t we tell people as the first thing that you should be doing
don’t tell people make a Facebook page and on social media and start posting
some of your work right at the same time max return back
that’s it firstly the first name nation so you should eat you should be
communicating constantly you should be proud of your work and should be showing
off your work constantly right so we’ll learn it works up the way see first of
all we just talked about kind of the the word of mouth right did you won a piece
of alert works for good work for a customer they might be for ages to
pronounce they spread the word you know some of
our customers here have become evangelists of a partner map because
we’ve asked them misty just and so it takes time but once you get that ball
rolling it’s like it’s an army of free advertising out there for you 24/7 number two email marketing if you’re not
if you’re not collecting email or when you’re
need your nothing equals no you know how do you expect to follow up follow up and
get in sergeant hey I’m just check-in how is cousin thing going what else are
you needed I know they just ordered a no it doesn’t blow shows a couple of months
ago do you need more if you need some caps along with that as well right being
able to have a method of communication on a constant basis professors you know
people who people say walk even as bad it goes to chunk man and and no one ever
sees it well to be honest here at a coma that still are a highest or a wide to
the rating channel we’re having we have over six sixty thousand people on our
email list and probably many of you have heard about this event to read now write
email and social that’s what that is social media if you’re not on social
media and its first ones free have to pay a dime towards it to get on there
right just you just have to start posting it takes time it takes effort
but if you’re importing something anyway maybe people that aren’t ready to
announce which we begin this in this industry when they’re delivering an
order to a customer ofoma when they finish an order of those of cash don’t
whine about these when they pack it up and take a photo posted right it takes
it takes a couple of extra seconds of effort but it generates witchburn
attacks on the line right and i see this with a lot of our customers in our in
our facebook groups that they’re posting their work all the time i should share
their work okay just just a it doesn’t caps engaged right so you do that on all the
public channels and people will take notice and a lot of our customers are
generated this is solely from advertising not from you know going to
cut a bunch of shows but just on social media just doing the things that they do
to normally anyways but taking an extra few seconds has got a little bit and
also all right so now with all those with with all those ways you’ve acquired
a customer but the communication doesn’t just stop there that’s really that’s at
the ice the journey is super long you know some of you might know that it
costs 3 to minus as much to acquire a new customer as it is to retain a
current customer so once we’ve done really if you’ve already done the hard
work of acquiring them don’t lose them don’t lose them to make sure you’re on
Tosti you know in touch with w constant agent at them it’s not a one and done
deal right if you spent all that extra pop fraud posting on social emailing
they were going to trade shows etc and acquiring a new customer I think it’s in
your message which don’t flip it on ways to retain necklaces not about providing
good service but just being in touch ok prediction number four this is one my
favorite ones the last two things yesterday repetition over for
convenience will be the new status quo it will be the new status quo and I
think it’s something that’s slow other about it because convenience is not
something that’s tangible it’s not like the price that’s one tangent once I came
would you offer though price is right but convenience is undervalued it’s
something of a value an ad that you can provide that’s outside of the price
right it’s something that you can provide them that convenience in our
world could mean a church in one day where I have open to brush doors one of
those things are a matter of convenience for your customers I have people want
things yesterday I mean when we when people call them and ask about power
equipment and we asked the thing what’s your timeline for getting a machine it’s
like two two cheeks ago okay well if we still time machines it would be a lot you know they they you know there are
also people that that’s by machines before they work they will take the
order before they get Commission right there people that do that for that right
so people people want things yesterday I mean this is to put appointment that
people want things matter right there there explain it to jump into this so
what does this what does this mean for you right the dates of on demand is here
is literally here and it’s here to stay feel good
thanks to a small company called Amazon right yeah they’re only responsible for
50 percent of Commerce and the building
warehouses on every other block like Starbucks right what why do you think
what do you think that they do there and do that because they want to ship things
to you in like an hour that’s their ultimate goal you order it there’s a
subconscious for your door and our latest I get it they’re already doing
something you’re some of the supplies already doing some with that alright so
it is it is critical that convenience becomes a new status quo and it’s going
to be that way because of coffees like this setting the standard so your
business and when I talk about the medians it’s not only about how fast we
can do things it’s also about how to meet in you can make a choice for your
customers people don’t want to go through five shop students to get to get
everything that they need it’s in hey if you do need only publishers but no cash
and I have to go to someone else and then that person does both yeah one-stop
shopping again Azana step in the step by anything and that has become the new
norm that has become what’s driving consumer behavior in the future so being
that one-stop shop if you’re if you’re not offering a lot of different services
and that’s your every corner we’re doing the same thing we realized this a couple
years ago now we started with an Ori being on being our floor and core
business and bread and bread and butter but now we expand into heat presses
direct to garment and cutters and all these other things right words and
actions because we realize that we don’t want you to go to someone else to buy a
direct-to-garment printer when you need one and we don’t have it
Americans refer you to someone else that we potentially might lose that business
if they carry and water dishes too so being up to being a manufacturer it’s
our job to make sure that we can manufacture as many of the things as you
guys need to keep it under one roof so that you guys are loyal customers right
okay and last but not least connection number five personalization is here to
stay and I think this is a super point and and the reason why I had this as one
of the key points is actually it’s a funny story
someone asked me on Facebook live on the monthly physical lives that I do that
hey do you think that the apparent equation in the street when they wore
during the Surgeon General and statue meeting is over saturated and long story
short the answer is no and the reason is the demand is so high you look around
every single business has some sort of need for personalization they get to
have their local moment they want a broadcast that they’re there and they’re
closing an event and they need may be customized apparently they made
customized codes so personalization in statistic people want to have things be
one-of-a-kind so the it’s that is it’s the active
go Daniel Brannon and the reason for that in a small company couette C sells
over three billion dollars of customized goods and handcrafted goods on a yearly
basis and they’re and they’re mainly here in the US memory overseas so only
in the US over three billion dollars of cash goes from one if that doesn’t
convince you one in four consumers are willing to pay more for a to receive a
personalized good or service right that what the client piece people are willing
to pay a premium price for those personal skills personal has to stand
out from under competition making a simple item like a backpack as a few
dollars at Walmart into something that could be twenty thirty for $40 right I
think more later on has you know one of these one of these days has a has a
seminar on how to come to 10x your profit and one of those examples is
being able to flip an item or ten times

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