The Future of Business Has Feelings: SAP Experience Management

The Future of Business Has Feelings: SAP Experience Management

So, how are you feeling? On a
scale of one to five? Wait… One to five? When it comes to feelings, it’s
more like five million. There’s everything from happy… …to extremely happy There’s also angry. I’m really angry, Clive! Actually, really angry. Thank you. And seat 36B angry. You’re Clive Owen. And you’re barefoot. Yeah… There’s also apprehension… …regret… …relief. Oh and there’s empathy… Ah, I got this in Zurich! Actually, what’s the opposite
of empathy? But what if your business
could understand what your customers are feeling…
and then do something about it? You can turn disappointment
into gratitude. Clive, you got to try this. I can’t I’m working. Turn problems into
opportunities. Thanks Drone. Change the future of your
business Change the whole experience. Alright who wants to go again? I do! I do! I have a really good feeling
about this.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. Some companies underestimate the power of customer satisfaction, but not SAP. Well Done … oh, and the puppies are adorable!

  2. Great commercial, humorous and clear 🙂 get's the message across about XM and what it can do for customers and employees

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